Sometime I want to make a museum that displays all the arms and heads missing from the statues in all the other museums. Maybe put the sphinx’s nose there, too.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #2
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Home Production Notes Kabuki Agents of the Noh miniseries Tigerlily

David Mack (June 9, 2004):
The Tigerlily story with Rick Mays is planned to come out through Icon as well.

David Mack (April 15, 2004):
The story after this one is the Tigerlily story which explores her life as a comic book artist. It features real life stuff with real life characters, such as Bendis, and Oeming as main characters in it, and recounts a lot of actual experiences. Dishing dirt, and all the juicy details behind the scenes of conventions and comic book business.

It's like true documentary biographical stuff, but I added the Tigerlily character in those scenes as another one of the artists there, so she can recount the story from her POV.

David Mack (February 14, 2004):
The Tigerlily story is still on schedule to come out after Kabuki: The Alchemy. Both of the stories tie into each other. Tigerlily makes an appearance in Alchemy, and the same scenes are in Tigerlily but from a different perspective. Still on shed [schedule] with Rick Mays on art. Also, look for an appearance of Yukio in Kabuki: The Alchemy.

David Mack (January 27, 2004):
Tigerlily will totally stand on its own as a story. There just happen to be some scenes that overlap, but you will only know they overlap and tie-in if you read both stories. For instance, Tigerlily appears in Alchemy, but you won't know it is her until your read Tigerlily. And Kabuki appears in the Tigerlily story, but you will not know it is her unless you read Alchemy.

But both stories stand on thier own without having read the other.

And you can try to guess which character is Tigerlily or Kabuki.

But it won't change your understanding of the story. It will just be an extra layer of reality for you to enjoy and piece together.

David Mack (January 17, 2004):
So if you enjoyed the tone on META (and Skin Deep), you will especially enjoy Alchemy. And then the Tigerily story will come right after it and it ties into this story as well. Lots of Akemi and Noh surprises!

I hope you are as into it as I am. I've been turning down jobs left and right so I can focus soley on these stories for the next couple years. It is a new era of Kabuki!

David Mack (December 11, 2003):
Fan Question: Will Tigerlily see light of day?
David Mack: Of course. After The Alchemy is finished.

David Mack (November 26, 2003):
Tigerlily is to be the next story that focuses on the other characters besides Kabuki. And Rick Mays is scheduled to draw it.

But first, Kabuki: The Alchemy is scheduled to begin in January with myself writing and painting it. Then the Tigerlily series after that. I intend to continue alternating that way. I'll do a Kabuki focussed story that I do the art to, then follow that with an agents story that I write [and] lay out with Rick Mays or another artist doing the art, which will give me time to gear up on the art of the next Kabuki focussed story and so on.

David Mack (August 2, 2001):
Rick and I are working on a Tigerlily series.

David Mack in the Kabuki: Agents of the Noh - Scarab #1 letter column (August 18, 1999):
I will delve into Akemi's previous relationship with the Noh in the Tigerlily series saga in this series.

David Mack in the Kabuki: Skin Deep #1 letter column (circa October 1996):
As for Rick Mays, after drawing Scarab and Tigerlily in every issue, he's developed a love for those characters. Look for Scarab to get her own title with all art by Rick and story by me (David Mack) and a Tigerlily series after Kabuki: Skin Deep.

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