Egg, larvae, pupa, adult. All labeled by Linnaeus. Back then I thought Latin was a language made up specifically for insects.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Message Boards Bendis: December 6-10, 2004

Re: check these new photos out...
Dec 06, 2004 5:08 am

RangerChic wrote:
Wow! Very cool.
And, David doesn't miss anything on that site does he? He's on top of everything it seems.


Thanks all!
I think it rocks too.

And David Thornton seems to catch all the action on the daily udates of that site.

Look for the Stuffed Scarab Panda probably on Monday's updates.

Re: kabuki woes. :(
Dec 06, 2004 4:50 am
smashtor wrote:
true true. maybe it will be stolen from the thief by yet another thief and they will all read it and as a direct result of reading it somethign will happen to them adn then the book will keep getting stolen or 'found' and change peoples lives. this could be like that movie where the little sixth sense kid did a good deed adn then they did two and it changes the world. except with mack's art.

Re: Phenomenon and Paranormal Experiences
Dec 06, 2004 11:14 pm

I have some light experience too.

I imagine it has to do with the electomagnetic energy that the body radiates.

I first experienced this as a kid about 9 yrs old. Once I went to reach in the dark in my room to turn the lamp on. I didn't touch the switch but my fingers got about an inch from the button when it went on automatically.

This really freaked me out as a kid. But then it continued to happen every now and then.

Still happens as an adult. Sometimes I reach for the light and it turns on before I touch it.

I also had the experience of being mad and yelling and when I did a lightbulb busted and burnt out. Actually fizzed and sparked.

And once I thought about turning the TV on and it went on automatically.

Not to mention the streetlight thing. When you walk under the streetlight and it turns on. Or if on, it turns off.

Have any of you had this kind of thing?

Re: Mid-Ohio Con Report
Dec 07, 2004 10:29 pm
John G wrote:
Thanks guys. The fact that my dudes are in my corner in the first place is the full nasty reason I've accomplished anything at all, much less these comics or this art.

John G

Hey John G!
I really appreciate your words on this.
Great point.

Good to see you in Columbus.
It was fun giving you and your friend a personal reading of the new Kabuki #3 story

Thanks for stopping by there!

And Mike Hawthorne,
It was great to finally meet you and sign with you all weekend. And good to break bread with you and Oeming and Matt Wagner. And we rocked that art panel which was very fun.

Ivan, and Mike,
I'm in the middle of doing the cover to the RUULE: Ganglords of Chinatown trade paperback collection, and I just read all five issues right after the other all in one reading to prep for it.
And I really enjoyed your work on it!
Reads very well all in one sitting.

Good job motherf*ckers!


Happy to know all you fine and talented folks!

And John G, your photocopied hand and note is still on my fridge!

Re: Phenomenon and Paranormal Experiences
Dec 07, 2004 8:30 am

Do you experience the Menahunies?  :)


Re: Mid-Ohio Con Report
Dec 08, 2004 2:09 am
kat_amano wrote:
MACK! wrote:
I'm in the middle of doing the cover to the RUULE: Ganglords of Chinatown trade paperback collection, and I just read all five issues right after the other all in one reading to prep for it.
And I really enjoyed your work on it!
Reads very well all in one sitting.
can't wait to see the collection - & i want a copy signed by all parties involved. all you guys did fine, fine work.

so was there an ohio breakdance-a-thon? there've gotta be pictures out there somewhere. i keep hearing about these things but i've never actually seen one in person (i think you danced a little in san diego but i don't think i was there for it). i heard dallas was crazy - and that maybe gabe enjoyed it a little too much


Hi Kat!

Haha! I think Gabe had a good time

As did I.

Dallas was crazy-amazing.

I really appreciate you people.
Dec 09, 2004 4:59 am

Just saying.

Going through some strange "family" stuff lately.
Nothing necesarily bad.
Just some changes.
I'm sure it will all work out great.

Just saying...

Even when that stuff gets really strange...

You people on this board always make me smile!


I'm thankful for you!


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