Some say there is a very fine line between genius and insanity. Iím not sure there is any line at all.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #1
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Re: Newbie
SAT, 8/21/04, 5:13 p.m. - In Response To: Newbie (Sarah)

I'm totally new to the world of comics (my boyfriend is into them) and I bought my first book the other day, that being 'Kabuki' volume one. The storyline and the artwork is fabulous. Being an aspiring artist myself, I totally dig David Mack's work. w00t!
Thanks for reading my books

You're in the letters collumn of Kabuki #2
MON, 8/23/04, 11:13 p.m. - In Response To: Alchemical magic (Jubal Faircloth)

Great story!
Glad you had so much fun.

One of your other posts is in the new letter collumn!

Hi David et al,
I just wanted to share the factual story of how I got my first copy of the Alchemy->
So, I was studying abroad in London over this past month of July. It was fantastic. Vast amounts of culture, art, crazy little Brittish people, and days of activity from morning to night. Anyway->
I happened to be on a side-trip to Edinburgh Scottland for a weekend. I was walking around by myself looking for the Forbidden Planet comic store I had seen during a buss tour of the city. I got a little turned around and ended up lost ->
I was on some random side-street, when I happened to look up and right in front of me was a little shop called "Dedhead Comics." "Yes!" I exclaimed and went in, after snapping a photo of the store name. Inside the clerk was making out with his girlfriend behind the counter, and Hellboy was playing
on a tv in front of them. Would it sound strange to say that I felt at home? Anyway->
I snatched up the Alchemy and DD#62 and felt kinda bad to interrupt the couple (who were really getting into it) but had a nice little chat and watched some Hellboy with them ->
Then I left and found a little place to eat and read. I liked the issue. I liked the little subtleties as usual, and the style it was presented by. I liked how Ukiko couldn't show us the entire text Akemi had written her. I wondered what it said in full?->
Also, it struck me as bizarre to read the acknowledgement section at the end. There I was in a different country completely, surrounded by a strange new environment, yet seeing the familiar names of my NKU professors mentioned in a publications I had bought there. They are now world-wide celebrities!->
Well that's the main of it. Go to Europe sometime, it is a gas. I'll catch ya later in a message board near you--->
Jubal ->

Re: thank you again david....
MON, 8/23/04, 11:17 p.m. - In Response To: thank you again david.... (MG)
for jumping over a table like you promised.
but really, you are just an amazing person and the sketch you did for me is on my wall.
It was incredible  Thank you for making it so magical!
It was great to finally meet you.

And I love the research paper you did with Kabuki and the amazing Detecitve Mack ART!

That was really special

I usually go to the Wizard Philly show
MON, 8/23/04, 11:23 p.m. - In Response To: will david mack be at any cons in nyc/philly area? (secretasiangirl)

I was there this year. Were you there?
And I went the first year.
And I intend to go next year. I think it is usually in May.

Hopefully your local shop gets the new ALchemy series and carries the collections. You can ask them and they can order it.

But I also understand liking to get it from the author and getting it signed. Hopefully I'll see you at the Philly con. If you need to order any books sooner and if you want them signed (at no extra charge) you can order from Anh at

Thanks for seeking my books!

i don't really know where to find this info... i went to the davidmack site & it was blank under 'appearances' & i couldn't find anything at the nohtv site either i'm not even sure where to find info about cons... i've yet to go to one.
i'd like to buy as much kabuki stuff as possible (w/o becoming destitute!) since i've only borrowed stuff to read.
and i think it's somehow better to buy stuff from the source... like buying cds from your fav band rather than a record shop.

Re: Kabuki Sculpture in progress....
MON, 8/23/04, 11:24 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki Sculpture in progress.... (Claudio)

Thanks for posting these here for everyone to see.
You are very talented.

Hopefully I see you in Toronto.

Hey Gang,

I'm new here,

I met David Mack at the Chicago Con and I have to say I'm really impressed and inspired by his attitude and accessability that I had to sculpt Kabuki...

Here are some early in progress pics of her:

I was going for a pose that looks as though she is sneaking but with a bit of sensuality... she will be holding a sword. Some things may still be off as there is still a lot more work to do but I plan to have her almost done to show at the Toronto Con. David I'd love to get some feedback from you in person... it would be fun to collaborate.

Again great meeting you in chicago!


Alchemy #2 Letters collumn names...
MON, 8/23/04, 11:28 p.m.

There is a very big and hearty letters collumn this issue and many of you from this board made it into the letters.
Some regulars from the board, and many new readers around the world as well.

Would you like me to list the names (in case you want to get extra for your friends and fam
Or would you prefer that it is just a surprise when you pick up the issue?

Alchemy #2 at printer and ships in September...
MON, 8/23/04, 11:33 p.m.

As scheduled.

Just a reminder to keep an eye out for it and to remind your local comic shop that you are reading the series.

Alchemy #3 is in the current catologe that stores order from. Please remind your shop to order it ahead of time from the Marvel Previews catalogue!

If your store ran out of Kabuki #1 before you could get it, they can still reorder #1. For the first issue I printed a bit extra to accomodate all the reorders. If they order now they can still get it.

Thanks for reading!

Re: I usually go to the Wizard Philly show
TUE, 8/24/04, 1:14 a.m. - In Response To: Re: I usually go to the Wizard Philly show (secretasiangirl)
no, i haven't been to any cons yet. i'm a little frightened to go to one, but was thinking of venturing out to one this year... i borrowed the ENTIRE series from a coworker - i think he met you in nyc (or was it philly?) last year? he bought a bunch of books from you that you signed & you gave him some prints after he told you he posted on the bendis board. but now, i must have them as my own! i think we'll probably place an order for (at least) a couple t-shirts pretty soon... is it best to email anh 1st or just mail the order in?
You can do it either way

Glad you are getting the books.
Maybe I'll see you at a con soon
I'll keep updates of them on the messageboard.

Re: dragonfly?
TUE, 8/24/04, 6:33 a.m. - In Response To: dragonfly? (Miss Fumiko)
today when i just awoke? I looked out the window and saw a dragonfly cruising by and a bit high i might add and then he made a turn onto a really cool street.

miles away by the water i was taking a catnap in the sun after a very longish walk and i was kinda pondering a serious thing in my mind? I said i don't know! i opened my eyes and there was a dragonfly that swam into the water?

really cool, because i said? thatz ok? I know!

*maybe he/she is following me? oh yes and last week i went to put a tea cup into a ladies bag and her keychain fell in with a dragonfly too?

now? it seems whenever i am sad i see a dragonfly?

Just wanted to let you know that, from all of your great messages recently, some made it into the letters collumn of Kabuki Alchemy #2

Re: Alchemy #2 Letters collumn names...
WED, 8/25/04, 8:00 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Alchemy #2 Letters collumn names... (scarredgod)
darn it, i need to come up with a really cool letter so i can be printed in a Kabuki book. that would be a dream.

was that one good enough? damn damn damn!

I think that will work

What's your city and state?
Maybe a name that you'd like included?

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