Donít sacrifice your dreams for the illusion of security. There is no security. Realize there is no security and become comfortable with that. It will free you up to do what you really need to do.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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David Mack cover

Rick Mays Cover

Retailer Incentive

Dynamic Forces Edition
Scarab #1
Credit: Co-cover artist & writer
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Dates:
Mack, Mays & incentive covers - August 18, 1999
Dynamic Forces (unsigned) - July 14, 1999
Dynamic Forces (signed) - December 15, 1999
Incentive (signed) - June 20, 2001
Mack, Mays & incentive covers - $2.95
Dynamic Forces (unsigned) - $6.95
Dynamic Forces (signed) - $19.95
Incentive (signed) - $5.95
Previews Product Codes:
Mack, Mays & incentive covers - JUN990760
Dynamic Forces (unsigned) - JUN990771
Dynamic Forces (signed) - OCT991416
Incentive (signed) - APR011350
Related Image:
· Dynamic Forces certificate of authenticity
Previews Advertisements:
June 1999
An Image Comic
(W) David Mack (A) Rick Mays
Issue one of the new ongoing series with new original stories of the Noh Operatives!
"I've always planned on doing a series on each of the Noh agents that presents a personal view of their life from past to present, in the way I did with Kabuki in Circle of Blood. This Scarab series is the first of these," says writer David Mack. "And the events that occur in this story will have a huge impact on the current painted Kabuki series as well".
Rick Mays, who drew Scarab in Masks of the Noh, is the artist of the SCARAB series. Rick has been working on it for the last two years so he has completely finished the art for the first storyline. This enables us to release the book Monthly, making this the first ever monthly series of brand new Kabuki!
[1] After the first Scarab storyline, Kabuki Agents will feature all new stories on Siamese, Tiger Lily, Ice, and Snapdragon. This series chronicles all the adventures of the Noh agents that we didn't see in Masks of the Noh and the new Kabuki series, and it even guest stars Kabuki! And wait until you see how! In the Current Kabuki issues we learn that one of the Noh agents dies. This series reveals who! Rick Mays is a fan favorite from his work on Kabuki: Masks of the Noh, and this is his best art ever! Don't under order the first issue of this new series that will continue for years to come! Issue #1 will have a cover fully painted by Scarab artist Rick Mays and all new fully painted cover by David Mack who is a 1999 Eisner award nominee for Best Painter! The covers are shipped 50/50 and make an attractive display side by side on the shelf. A must-have for every Kabuki reader!
black & white, 32 pages
[1] Denotes that the paragraph was included in the Previews text catalog but not in the print version

June 1999
Dynamic Forces
(W) David Mack (A) Rick Mays, Cover by David Mack
From the mind of David Mack and the pages of Kabuki comes the new series featuring Scarab! And with an alternate cover exclusive to DF by David Mack himself! Extremely Limited.
black & white, 32 pages

October 1999
by David Mack
Limited copies available. Also available in a signed edition.

August 2002
(W/A) David Mack
Limited editions signed by David Mack! Due to an unprecedented number of requests, Image is finally offering Kabuki #1 issues signed by Kabuki creator, writer, & artist David Mack. These are the first printing #1 issues of the innovative Kabuki series that you may have missed when they first debuted. Now they are available SIGNED in a limited quantity. Including the exclusive Joe Quesada Scarab #1 cover. This limited edition is signed by David Mack and has never before been offered for sale as an unsigned book.

· The incentive cover was created by Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti and David Mack
· The cover for the Dynamic Forces issue was first published as the artwork for Novmeber in the Kabuki 1996 Calendar
· An advertisement for the Daredevil: Parts of a Hole storyline was featured on page 32
· A black and white version of the cover appeared on the inside back cover
· All but one question from Ron McElman's David Mack interview appeared on pages 27, 29 and 31; the complete version is available at Mr. McElman's site,
· An advertisement for Scarab #2 was included on page 28

Preview Pages:

Page #20

Page #21

Page #22

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