I kept it hidden in a place that they no longer look. It took incredible muscle control.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards WFC: March 26-31, 2002

Signing at Lee's comics in Bay Area
SUN, 3/31/02, 7:19 a.m. - In Response To: will you be at Wondercon this year? (Hayden)

Hey Dave,
jeez I haven't been by the boards in ages- very excited about all your new projects, the article at CBR was great.

I was wondering if you and Anh were planning on returning to the Bay area this year for the Wondercon? I certainly hope so,


I won't be able to make the Wonder con this year, because I have a previously scheduled signing tour in Australia and New Zealand at that time. But I REALLY hope to be at Wondercon next year.

But I WILL be visiting the Bay area this year for sure when I do a signing at Lee's comics (the new location in Mountain View).

Not certain on what month yet (probably between August and November) but I will keep you posted on this board.

Hope to see you there, Hayden.



Re: kabuki dragon
SUN, 3/31/02, 7:21 a.m. - In Response To: Re: kabuki dragon (Victor Destefano)
No problem. Actually, it's from Reflections #2.
A lot of New Kabuki tatto art in Reflections #4 (ships in May) and a larger black and white line art master of the Dragon tattoo.

Not to mention a ton of other way cool stuff.


Neil Gaiman...
TUE, 3/26/02, 7:49 a.m.

Last year the University that I graduated from began a program in which each academic sect would invite different professionals (representative of each academic division) to speak at the school. Last March I was invited to speak on behalf of the Arts and Literature dept. It was a lot of fun. I exhibited my art, do a lecture and discussion on my approach to the work, a slide show of the work, and answer questions. This year Neil Gaiman was the speaker for the Arts and Literature.

The faculty in charge was kind enough to invite Anh and I to attend the event (even gave us prime reserved seats!), and invited us to have dinner with Neil and the academics earlier in the day. Neil wanted sushi so I was asked to suggest the right place. Matsuya (the restaurant in the Scarab series) was my first suggestion, but they weren’t open at the time we were eating so we went to Teak (which is also nice. A Tai place that also serves sushi) instead. I think Neil and I had been quickly introduced some years ago by Collen Doran at a convention, but it was a busy situation. So this evening was a great chance to meet properly. We had a great time at the dinner. We talked art and writing. I really enjoyed the conversation and Neil was a very warm and thoughtful person. I mentioned to him that I should thank him, because we seem to share a large overlap in readers, and perhaps I have inherited much of his Sandman readership with Kabuki. On the way to the school, they had me ride in the car with Neil because I knew the way there, and Neil told me about the new Marvel project that he is writing, which sounded very cool.

At the presentation, he gave several amazing readings of his work (including the first third of his yet unreleased book Coraline). He had a great opening presentation on how he approaches his work and what it is to him, and his readings were exceptional. The entire evening was a fantastic event. It was good to see him at my old school. He even signed books for people at the end, and was very friendly and inspirational to Anh and I.

Thank you Fumiko
TUE, 3/26/02, 8:25 a.m.

Your words are a delight as always.

glad you are back!

this may me strange, but since i can't seem to mail a letter! i thought i would post what is in my head in general here for you. it's really me, and it's not so personal that if anyone wants to read it, feel free. i just like to share my thoughts with you at times. Also, this may be inopportune, but in case this is the memorial like Dreams for you! I wanted to seen some soul! anniversery of passing in March of your dear late Mother.

Forgive me, if I am wrong and sorry if I could'nt mail this directly! God's bless, and lot's of life to you!

Miss Fumiko,
I was sitting in a strange church today and they we're recording a sermon and music and stuff. I wanted to meditatate and pray a bit and all of the sudden? I realized, that Dreams is the Church of Comics! Sheesh, it was as if I we're sitting in the cover betwixt the pages of dreams. I could'nt leave because they we're recording and the priest said to me later? I bet you did'nt know you we're in for a sermon. No, I said but perhaps it was meant to be. In reading Dreams? I realize it is a treasured gift, esp to someone like me who has felt the emptiness of loesing my primary resource, my Mother. Now, it is as if all of Nature is her indeed as well as the spectres, the paradigms, and intervention of spectral worlds. The pain at times too of grief.

I promise i am going to write soon! What on earth is wrong with me! verry busy too! ok, here's the letter update.
(this is a letter to an online priest i know)
Miss F.

well... sheesh it won't paste! I will have to mail it afterall... My best wishes!

Rick Mays, Andy Lee art on Team up...
TUE, 3/26/02, 10:28 a.m. - In Response To: Mays in Gen 13#75 (Victor Destefano)

I think you are going to love the art on these two issues of Marvel Team Up. Rick has really done something special for this. His work on it is amazing. It is really something a little different from his work on Scarab. You can see him flexing different muscles. Really impressed with it. His Master of Kung Fu fight scenes are great. And Anh loves his Spiderman!

Andy Lee just finished his contribution to both of these issues (# 15-16 I think?)as well. Andy illustrates a Chinese Fairy tale that bookends and weaves in and out of the Rick Mays story. I worked on it a bit with him last week, art directing and helping with layouts. He did a great job. Really looking forward to this finished book. It is actually a cool little jam book between friends. Me, Bendis, Mays, and Andy Lee. Very funky little mix.

I bought a stack of comics and somehow, I didn't get to tis one until last night.

I still haven't got a chance to read it, but I flipped through the pages and Rick Mays' art is great in it. Really nice stuff. I'm digging the chicks with oversized K9s. That'sa great look.

And Jason Martin's inks and the coloring job all work really well.

I'm figuring that Mays is on for 76 seeing how it's a two parter so that's pretty cool. Check it out if you haven't yet.

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