Some say there is a very fine line between genius and insanity. Iím not sure there is any line at all.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #1
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Home News April 2010 5th

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The Shy Creatures -
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Electric Ant #1 Five-Page Preview
Below is's five-page preview of Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant #1, which will be on sale Wednesday, April 7 at a comic book store near you according to

Thoughts on Meeting David Mack on WonderCon
Edi Pluvia posted an article about meeting David Mack during WonderCon as well as a photo of Mr. Mack.

David Mack WonderCon 2010 Convention Sketch
Crimson Devices posted a photo of a convention sketch by David Mack, which was created during WonderCon.

Pittsburgh Comicon Auctioning Death Con Sketch
To help raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Pittsburgh Comicon will auction off several pieces of artwork, including a convention sketch of Death, which was dontated by Donnie.

The Crow Convention Sketch
Salukcreativeny posted an image of a David Mack convention sketch featuring The Crow.

WonderCon, Electric Ant #1, Tarot Cards & More
From David Mack:
#1: :) RT @Remender: RT @Kelly-Sue DeConnick Eagle Award nominations are open:
#2: Next LIVE ART =nude RT @Templesmith: Suit all good. Just needs a clean now. & learn to take jacket off when I splash paint around next time.
#3: I'll be in NYC @ MoCCA RT @JaminL: Boston Comic Con this weekend with @JimMahfood and @Templesmith but unfortunately no @davidmackkabuki .
#4: @Templesmith drycleaning... might this have anything to do with our Live Art painting? :)
#5: Paris & Brussels in late May... I'll be there RT @a_stoddard: Any chance of this exhibit traveling to other galleries in the future?
#6: Great to meet you both at Wondecon :) RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki that's so exciting! Can't wait to see the cards!
#7: Also Mike Dringenberg (Sandman co-creator) showed me his Tarot card paintings for our set. Incredible. An exhibit of our tarot art in May..
#8: I saw Barron Storey's cards from our Tarot project. They are amazing.
#9: @melcaylo Great to see you in San Fran! You look great & seem happy!
#10: Edwin Ushiro has an amazing Exhibit in San Fran right now.
#11: 8 RT @WarrenPeace: Electric Ant #1: David Mack writes this Philip K. Dick adaptation, with art by Pascal Alixe & cover by Paul Pope (& Mack)
#12: Philip K. Dick's daughter Isa came by to visit me at wondercon. And I met her wonderful boys. She's happy Electric Ant shipping this week
#13: Visited home tonight. It was quite amazing. Filled w paintings, & sculptures & electronics... great Italian dinner.Talked lots art/life
#14: Great day at Wondercon. Did an NPR interview for Stephanie Foo. Someone cried at my table. Going to Barron Storey's home studio for dinner
#15: A delight! Going to his sudio now RT @JaminL: @davidmackkabuki How was Barron Storey's birthday dinner?
#16: :) RT @sigkate: Thank you @satinephoenix for the pointer to @davidmackkabuki, I am super excited to read the book! Thanks David!
#17: 8 RT @Nicole123453: @davidmackkabuki I'm a new shop/art gallery w/ an opening Fri and music Sat. Always a FUN time in the Mission #wondercon
#18: About to do the final day of WonderCon! #sanfrancisco
#19: @edipluvia Btw, once at a bookstore signing, person did walk up to my table, look as if they were about to speak... & then vomited on floor
#20: At Barron storey bday dinner w allnspiegalfinearts Mike drigenberg @olganunes Ryan graff
#21: :) RT @The_Airman: @levarburton I just finished Kabuki: The Alchemy, by David Mack. a very good review of it
#22: I recomend KABUKI: The Alchemy :) RT @patientanon: @shiv379 last "night" *sighs* and looks wow! I want more Kabuki!
#23: :) RT @edipluvia: I just met david mack. I've never met anyone I'm a bigger fan of.and I didn't throw up on him.
#24: :) RT @dasRupa: What is best in life? Getting down to Billie Jean in a sari & 6 inch stripper heels @ a wedding w your favorite people. Joy!
#25: I want to quote you on this :) RT @mika_tan: @davidmackkabuki You're my ichiban!
#26: Great to meet you too. See you @ Wondercon today? RT @_jaye: @davidmackkabuki it was great meeting you today, i fell in love with your art!
#27: J RT @melcaylo Great time @ WCon yestrday & after! Caught up w @CBCebulski @jimlee00 @GeoffJohns0 @noclevername @Hypefactor @davidmackkabuki
#28: @Drayvn I'll be signing at my table all day except for a lunch break #wondercon #sanfrancisco
#29: :) I look forward to it RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki nice to finally meet you. We will stop by tomorrow (cont)
#30: I just finished watching it all. Some great seasons! RT @TaraMcPherson: Cuddling up with some Battlestar Galactica before bed. I'm addicted.
#31: First day of Wondercon in SF was great. Off to Korean eating. Then Japan Town to see the gallery opening of my friend Edwin Ushiro.
#32: Yay! RT @brianacruz: Check out this artist, David Mack -- he's got great stuff. #wondercon #sanfrancisco
#33: click-ums RT @_jaye: got a David Mack signed book/comics!
#34: Clicky it RT @heroesonline: BLOG :: HEROESCON :: David Mack, Tony Shasteen, Tons More!
#35: #FF actress @julialing -pics of her Kabuki inspired photo shoot:
#36: RT @julialing: @davidmackkabuki Thank U for the photoshoot inspiration. Proud of your Eisner Awards! I luv art & comic books,...
#37: :) RT @olganunes: Lovely tea & conversation last night w @davidmackkabuki. Woke up ridiculously early this morning played piano for the dawn
#38: Partners n crime #FF: @sotocolor does amaxxing work in Electric Ant this week! @oeming @brianmbendis @pulphope @jimmahfood @andykuhn
#39: Yes! RT @cquad73: REFLECTIONS HC ART BOOK -Limited Ed w sketch available order.Limited 500 --Is this the book u mean?
#40: ELECTRIC ANT preview pgs! RT @Superpouvoir: Preview: ELECTRIC ANT #1 by @davidmackkabuki & Pascal Alixe #marvel #PKD
#41: Aww! Thx:) RT @mika_tan: #FF Comics @DavidMackKabuki @Todd_McFarlane @GldnAplComics @GeekSyndicate @SatinePhoenix (cont)
#42: Thanks for the San Francisco suggestions. More are welcome. Last night enjoyed Samover tea loung with @olganunes. See you at #wondercon
#43: No. What am I missing? RT @satinephoenix: @davidmackkabuki did u see the crazy iPhone app for wondercon? #wondercon
#44: Yes! Hardcover & paperback! As well as Vol 1, etc RT @HokusKrokus: @davidmackkabuki will Kabuki Volume 2: Dreams be available at Wondercon?
#45: You have to tell us :) RT @olganunes: @StockingsAddict @davidmackkabuki I'm curious too.. what's nsfw in SF at night worth checking out? ;)
#46: Marvel sent me plenty of books to have available at the convention: KABUKI: The Alchemy Hardcover. TPB. Reflections 12-15. Prints... ART
#47: Yum RT @SexualLeprosy: @davidmackkabuki very close to Mascone Center
#48: Floor map of Wondecon. My table # AA50
#49: I'm not at work! RT @StockingsAddict: @davidmackkabuki none of the stuff I'd suggest is safe for work, but have a good time anyway! :-)

Release Date Anniversaries
Daredevil #11 and Kabuki: Classics #12 debuted 10 years ago.

Auction Spotlight
Kabuki: Agents - Scarab #1-6 (SRP: $17.70), Scarab ashcan (SRP: $5.95) and more are available on eBay ($9.99).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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