I feel like Iím seeing the world for the first time. Everything is beautiful all at once. From so many angles. Suddenly I understand Cubism.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #1
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Boston Comic Con
April 30 - May 1, 2011
Boston, Massachusetts

Houston Comicpalooza
May 27-29, 2011
Houston, Texas


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Emerald City Comicon 2011 Video Interview
Thanks to Brian at Stumptown Trade Review for reporting that his video interview with David Mack, which was conducted at Emerlad City Comicon 2011, is online.

Final 5 Ronin #4 Cover
Artifexgamescardscomics posted a scan of the published cover for 5 Ronin #4, which will be on sale Wednesday at a comic book store near you.

Live Art Show Painting Video, Bullies & More
From David Mack:
#1: Here's a video of Bill Sienkiewicz & I painting on humans & other stuff Facebook.com
#2: @EricCanete Thanks! It was a delight to talk w You & see your work again, & psyched to see a Kabuki by you!
#3: If you grew up with yourself or your family dealing with bullies, your heart really goes out for that kid.
#4: This got me pretty emotional PerezHilton.com
#5: Tasty RT @warrenellis HALF MOON With Mike Oeming: First notes on a new comics project - t.co/ZM9rWRY
#6: @cliffchiang Cliff, was great to talk with you in Chicago , hope you had a great time
#7: fascinating article RT @KenTanakaLovesU Yakuza aid in quake relief bit.ly/hhtm2c
#8: @Brandon_Whaley Glad its your fave, I had a blast writing Daredevil
#9: RT AllredMD - My favorite colorist, LAURA ALLRED, got an EAGLE AWARD nom. If you feel she's worthy, please consider voting: EagleAwards.co.uk
#10: blessings RT @gaangster pictures from #C2E2 (smiley david mack too) Flickr.com
#11: @champagneofbeer So glad
#12: Pleaz do:) RT @BrooksBowden thanks again to both of u! u both made time @c2e2 to talk. I love my Scarlet sketch, I'll post pic @brianmbendis
#13: @SeanJ0917 Cool, I will probably be there! Thanks for you and Jake stopping by.
#14: @SeanJ0917 I jotted it down to talk w DG at Marvel. David from Comixology came by too & i mentioned our talk. Did you mention to Gabriel?
#15: @Machrider Thank U & glad
#16: @SeanJ0917 Next time!
#17: @BelindaRoar Aw!
#18: @dEnny_UK Kisses
#19: Ok, Chicago was chock full of wow. All good to the point of overwhelming. Great people all around. The readers & the creators after the con
#20: U R Welcome. Thanks for coming RT @irispearl713 I love the sketch you did for me at Emerald City Comicon!!! Thank you.
#21: @AllredMD Beautiful, Mike! Really looking forward to this book!
#22: @champagneofbeer Blessings
#23: Would be fun RT @jfthuecks @davidmackkabuki you would break the Internet if you ever did a doctor strange book. Please do! #F*ckYeah
#24: That's what I like to hear RT @BelindaRoar @davidmackkabuki just walked in. Now it's a party. #c2e2
#25: At marvel party Chicago
#26: RT thecomicbookink - THAT is what we ?! RT @davidmackkabuki RT @ianhewlett Thanks for the signed book & getting me back into comics to enjoy a bond with my sons
#27: Lots of people came by from word of mouth/ personal recommendation RT @girlsreadcomics hopefully some GRCT readers came by to check you out!
#28: See you Sunday? Rt @SeanJ0917 Highlights so far gushing over @GailSimone , talking with @davidmackkabuki , meeting @Zubkavich
#29: Wow- Saturday at C2E2 was non-stop. Thanks everyone. Wonderful stories of how you connected to my books. See U tomorrow.
#30: RT WTFisCLB - Highlight of day 2 of #C2E2 is finally remembering to get @davidmackkabuki to sign @_mcchris is dead. twitpic.com/4b8fsd also...
#31: Bendis sighting RT @BrooksBowden @BRIANMBENDIS Mr. Bendis, I just met you at @davidmackkabuki booth. You are too kind! Thanks.
#32: Can I quote you on this? RT @gaangster "once again, so much david mack, so little time." #C2E2
#33: @skottieyoung Fantastic, please do!
#34: @skottieyoung Great to see you today! Love your work
#35: RT wickedoll - Looking through my book by David Mack an imagine my surprise... @amandapalmer ! plixi.com/p/85064242
#36: @dEnny_UK Haha... You
#37: RT culturesclothes - My Comic Book Pull List for next Wednesday...Pretty Awesome week actually: 5 Ronin #4 Regular David Mack Cover (cont) http://tl.gd/9bq3cr
#38: @xtinuh Glad to hear!
#39: Very happy to hear that! RT @ianhewlett Thanks for the signed book & getting me back into comics to enjoy a bond with my sons
#40: @SeanJ0917 Great to meet you & thanks for picking up the Hardcovers :) Maybe see you Saturday?
#41: Would be fun RT @TyGiordano @davidmackkabuki Twitter's abuzz with news of a FOX #Daredevil sequel. Will Echo be in the mix? #crossedfingers
#42: Thanks for a wonderful first day at C2E2 Chicago. Everyone who came by was super. The Hardcover Art Book & The Alchemy HC = my hits of show
#43: & thankU Mika! RT @him89088 Thx to @Mika_Tan. I came to know about you via her only, otherwise i was surely missing something great!!! (^_^)
#44: @him89088 Thank you for the kinds words about the books, and yes absolutely
#45: Ok, heading to my table at Chicago C2E2 now...
#46: Link please :) RT @satinephoenix fun fan art! I just remembered drawing a baby Kabuki when I was in college. #mustfindandsend
#47: @satinephoenix I definitely have my real life Akemi catalysts //:)//
#48: @SeanJ0917 Hi Sean, be at the table in a few minutes :) grabbing a quick lunch- see you soon!
#49: Here's more pics at the fanworks section of DMG, check out the costumes and tattoos: DavidMackGuide.com
#50: Thank you :) list of creators/C2E2 RT @girlsreadcomics so our you're going to C2E2 post says how awesome you are :) wp.me/pRoqB-ok
#51: Scarab Cosplay pic DavidMackGuide.com In Chicago. C2E2. My table # A6 (& con map here)

Auction Spotlight
Alias #1-28 (SRP: $83.72) is available on eBay (GBP 34.99 ~ $56.63).

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April 11: Webmaster's note

April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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