Those who hear not the music think the dancers mad.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Production Notes Kabuki Action Figures Scarab (November 8, 2004):
According to, the Scarab and Akemi action figures will be on sale November 10 at a comic book store near you. (November 3, 2004): added the following information about the Scarab and Akemi action figure cases: "Although this item may arrive at anytime, Diamond Select estimates this will be released in January 2005."

eBay (September 13, 2004):
Photos of the promotional Scarab action figure were posted to eBay.

David Mack (August 20, 2004):
The one I thought of when I heard your songs was the one from pg 1 of #9 of Metamorphosis. Cause she sort of has that mysterious smile that you mention in your songs.

That image is on the back of the Scarab and Akemi action figure packaging. (August 19, 2004):
An image of Scarab inside the final version of the blister package was posted to

Previews (April 21, 2004):
The Scarab action figure was solicited in the May 2004 issue of Previews. Also, the issue included an advertisement for the action figure on pages 457 and 497. (April 16, 2004): posted the following Diamond Select Toys press release:
From the imagination of award-winning creator David Mack comes this all-new action figure, based on one of the Noh’s deadliest agents - the lovely (but lethal) Scarab! Sculpted by Andy Bergholtz - and featuring blister card packaging - Scarab stands 6” tall, boasts 13 points of articulation, and comes with an arsenal of killer accessories - including a katana (in scabbard), a loose katana, a dagger, two handguns, a stuffed panda bear toy, variant hands, and a ninja weapon. As a bonus, each assortment includes the variant Akemi action figure. Ships in September 2004 for a SRP of $14.99 each. (February 19, 2004): posted images (#1, #2) of the Scarab action figure that was on display at Toy Fair 2004.

Previews (November 26, 2003):
The November 2003 issue of Previews included an advertisement for the Scarab action figure on pages 230 and 383.

David Mack (July 23, 2003):
The SCARAB ACTION FIGURES ARE AMAZING!!! There was a Diamond Select party to promote the new Scarab Action Figure (Diamond Select will be making all the new Kabuki figures, starting with Scarab) and they gave out free Scarab action figures to the first 100 retailers. Andy and I went there to get our figures and sat at the table and played with them with the other retailers. Retailers Brian DePadro of Classic Comics in Atlanta, Lee of Lee’s Comics in Mountain View and San Mateo, Joe Ferrara and Dotti of Atlantis Fantasy World in Santa Cruz, and Bill and Sharon Liebowitz of Golden Apple in LA enjoyed our antics!!!

Seriously, these figures are amazing with WAY more articulation and playability that the previous Kabuki figure. And Andy and I were amazed at how much we could take the figures apart and re-arrange them in new ways. We disturbed all the other guests with this talent. (July 8, 2003):
According to David Mack, once the new Kabuki series is released, Diamond Select will release the new Kabuki action figures, starting with Scarab, then Siamese and the other Noh agents. (March 3, 2003): posted images of the Scarab action figure that was on display at Toy Fair 2003. (February 16, 2003): added pictures (#1, #2) of the Scarab action figure that was on display at Toy Fair 2003. (February 15, 2003):
A picture of the upcoming Scarab action figure was posted to (July 6, 2002): posted images of the Scarab figure that was on display at Wizard World Chicago. (February 10, 2002): posted images (#1, #2) of the Scarab action figure that was on display at Toy Fair 2002. (February 10, 2002): posted an image of the Scarab action figure that was on display at Toy Fair 2002.

David Mack (November 14, 2001):
And as soon as Scarab comes out, all the rest of the action figures will come out every couple months afterward.

David Mack (June 16, 2001):
When asked about the status of the Scarab action figure, David Mack announced:
I just closed the deal for this. Looks like Scarab will be the next one. I will post about it when I get the date.

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