When I employ language, every sentence is bi-lingual, or allegorical, saying one thing, and meaning another, or even several, including the obvious.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Production Notes Art of David Mack

David Mack (December 12, 2005):
The art book with all the covers is planned for 2006. Originally, I was going to try to get it out before the current Kabuki story was finished, but now I think it is best to wrap up this Kabuki story, and follow it with the art book.

Newsarama (July 29, 2005):
Newsarama.com reported that The Art of David Mack: Volume 1 (Hardcover) will be released on February 22, 2006 according to Amazon.com, who receive Marvel's collections roughly a month after comic book stores.

David Mack (April 29, 2005):
There is an Art of David Mack book scheduled for October of this year that will include the complete Kabuki covers. The entire last eleven years of Kabuki covers, as well as my other covers. It will be an insightful collection in that it will also have sketches and commentary by Bendis and I, and show the evolution and contrast of the cover work.

David Mack (March 9, 2005):
For enjoyment, I do a lot of drawings and paintings. I like drawing and painting my friends and loved ones.

And I have stacks of sketch books and canvasses that I should present somewhere or some place eventually.

At a recent show, I enjoyed seeing so many of my spontaneous life drawings collected together.

I'm really looking forward to a time when I do more of this.

I enjoy writing and drawing comics, but to do both is SO labor intensive and time-consuming, and it demands a lot of consideration in a story continuity.

It is really refreshing to do completely spontaneous drawings and paintings that are single pieces and don't have to fit into continuity of panels, stories and previous volumes.

So I am looking forward to spending some future art time on that before I jump into the next project that I write and draw.

While I'm doing that, I'll probably also be writing comics and emjoying the collaboration of other artists writing my stories.

I'll probably include a lot of this work in future Art of David Mack volumes.

David Mack (February 9, 2005):
I do take photos of my work sometimes.

Ocassionally, I have taken photos of the work in the process so I can put the photos of the stages of the work in the upcoming art book.

Let me know if you have something more specific in mind.

David Mack (January 20, 2005):
I just wrote down the order and format for all the covers in the first volume.
Including the covers to the collections and varients, oneshots, etc., I have counted 100 covers (if I put this out after Alchemy #5). (That's if I try to shoot for the release of this in July. Or if I try to make it more of a Christmas time release, there will be more Alchemy covers in it.)

So with the opposite pages for each showing the sketches with commentary, that means the first volume will be over 200 pages (as I'll inlcude some step by step process and other things besides just the 100 covers and 100 sketch/commentary pages.

So maybe 212 to 228 pages.

It will be a very nice and extensive collection of Kabuki cover work.
And I think a lot of them will be paintings people have never seen before.

David Mack (January 20, 2005):
Maybe I could do an entire section of art I made as a kid. Or show an evolution of those childhood sculptures and drawings and paintings.

David Mack (January 20, 2005):
I agree with showing everything as well, but I think it may be best to order it within topics for each volume.

So I want to include much of my non-comic work (large paintings, sculptures, phototgrapy, etc.), but I'm thinking it may be best to include that in one of the follow-up albums after the first one devoted to the Kabuki covers and sketches.

I'd like to do one that collects all my personal figure drawings and personal studies. I have so many spontaneous sketches and nude studies, paintings and doodles of friends, etc. I'd like to show that side of my work in a volume as well.

That's the kind of art books and sketch books that I like to see and buy myself anyway.

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
Well, I could put the guest covers in the back as a sort of bonus.
And many of them are also collaborations with me and another artist.

But I'd still want to include the Scarab covers, and many of them are done by Rick Mays.
Although, I suppose I still qualify as being a part of that process as perhaps a sort of art director.

I'm thinking if it is a book of just covers, I should show the covers to volume by volume in chronology in the book. Even if the Scarab ones are often by Rick Mays.
Should I cut it off at volumes 1-6, or also include what I have of the Alchemy?

I'd also include the Kabuki Classics and I imagine I'd also include the covers to Reflections.
Make it as all-encompassing inclusive as possible.

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
Would it be best to call it: The Art of David Mack and then to list it as Vol 1 (making the consecutive books also fit into that title with other volumes), and put another line under the title designating it as:

The Art of David Mack
The Kabuki Covers

Would that be more attractive to readers?

Or would it be better to simply call it, The Art of Kabuki or the Kabuki covers?

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
That's sort of what I was thinking. A complete Kabuki cover collection for the first. The idea that this would include every single cover. Even including the various covers by guest artists like Steranko and Alex Ross, etc.

The idea of it also including every other comic cover I ever did would also be amazing. But that would make it a bigger and bit more expensive book. But it would show more contrast and range in my work.

It would include 22 Daredevil covers, 32 Alias covers (including 4 unpublished), 6 Ruule covers, 3 Swamp Thing covers, 1 Jinx cover, and several other covers that I may or may not decide to include.

Would you prefer the first volume include all of these covers too, or that I limit the first volume to Kabuki covers, and include other cover works with other art and drawings in a seperate art volume?

All responses welcome.

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
    Medical Popcorn wrote: Would you want the art book to be oversized and HC? Of course, your art is worth it, but with a high page count wouldnt the art book be above $75?
I'm thinking it would be closer to half of that.
$30 or $40?

But I'd have to run a price check on that with the printer.

What are the prices of some other current art books in that format?
The Alex Ross Mythology, and Bendis said the Greg Horn artbook was a good design and format.
Do you know what those are priced at?

I think the McKean Sandman cover collection was $25 in paperback. Maybe I could offer the book as low as a $35 or $40 price on the hardcover?

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
I'm still finalizing the details on the format of this, so I'm still open to suggestions.

Would you prefer that the format of the first Art Book be a complete oversize collection of every single Kabuki cover ever made (with sketches and commentary) with other volumes to follow including and collecting other types of artwork, art from other projects, etc.?

Or would you prefer that the first volume be more of a cross section of various Kabuki, DD, Alias covers mixed with other kinds of art?

David Mack (January 17, 2005):
The next trade won't have a date set until the current Alchemy story is finished. And that will still be a while. This story will be at least 8 issues long. Maybe even a bit longer if necasary.
Probably before that, I'll have an artbook in hardcover oversized format.
An art of David Mack kind of book.
I may make the first volume of this the complete Kabuki covers from 94-2004. All oversize without the logo, and showing the sketch and commentary on the opposite page. Probably about 200 pages.

David Mack (February 3, 2004):
There is an Art of David Mack book planned for release from Image. We are planning to do a series of oversized art books. The Scarab Art Book would be one of these, and we will probably start with an oversize book that includes each and every Kabuki cover, with sketches. So it may start with the Kabuki cover art book. And then follow with the Art of David Mack book that also includes a lot of non-comic book work as well as comic book stuff.
We have the cover art book scheduled for this year.
What do you think. All suggestions about any of this will be considered.

David Mack (December 11, 2003):
Image wants me to put out an oversize format Art of David Mack hardcover (or a Kabuki Art Book with all David Mack art) before I do the Scarab Art book (which would have DM and Rick Mays art).

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