When I employ language, every sentence is bi-lingual, or allegorical, saying one thing, and meaning another, or even several, including the obvious.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards Joe Quesada: November 2003

RAINN Benefit Calendar, Excellent
Nov. 01 2003,23:47

I'm glad you picked up the RAINN calendar.  Thanks for supporting the organization.  RAINN has asked me to do other Tori paintings for them as well.  I'm a fan of Tori too and support RAINN at every oppertunity.

I did do a lot of press for the calendar.  I mentioned it in several online and print interviews and I think it is mentioned on this board and my other board when I describe the recent gallery show I had throughout October because the orginal Tori Painting was featured in the show.

I'm glad you like the work of mine you have seen so far.

I consider my best work to be the Kabuki collections (KABUKI: Metamorphosis is my favorite) and I recomend you check it out if you liked my other stuff.

The new Kabuki series KABUKI: The Alchemy is scheduled to begin in January and is in the current Previews catalogue for retailers to order this month (it is the Previews catalogue with Kabuki on the cover out right now).

If you want to know more about my Kabuki work, go to Davidmack.net, or NohTV.com or to my Kabuki messageboard at wfcomics.com.  I'd love to hear your feedback about my Kabuki books if you get a chance to read them.

Thank you for reading my work.
Kindest regards,

David Mack

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 14 2003,16:25

Thanks for the kind words!  I appreciate it.  I'm glad your digging this arc.  I think the next issue comes out next week.

If you do like my work on this, but you haven't tried Kabuki, I hope you will give it a read.  I think KABUKI Metamorphoisis is probably the best example of my work.

Let me know what you think.

And of course, I have the new Kabuki series that begins in January and is in the current PREVIEWS catalogue (and on the cover).  It continues right where KABUKI Metamorphosis leaves off, but it is also a fresh start and a good jump on point for new readers.

Kindest regards,

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 16 2003,14:53

Hi Threnody.
Thanks for listing my books and posting your kind suggestions about them.  I just realized we posted at exactly the same minute.
I'm glad you read and like Kabuki!

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 16 2003,14:51

Thanks for the interest in my Kabuki work.

There are six collected volumes so far.

Vol 1 KABUKI - Circle of Blood
Vol 2 KABUKI- Dreams
Vol 3 KABUKI- Masks of the Noh
Vol 4 KABUKI- Skin Deep
Vol 5 KABUKI- Metamorphosis
Vol 6 KABUKI- Scarab

The first, of course has the in depth origin and foundation of the story.  And each of the books fit into continuity and build on the previous books, but each can also be read on it's own as a self contained story.

And I like to think that they improve as they go, and Metamorphosis is my favorite.  Meta, Circle and Skin Deep, are the most important corner stones of the story.  But I believe if you read any of them, that you will love it enough to want to read all of the other stories.  So if you are that kind of reader, you may prefer to start from the beginning.

Each Kabuki collection uses a different art style, story tone, and storytelling pace.  Like each one is a different era of the character's life and has its own unique atmosphere.

Dreams collects my first ever painted comic book work.  And Skin Deep and Metamorphosis are also painted and mixed media.  So if you like my work mostly because of the painted art, you might want to try these first and maybe just start with Skin and Meta.

The new Kabuki series in January starts right where these leave off.

Thanks for taking the initiative to search out my work.

Kindest regards,

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 18 2003,11:26

Please let me know what you think when you finish reading it.

Please give your comic store my regards and gratitude for making my work available in thier store.

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 19 2003,20:25

I understand.  well I guess it is only a week.  I hope your store can make sure to keep them all in stock after that.

Thanks for the kind words.  It does get much better.  I feel that the first one, Circle of Blood is good for that time, but I was only 20 when I did it, and while I can still see the charm in it, I can also see how I would approach some things more deftly now.  These books are sort of my own diary where I see how I have progressed and every now and then some panels or words are like looking at a wierd haircut when i was six.

Get KABUKI Skin Deep and KABUKI Metamorphosis next if you get the chance.  Meta is a lot more evolved as my abilities as a writer and artist go.  And Skin Deep is really like the intro to Meta.

You'll want to get the others too, but these are sore of the cornerstones after the first one, so if you see them, you can pick them up and read them, and read the others later, and it will still all make sense.   Just make sure to read Scarab LAST!  It riffs off of Meta a bit and is an excercise in a shift in point of view cantrasted between those two books.


The National Comic Con
Nov. 26 2003,04:57

I've heard that the NY show will be April 3 & 4.  If all goes as planned, I will be signing there with Brian Bendis, Mike Oeming and Andy Lee.

Kabuki Agents, More Noh?
Nov. 26 2003,04:54

Thanks for sticking with it over all these years.
The answer to your questions is yes.

Tigerlily is to be the next story that focuses on the other characters besides Kabuki.  And Rick Mays is scheduled to draw it.

But First, KABUKI: The Alchemy is scheduled to begin in January with myself writing and painting it.  Then the Tigerlily series after that.  I intend to continue alternating that way.  I'll do a Kabuki focussed story that I do the art to, then follow that with an agents story that I write lay out with Rick Mays or another artist doing the art, which will give me time to gear up on the art of the next Kabuki focussed story and so on.

Glad you are looking forward to it.

Daredevil thus far, 51-53
Nov. 26 2003,04:49

Thanks for reading.  If you liked Skin Deep, You will LOVE MetamorphosisSkin is sort of like the intro act to Meta.  All the questions you wondered about in Skin are answered in Meta.  And then Some!

I recomend reading Skin before Meta for those that get the chance. But Meta is definitely my fave, and probably the best example of my work in comics.  As a writer.  And as an artist.  I like to think that if I've done my job, they are indistinguishable.  You can't tell where one stops and the other begins.  Meta is definitly my best example of this.  I believe it becomes a different kind of reading experience the deeper you get into it.

Let me know what you think of it!

You've made a new fan, circle of blood
Nov. 27 2003,03:59

Thanks a lot.
Glad you like it so far.  I did Circle of Blood ten years ago when I was 20 yrs old.  So I like the newer stuff better.  I'm looking forward to what you think of books like Skin Deep and Metamorphosis (both painted/mixed media).
And KABUKI Dreams collects the first ever painted books I did.

I appreciate the kind words.
Please keep my updated, and pass on my thanks to your store for carrying my books.

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