In a former life, I worked in New York as a detective. I once worked with the Powers division as a consultant. I saw some weird stuff. And then I got out.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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Home Message Boards WFC: November 11-15, 2001

News to come...
TUE, 11/13/01, 2:03 a.m.

I just returned from the NY con (had a great time at the con) and I'll post some stuff about it asap.

Also I just returned from a POE concert and I have a hilarious great story for you. Anh was on stage dancing with Poe and Poe was holding up my Kaubki comics on stage.

I'll give you all the details on this and NY after I get a couple winks.


Andy Lee & I at the Motor City COn THIS sat/sun
WED, 11/14/01, 1:34 a.m.

It looks like we will be at the Con in Novi Michigan this weekend. We were originally not going to attend because we had a previous engagement. But as that has disappeared, the Motor City Con was kind enought to accomodate our last minute attendance at the show.

We will have all the usual stuff... Original art, prints, Kabuki books, trades, hardcovers, t-shirts and more. See you there.


Andy, Bendis, Oeming and I at Mid OHIO Con...
WED, 11/14/01, 1:41 a.m.

The Sat/Sun on Thanksgiving weekend. We will all be there together like last year. This is a great show, and you still have time to make arrangements. This will be our last public appearance/signing for the year. It will be three months before we do another show (Orlando's Mega Con).

So if you get the chance come to Mid Ohio Con in Columbus. Andy and I will be speaking on a Kabuki panel, and you can come to our tables and hang out as long as you want, asking questions, looking through original art, completing your series, or just watching Andy draw. All of us will be happy to sign AS MANY BOOKS AS YOU WANT TO BRING. We have not limit on signatures and are just happy that you read our books.

For more info, see the link to Mid Ohio on this site.

See you there!

Scarab Action Figure officially approved today!
WED, 11/14/01, 1:43 a.m.

I gave the OK on the final version of the action figure. It looks great. And as soon as Scarab comes out, all the rest of the action figures will come out every couple months afterward.

I also gave the OK on the final versions of the rest of the Noh Masks and the box art today. They look great. Can't wait to get them.

Just closed the new deal on the Kabuki film...
WED, 11/14/01, 1:50 a.m.

After two and a half years of developing Kabuki as an animated film (with me working for FOX as a writer, co-producer, visual designer, and creative consultant), a new division of Fox has taken over the project and decided to do it as live action. We just closed the main deal for this and are now rolling on the project.

It is very exciting. I'm learning all kinds of new ways to work. The PERFECT actress for it has already been discussed and approached for the role. Lots of great things happening, but I can't talk about any of them yet due to disclosure agreements.

I will update you as I am able to!
Be very excited!

First... the NY story...
WED, 11/14/01, 2:14 a.m. - In Response To: News to come... (MACK!)

We had a fantastic time in NY. The people are great. We visited some fire stations and saw all the childrens drawings and artwork people have done that hang on the fire house walls. We had a great time in the city. Anh, Andy and I had a great time at the con too. It was fantastic to be back at a convention. This was the first we have been to since before all the chaos.

I met several people from these message boards. It was great to see you there. Valter (aka REALTV) stopped by to talk and bought an original piece of DD art. Daut Berisha hung out for a while talking. MetalDave from the Bendis board. Nutopia looked great in her Kabuki shirt. Janine and Christine gave us some Spiderman candy bars. And many more came by. Thanks for saying hello and making the con so fun for us.

Sam Kieth gave Anh a Kabuki Drawing. Veteral DD artist Dick Ayers stopped by my table and swapped me some of his DD prints for some of mine. Linsner, Terry Moore and Jeff Smith also stopped by to say hello. It was a great con.

The only less than perfect part was the traveling there and back. Because of airline cancelations, re-routings, and delays causing missed connecting flights, we missed almost the entire first day of the show and we had to leave early on Sunday. It took us 12 hours to get to NY and 24 hours to return. Everytime they re-routed us and sent us to some different plane or airline, we got the very thorough security search in 2 hour long security lines. And after every bit of our luggage being searched over and over, right before we were about to walk on the plane, Anh, Andy and I were singled out again as we matched some kind of profile in the RANDOM security check. They meticulously take out every single item in every single one of your bags (checked and carry on) and go through it all inside and out on a table. You also get the pat down.

So from our point of view, security is very tight right now. I guess we can look at that as a good thing. Fortunatly we were very entertainting to each other the entire time. But we were glad to finally get home after being re-routed to Chicago to spend the night before being able to fly home in the morning.

I signed a ton of the Marvel Charity book. THat was a big hit. Thanks to every for picking it up and raising money for the charity. Andy and I also donated some original art to the charity auction, but we had to leave before the auction. SO my best to whoever got the art.

Great show. Great vibe. Some readers gave me some great Kabuki artwork. I really appreciated it. Also I spoke with a lot of students from SVA, Parsons and the Fashion Institute. It was fun. I was also officially invited to speak at the School of Visual Arts. So I look forward to that. I will post here when it will happen.

A lot of other great stuff happend too, but I'm sure I will remember more when I wake up. And I will tell the Poe KABUKI story then too.



I just returned from the NY con (had a great time at the con) and I'll post some stuff about it asap.

Also I just returned from a POE concert and I have a hilarious great story for you. Anh was on stage dancing with Poe and Poe was holding up my Kaubki comics on stage.

I'll give you all the details on this and NY after I get a couple winks.


Re: Andy Lee & I at the Motor City COn THIS sat/su
WED, 11/14/01, 11:17 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Andy Lee & I at the Motor City COn THIS sat/su (Rez the Angsty Penguin)
but will you be able to make it to Mindy's Comic Con this year?
Tell me about Mindy's. Where is it, Alaska?

Re: thank you for the advice, David
THU, 11/15/01, 11:42 a.m.

In Response To: thank you for the advice, David (whibbage)

Hello David. I don't know how to contact you besides through this forum, and I appologize. Thank you very much for the critique you gave me at the nyc national comic convention last weekend. It was interesting to hear your initial impressions. I hope you get a chance to actually read it sometime >_< ~ Thank you once again and good luck! (by the way, I'm the one with the comic entitled "Reman Mythology")


Hi Amy,

Welcome to our message board. I remember you and your books. I have them here and will read them asap. I hope my initial first impression suggestions of your work are helpful. Thanks for coming to the show and saying hello.

If you have feedback from my books, I'd be happy to hear your impressions too. And you are welcome to post links to your work on this message board as well if you want feedback from others. I'm sure you can get opinions from several other artists or interested paries.

Keep up the good work.


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