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Home Message Boards WFC: July 26-31, 2004

Re: the truth about David Mack
TUE, 7/27/04, 2:27 p.m. - In Response To: the truth about David Mack (R Hunter)

Wow! I'm becoming very controversial lately.

I really wish I did eat your muffin. I was starving at that con. I was at my table all day which was great, but afterwards, I realized I should have eaten something.

Now I know where to go. The Art Asylum booth has Egg McMuffins? I'll be there. And I urge everyone else to go and eat your muffins also.
And to buy the Tranimals!

And I really love the board responses to this post so far! Thanks for the support SavagePanda and Goodman!

SavagePanda, It was great seeing you at the con! And I really appreciate the great gifts you brought! I drank the tea in the hotel and ate the lovely snacks on the plane! It was a delight. Thanks so much for that! You were so nice!

When I get a chance I'm going to post more about San Diego and all the great readers that I saw there! And all about Anh's Tranimal adventures and Jesse from Subcultures and all the amazing new friends we met.

And thanks for the feedback to Alchemy #1 so far!

Re: News: David Mack in David Alan Mack interview
TUE, 7/27/04, 2:38 a.m. - In Response To: Re: News: David Mack in David Alan Mack interview (David Alan Mack)

Hi David,
I hope you are doing well!

Actually, I think most of the confusion has passed; it was only an issue when we briefly crossed paths in the comic-book/graphic novel arena three years ago.
Yeah, I think it has passed, and no real problem since we straightened it out at Wildstorm. In one of the above posts that included my answer to someone on another board, I was chronicling my communications with WIldstorm about the situation as I experienced it and certainly didn't mean to imply and fault of your own.
In fact, I'm grateful that you helped resolve it. I really appreciate your kind words about me that someone posted here. And thanks a bunch for solving the riddle of the mixed up books!
* A corrupt L.A. cop from the Ramparts division
Yeah this is the guy said to have killed Notorious B.I.G.
A couple years ago he made the news again with the headline "David Mack Stabbed in Prison". And Wizard Magazine printed the story and followed up on it, calling me about it.

There is a documentary that focusses on him a bunch, I think it is the one called Biggie vs Tupac or something like that. And it constantly has people talking of David Mack. And then describes him as driving a 96 black Impala (which is funny cause that is what my friend has and we always drove to conventions in it together.

And I once saw the DM advisor to the Middle East on TV with the name DAVID MACK real big on the screen.

A few years ago someone sent me a large computor print out of a story about David Mack Advisor to the Middle East with the name David Mack highlighted everytime he was mentioned. And there was a note with it saying that I would be assassinated.

So beware


Re: Let me set the record straight
TUE, 7/27/04, 3:07 a.m. - In Response To: Let me set the record straight (Jeff)

Some people were asking me about this at the con. Well, I appreciate that you read my books, and I appreciate your ambition, but I should clarify a few things. Fox isn't in talks. Fox has the option for the exclusive film rights to Kabuki, and they have renewed the option on it every time and we've been actively working on it for the last few years. So I don't know if it being a fan film somehow makes it immune to the issue of Fox having the exclusive film rights. What is the protocol on that?

But I know that Fox has invested a lot of time and money into actively developing the Kabuki film. So if they feel like another Kabuki film is some kind of competition, I don't know what their legal policy on that is.

Re: ComicCon Pictures
THU, 7/29/04, 1:23 a.m. - In Response To: ComicCon Pictures (Dawn)
Uploaded my pictures from ComicCon. Linkage with this post.  Also includes larger pictures of my Kabuki costume. Just keep clicking on the pictures till it gives you the largest resolution lol

David & Anh - thanks for letting me hang around your booth! It was fun, and thank you again for the free art prints


It was a pleasure!
Thanks for posting the pics at the con! My fave of the 3 is the one titled "me, David and Anh". That's a pretty good picture of all of us at the booth.
But the one where I blinked is funny :) It looks like I'm enjoying the moment way too much
But I was

All the pics of you as Kabuki are amazing!

Re: art print of macks work
THU, 7/29/04, 1:25 a.m. - In Response To: art print of macks work (tonia)
David, did you ever get any prints of your stuff yet? In Dallas you said that it was in the works I just needed to let you what I wanted. Just curious if I can buy prints now. thanks
Hi Tonia!
Just go to and there is a link to a large selection of prints.

THU, 7/29/04, 1:27 a.m. - In Response To: David, aren't you gonna give us an SD recap? *NT* (Michael Goodman)

Soon, I promise!

Re: hope you get better, man.
FRI, 7/30/04, 2:24 a.m. - In Response To: hope you get better, man. (Michael Goodman)

Hope you recover soon.
I was sort of wiped out with something when I came back as well. But you may have noticed I was pretty zonked with it Sunday as well.
Was great to have you hang out with us at the con.
And thanks for the con report, I haven't checked all the links yet but I'm hoping you have all those photos you took at the con, like the Kabuki tattoos!
I've started my con report and will have it up here as well, so I can give a shout to the cool people from the board who stopped by.

Re: Quick question for Mr. Mack or anyone
FRI, 7/30/04, 2:26 a.m. - In Response To: Quick question for Mr. Mack or anyone (Mark B.)
Im late to the Kabuki party i know! But i did pick up Alchemy #1 but im not gonna read it until i get all your trades. So i decided to pick them up from you at the Toronto Comic-con in August. How much will you ask for all 6? Canadian or American. Considering im coming from NY, i can set aside the American money for the trades (i hate the exchange rate). Thanks!


Glad you are getting the trades!
Sounds like a good plan.
Just check and it should have all the info and prices.
I'll throw in some signed prints and things for you at the show as well!

Re: David, here's an avatar for you if you want fo
FRI, 7/30/04, 2:29 a.m. - In Response To: David, here's an avatar for you if you want for BB (Michael Goodman)
This is you, right?
That's Brian Bendis' drawing of me from 94!

Is that from the Flaxen comic that printed in 95?
She and I modeled a bunch for him to do photo reference from for the book.
How'ed you recognize me?

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