There is no morality in virtual reality.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home Message Boards WFC: April 26-30, 2001

Re: Mack, am I hallucinating??
THU, 4/26/01, 6:54 a.m. - In Response To: Mack, am I hallucinating?? (J Money Baby)

I did sign at Star Clipper in St Louis a few years back.
Please give them my regards.

The S & C witht he scissers is the logo for SHU-GEI CLUB.
Rick can tell you about it when he gets back from Japan (yes, he is there at the moment)>

Or is the shirt on the cover of the latest issue of Scarab with the letters SC and a pair of scissors a reference to my local comic retailer, Star Clipper. Maybe I'm just imagining ****, but it's kinda similar to their logo. I think you made an in-store there a long time ago, but I might just be hallucinating...

Re: Hey David-Please Read
THU, 4/26/01, 6:59 a.m. - In Response To: Hey David-Please Read (Adrian)

Thanks Adrian [:)]

You will several projects of mine this year.
Besides the four issues of mine on DD, The conclusion to the Scarab story and a lot of painted DD covers,
I'm involved in a secret Marvel project to be released in Sept. And I am doing a lot of new Kabuki stuff to include in the hardcover for DREAMS. Other stuff too, but not sure on the dates for those.

See you in Australia next year.

i just read DD17
must say you are absolutely killing it on the art [:)] your art has improven another notch atop your other brilliant artwork
congrats. [:)]

so i'm wondering with the abundance of projects you got on your plate
i's wondering are we going to see any around this year?

you are a legend

Re: MACK ???? (Bet you haven't seen that subject b
MON, 4/30/01, 3:17 a.m. - In Response To: MACK ???? (Bet you haven't seen that subject b/4) (Denny Haynes)

Hi Denny,

We did have a Blast in Pittsburgh. GREAT convention.

I do sell the art to DD. I sold the entire issue of #17.

And I sold four pages of #16 at the Pits con. BUt all the others from #16 are up for grabs.

I will have them at the Motor city show.

Or for those interested, write me and let me know which ones you are interested in and I can give you the specific prices for those pages.

Again, the PITtsburgh Con was amazing. Hope to be there next year.

Loved your art in DD, you just amaze me.

Do you ever sell your artwork/paintings? I ask because I lose myself in your paintings with how much I study them, how much is in them, they've made me dream before.

I was just wondering because I saw you were selling some pages from the first Kabuki and didn't know if you were going to do the same with later Kabuki paintings or DD art.

Thanks, I'm sure you get a ton of requests asking for art, sorry to do it one more time. [:)]

Have a blast in Pittsburgh!


Re: Hi David - Comments- Quick Question
MON, 4/30/01, 3:27 a.m. - In Response To: Hi David - Comments- Quick Question (kstauffa)

Nice to meet you,

I will have all of those prints at San Diego and all of the other cons I will do. I will be in Santa Cruz with Bendis in May signing at a store called Atlantis Fantasy Fair.

The World Famous Comics Website does sell many of the prints that you saw. But some of the newer ones are, so far, only available through me at conventions and store signings.

Thanks for all the feedback:)


Hello David,

I just want to say that I am a big fan of your recent work in Daredevil and that has got me digging into the Kabuki back issues to get more. I just got a hold of "Dance of Death" from London Knight and Act 3 of Circle of Blood from Caliber and WOW, great stuff. Your style and creativity and attention to detail is a breath of fresh air to a long time comic collector like myself frustrated with many comics that appear on the shelf weekly. Just wanted to say thanks and I can't wait to get all the Kabuki orginal series!

I also had a quick question. I stopped by your table at WonderCon in Oakland a couple weeks ago and briefly met you. While standing in line I noticed how well you treated your fans and again, that was very nice to see. I also browsed through the portfolio of 11x17" prints for sale of Kabuki and Daredevil covers. I was just wondering if you had a listing of what prints you have available and if those can be purchased on the web somewhere. Alternatively, will these prints be available at the San Diego convention if you plan on attending in July?

Thanks again for the inspired work. Take care.

Re: why?
MON, 4/30/01, 3:36 a.m. - In Response To: why? (NohOne)

Thanks for sharing,

I'm sorry that I may be unable to relate, because I'm very passionate about life and I see everyday as being full of fascinating possibilities.

Certainly everyone has challenging times in their lives, but I've been able to cope with those times by having an outlet to work out my passions, anxieties, obsessions and angers.

Based on my own experiences, I'd suggest that you find the one thing that you enjoy most in life, the creation or action that you are most passionate about, and focus on it in a creative way.
This has been my main source for funneling my more destructive emotions into a creative and more positive way of viewing the world.

this has nothing to do with mr. mack or any of his work, which i truly admire, but have yet to find the right words to say..

anyways, being DESPARATE now, i'm seeking advice here to find a reason to live each day? having never known happeyness for very long. still not being able to understand the concept of "carpe diem" and to see the beauty of how the sun rises and falls etc book or person can teach you this. so i'm wondering..what must i do?? how do people stand up each day and go outside to face the cruelties out there? anyone who can i do that..i must give them madd props for being so Brave!!!

what do you do with someone so hopeless? who no longer has the will to try anymore? but can't find the courage to just leave either...there's a saying "muon song khong duoc, muon chet khong duoc" for anyone who knows vietnamese, that's how i feel life is and has always been..well thank you for reading my pathetic posting. greatly appriciated.

no body

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