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Home Message Boards WFC: June 16-20, 2002

Re: HeroesCon reflections
MON, 6/17/02, 2:21 p.m. - In Response To: HeroesCon reflections (Tony Saunders)

Thanks Tony,

We had a GREAT time at this con. We already put our confirmation in for next year. Thanks for stoppying by our table. It was great to see you two again. Tell Leonard I really appreciate the sticks! I will use them often!

The entire con was fantastic. For those that missed it, check it out next year if possible. A very relaxed and friendly con with a ton of top talents. I was set right next to Andy Lee and J. O'barr. Quesada was at the show. The Gaijin studios table was oppostite us. Brereton was there. Pope missed this year but I'm sure will be there next time.

The con raises a lot of money for charities. I did two huge paintings on a (I painted on the auction stage) and they both went for a good price at the charity auction. Same for Andy Lee.

I saw Adam from this message board at the con. He runs an excellent Kabuki site in case you haven't seen it yet. Go check it out. He gave me a great mini comic of his new art stories. I learned that his girlfriend's dad makes tape.

Nick Cardy and Gearge Perez stopped by my booth at this show and though we'd been to many events together and had casual words, it was great to finally have a proper introduction and get to know them a bit. A high point. Thanks guys!

A huge thanks to the crew at Heroes con, especially Shelton Drum and Dustin Harbin. I visited Shelton's new Heroes comic store which was an increcible shop. THanks for the support friends.



An incredible weekend.Spent way too much of the way too little money I came with,but I got some great sketches,a ton of signatures and memories that will never die.It's always great talking to David and Ahn.I wrote you guys a private Email to this site that explains in detail why you guys are so great.Thanks so much for the killer sketches,but thanks most of all for the kindness.
As for the rest of the Con...I was really looking forward to meeting Art Adams,but I missed him.Crap.Terry Moore is so nice and down to earth it's like you've known him for years.Bob Almond is a great inker and will go into length discussing this very under-appreciated and misunderstood skill with you.Charles Vess is another great guy who will discuss his craft in very down to earth terms.Pop Mhan and Norman Lee are always such a trip and just too nice !great sketches!Kudo's to Rickman who did me a way bitchin' sexy freefall.James OBarr seemed much more at ease and down to earth this year.He was out walking around a lot,something I've rarely seen him do.He has always been very nice,however.All the artists I met seemed really great,except for one who seems to be the same every year and shall remain nameless here.I guess everyone has bad days,but this guy seems to have them every year.Ha..O well. Budd Root actually let me gaze upon an original Frank Cho page!!!!Geez Frank just slays me. But screw it,this is Davids forum and even if it wasn't,let me scream this....Kabuki @%@$$@%@$ rules!!!David and Ahn #@!!#@$ rule!!!Andy Lee is a mad $@%@$#@ genius who has just begun to scratch the surface of the 1970's cereal box icons.We are the freakies we are the freakies and this is our freakies tree!We never miss a meal,cuz we love our cereal!!Nuff said.

A reminder PORTLAND con THIS Sunday...
MON, 6/17/02, 2:25 p.m. - Brian Bendis, Andy Lee, Anh and I will be at the Portland Comicon THIS Sunday.

This is my first ever signing in Portland and my only one on the schedule for the foreseeable future.

We will have original art and all kinds of stuff. We will be happy to sign as many comics as you want and some proceeds from the con go to charity.

Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, just ask here.


Re: A reminder PORTLAND con THIS Sunday...
TUE, 6/18/02, 1:38 p.m. - In Response To: Re: A reminder PORTLAND con THIS Sunday... (Weird Kid)
Which charities do you support, David?
You know I really should go back and check on the complete list so I get all the proper names correct and don't leave anyone out. But off the top of my head the basic causes that I've contributed to and donated art for auctions in the last few years include some of these causes:

Aid for burnt children
Make a wish foundation
cancer research
aid for cancer paitients
Muscular Dystropy
Multiple Sclerosis
Doctors without borders
Ronald McDonald house
Fire fighters
Aids patients
Actor(a commitment to our roots)

I know that I'm leaving a ton out. So I'll go get the complete list of all the proper Charity organizations so that I can credit them and list which Charities the each convention supports and raised money for at each and every show.

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