I kept it hidden in a place that they no longer look. It took incredible muscle control.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Portfolio Kabuki Vol. 7 #1

David Mack cover

Alex Maleev cover

Remarked cover
Kabuki: The Alchemy #1
Credit: Cover artist, writer, interior artist
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date:
David Mack & Alex Maleev covers - July 21, 2004
Remarked cover - October 21, 2005
David Mack & Alex Maleev covers - $2.99
Dynamic Forces (alternate cover) - $6.99
Dynamic Forces (remarked cover) - $69.99
Previews Product Codes:
David Mack cover - MAY041702
Alex Maleev cover - MAY041703
Dynamic Forces (alternate cover) - JUN042508
Related Images:
· Promotional artwork - Mack cover: Marvel, Image; Alex Maleev cover
· Marvel solicitation - May 2004
· Cancelled incentive print
· Promotional artwork - David Mack: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7
· Certificate of authenticity for remarked edition
Previews Advertisements:
November 2003 - Image Comics
Kabuki: The Alchemy #1 (of 6)
Written & illustrated by David Mack
Cover by David Mack
Full Cover, 32 pages, $2.95
Six-issue bimonthly miniseries
On sale 28 January, 2004
The Beginning of an all-new Kabuki series - painted by superstar writer/artist, David Mack!
THE CONCEPT: This visually stunning and emotionally compelling tale of an illegitimate child born of a union between a head Noh assassin and a Geisha has won widespread critical acclaim. Her mother murdered and her own face horribly scarred by her half-brother, Kabuki wears a mask to hide her scars, both internal and external.
THIS ISSUE: It's a new start for Kabuki and the perfect jumping-on point for brand new Kabuki readers and fans of David Mack's work Daredevil and the upcoming Ultimate X- Men.
PLUS: This issue also includes a special chronology of the evolution of Kabuki's early beginnings. For instance: Did you know that Brian Bendis was initially planned to be the artist of Kabuki ten years ago? Included in this issue are Brian Bendis' never before published Kabuki drawings! [Diamond Product Code: NOV031261]

May 2004 - Marvel Comics
Written by David Mack
Cover & Art by David Mack
"The Alchemy" Pt. 1 - It's a new start for Kabuki and the perfect jumping-on issue for new readers! When you are a former operative for a Japanese agency, how do you start a new life? You've heard about all the awards... You've heard everyone talking about why Kabuki is so amazing and mind-blowing... Now is the chance to see what all the talk is about! From the award-winning writer and artist of Daredevil that brought you "Parts of a Hole," "Wake Up," and "Echo," this new series marks the 10th anniversary of Kabuki and features a special chronology of Kabuki's early beginnings, including never-before-published Kabuki art by Brian Michael Bendis.
32 pages, Full Color
UPC: 59606 05608 00111
Variant cover UPC: 59606 05608 00121
(Resolicitation. All previous orders have been canceled.)

June 2004 - Dynamic Forces
Kabuki: Alchemy #1 - Alternate Cover Edition
David Mack's Kabuki series is returning and DF is on board with an exclusive alternate cover to this first issue! Each copy features a certificate of authenticity and is sealed with a DF Holo-Foil sticker! Also available in a foil-enhanced cover edition.
Regular - Full Color, 32 pages

January 2005 - Dynamic Forces
Kabuki is now a true ICON! This limited variant cover from issue #1 features a powerful and graceful image from artist Alex (Daredevil) Maleev and is available for a limited time from DF and signed and re-marked - featuring an original sketch - by the creator!

Each signed copy is sealed (archival bad and board) features a numbered certificate of authenticity and sealed with a DF Holo-Foil Sticker!

· An advertisement for the first issue appeared in Alias #26 as well as Daredevil #51 and #52
· As part of a retailer incentive program, a free print (Diamond Product Code: NOV031262Z) was scheduled be released to retailers who ordered 25 copies of the first issue through Image Comics; however, the offer was cancelled when David Mack moved to Marvel and a new incentive was created: one free copy of the first issue with the Alex Maleev cover with every ten copies of the issue with the David Mack cover ordered
· The issue was selected as a Gem of the Month in the November 2003 issue of Previews
· The Alex Maleev cover was originally solicited through Image as part of an incentive cover program for the second issue
· The Alternate Cover Edition from Dynamic Forces is the same comic as the Marvel issue with the Alex Maleev cover
· The foil-enhanced alternate cover was cancelled
· The Alex Maleev edition signed by Alex Maleev was available only through DynamicForces.com, however, it was cancelled
· The David Mack edition signed David Mack was cancelled in the July 2005 issue of Previews

Preview Pages:

Page #1

Page #2

Page #3

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