Language has become pre-recorded sequence. Practiced in its one-sided state, it conditions the mind to be as narrow as the language meant to represent it.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards WFC: February 11-15, 2004

Re: Kabuki movie???
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:14 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki movie??? (Jade)

Hey, I haven't been keeping up with the message board, but I'm curious... What happened with the live-action Kabuki movie?? Is it still in production or is it not happening?
Hi Jade,
Good to hear from you. I hope you are doing well.
Yes, definitly happening. I am still curently involved on it at Fox.
No release date has ever been given. I will keep the board updated as soon as I am aowed to discuss any details.

Re: Mack on New X-Men?
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:18 p.m. - In Response To: Mack on New X-Men? (Markisan)
There's a rumor going around that David will be writing New X-Men instead of his previously announced Ultimate X-Men gig. Why? Apparently director Bryan Singer and a couple screenwriters from X2 will be on Ult. X for a year.

So, David, if you get a chance, can you please comment on this?

Hi Markisan,

Good to hear from you again.
I appreciate the interest. But I'm not allowed to comment on any of this at the present time.
But it is all good news!

Re: News: David Mack interview at ComicWorldNews.c
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:21 p.m. - In Response To: News: David Mack interview at (David Thornton) posted an interview with David Mack.
Thanks for posting this, DT!

I forgot about this interview from a couple years ago in France.

Re: Is there a convention now that Mack's attendin
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:24 p.m. - In Response To: Is there a convention now that Mack's attending? (smokinghawk)

Not at a show. Just hard at work.
I'm really glad that the art arrived safely to you, and that you like it!
Anh said she e-mailed you about the new page you are interested in.

Kindest regards,

He hasn't visited us recently, and my emails to Anh are unanswered, so I figured maybe they'd headed to a show.

I was wanting to say thanks for the original art, and inquire about an additional piece.

Re: Ques. about new Kabuki covers
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:26 p.m. - In Response To: Ques. about new Kabuki covers (Rudy_V)
I saw in the new previews that Kabuki: Alchemy #2 has a cover by Maleev, only if a retailer orders more than 10 copies.

I was wondering if any other issues #1, #3+ have special covers, etc...? I missed the Previews for Alchemy #1 so i dont know if that has a special offer.

Any input would be cool,

#2 is the only one with an additional incentive cover.

But #1 did have a print offered to retailers as an incentive to ordering #1.

Re: Quick Ques. for Mr. Mack about upcoming Kabuki
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:33 p.m. - In Response To: Quick Ques. for Mr. Mack about upcoming Kabuki Alc (Rudy_V)

Hi Rudy,
Thanks for your consideration.
Although I intend and hope to collect all the Kabuki stories in a trade after the individual series is over, I generally don't offer the collection, until all the individual issues are sold out.

And I hope readers do continue to buy the single issues in the periodic form, because that enables me to finish the story.

You do what is best for your taste, but the Alchemy will be going for a while (and probably longer than 6 issues, maybe 8 or more) and it will be some time after that until a collection of it is released.

I hope to see you at the Chicago con again. And I'll be happy to discuss this or anything else with you there as well.

Kindest regards,

(i ran out of Subject space  sorry)

My Question to Mr. Mack: Last summer at Wizard World Chicago i bought all 6 volumes of Kabuki from you. And next month Kabuki: Alchemy is coming out, eventhough i'm anticipating these books i was wondering if it's "better" to buy the individual issues or the collected trade.

I was mainly wondering what was financially better for you as a creator...Cause i'd like a collected volume to add to my book self, but if buying the individual issues get you more $$$ i'd be happy to pick those up.

Just wondering,

Re: Mack's Exhibition
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:37 p.m. - In Response To: Mack's Exhibition (MartyW)

I know they do have a lot of film and photos of it that the universitly is putting on line. Check with David Knight the NKU gallery director.

I think you can e-mail them. His mail is probably on thier site.

Haven't been following the board for a while (maybe 2-3 months at least) and was wondering how David's exhibition went?

Anyone know if there are any write ups, photos, etc, online somewhere?

Will try and start posting more, life's been hectic over here. Plus, it's summertime who want's to sit at home in front of the computer!


Re: Where's the movie and Tigerlily comic?
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:44 p.m. - In Response To: Where's the movie and Tigerlily comic? (Kenneth)
I was just wondering if anyone (it'd be really nice if my answer came right from Mack) could tell me what ever happened to the Kabuki movie that was supposed to come out in 2002 as well as the other Kabuki: Agents series. I thought a Tiger Lily story was supposed to be coming out after Scarab's. Just highly curious to what happened to these projects that I anticipated so much!


Hi Kenneth,
Good to hear from you.
There has not been a release date mentioned for the Kabuki film. It is still being developed at Fox. And I am still actively involved in the process. I will post mored details when I am allowed to break news on it.
The Tiger Lily story is still on schedule to come out after KABUKI The Alchemy. Both of the stories tie into each other. Tiger Lily makes an Appearance in Alchemy, and the same scenes are in Tiger Lily but from a different perspective. Still on shed with Rick Mays on art.

Also look for an appearance of YUKIO in KABUKI The Alchemy.

Re: self portrait
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:46 p.m. - In Response To: self portrait (Michael Goodman)

Thanks! This EDGE turned out to be a really good combination of works.

Edge finally came out! I was a bit sad when I finished the preview (because it ended), but happy and lucky to ingest this information. David, the story of your mother encouraging your (and your brother's) creativity moved me. I used to be a preschool teacher/after school care taker for children ages 2-14, and I was fornuate to have met some amazing people that dedicated their lives to encourage creative learning like your mother did. When I read the scenes of how she tought you how to sow and cut, I imagined the experience of being one of her students. I guess this post is a cheer to these special teachers, people who put their hearts into nourishing mental growth.

As for Self Portrait, I'm excited about this project. I thought it was really cool how you placed the text inside the outline of your body in context to the narration's subject matter (trying not to spoil this). Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

Still available for FREE!!! *NT*
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:47 p.m. - In Response To: News: Fanboy Radio episode #129 on-line (David Thornton)

Re: Question for Mr. Mack
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:52 p.m. - In Response To: Question for Mr. Mack (Erin)
I was reading Metamorphosis recently, and I noticed in your bio that you had done some work for some toy companies in Hong Kong. Could you tell me who they are? Thank you.
At the time, the English word version of them was Linwell and Holo.
It was something like dragon, and sister dragon, or little dragon.

I don't know if they still go by those names or not, or if those were smaller company divisions of a larger company that has a different name now.

I was recruited into them by a girl from Hong Kong that worked for themn that I went to college with. Her Chinese name was Meiching Wong, but she went to school under a different name.

Re: Kabuki: the alchemy 7 page preview
SAT, 2/14/04, 12:54 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki: the alchemy 7 page preview (James Doe)

Glad you liked these. I tried to just preview some pages that didn't give too much away.

I just saw it at
go check it out!!!!

It's also at


Siamese bust set shipped!
SAT, 2/14/04, 1:00 p.m.

I just recieved my extra sets.
They look great!

If someone missed them, just ask your retailer about it.

If that is a problem you can get any of the busts, masks, mini masks, figures directly from me.

Just e-mail Anh at to order any of them or other Kabuki books, pritns, shirts, etc.


Re: Where's the movie and Tigerlily comic?
SUN, 2/15/04, 5:55 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Where's the movie and Tigerlily comic? (Kenneth)
WHOA! David, you have no idea how much you just made my day! Getting a response from one of my fav artists/writers of all time is an enormous treat!
Thanks a lot David and keep up the amazing work!
Thanks for reading my books! And for your interest in my work.
I appreciate it!
Warmest regards,

Re: Quick Ques. for Mr. Mack about upcoming Kabuki
SUN, 2/15/04, 6:00 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Quick Ques. for Mr. Mack about upcoming Kabuki (Rudy_V)
WOW thanks so much for responding! I really appreciate it! See the thing is i'd love to buy them individually, but my local store usually sucks at getting "indy" books regularly or at all. But i one way or another i am picking this up!

rudy v-c

Thanks, Rudy.
I suggest that you very friendly and politely just try to make it very clear to all the workers at your local store that you are looking forward to the series, and you request them to get enough of each issue for all of their customers there that are looking forward to it.

They should have no trouble ordering in advance, or re-ordering to restock any of the Kabuki books.


Re: Is there a convention now that Mack's attendin
SUN, 2/15/04, 6:06 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Is there a convention now that Mack's attendin (smokinghawk)

That's great!
I'm really glad you like the art so much. I hope your wife appreciates it too!
Thanks for the story.

Yes, she did. I will likely be returning to buy it, and perhaps other work, soon.

The work I bought is simply stunning. I keep staring and staring at it--there is so much information hidden in the art. I can't tell you how happy I am with it; I've been walking on air since I got it. I even drove it over to the comic shop today to share it with my friend who works there--he looked at it with solemn reverence.

Now, my wife doesn't know yet that I even have them. We're celebrating Valentine's day on Monday, and I'll surprise her with them. She's every bit as much a fan as me, and thought the Echo arc was the best thing she's read in comics yet.

Tell Anh I appreciate how quickly she shipped everything, and thanks for the extra Kabuki stuff and the DD prints. I passed the Fed Ex truck on my way home and just KNEW it was coming from my house.

I'm the happiest Indian in Oklahoma!

Re: Question for Mr. Mack
SUN, 2/15/04, 7:10 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Question for Mr. Mack (Nowhere@all)
Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I was curious because my favorite toy company, Art Asylum, manufactures in Hong Kong. After thinking about it, though, I think that they do most of their stuff in-house. Thanks again, though!
Yeah, I know Digger and Art Asylum. They do great work. I see him at a lot of shows. They are based in New York, but most studios do get their stuff manufactured in HK or mainland China.
The Kabuki stuff from Moore Creations is all sculpted and designed in US, but is all mass produced in China or HK.
I've been to some of those places in China where they are manufacturing.

Re: Hi David Mack
SUN, 2/15/04, 7:13 p.m. - In Response To: Hi David Mack (Tony Solomun)
i trust you recieved my letter?
I hope you can return to oz one day.
I did recieve it. Thank you!
I posted on this board about it the day I got it.
I do hope to return to Oz !
I'm too busy this year, but maybe next?


Anh Tran's TRANIMALS in new issue of Toy Review..
SUN, 2/15/04, 7:16 p.m.

In the current issue the Tranimals are featured in Lee's Toy Review.

They will also be exhibited in Anh Tran's first gallery show in Florida this month!


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