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-- Kabuki: Scarab #1
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Home Message Boards WFC: December 21-25, 2003

Merry Christmas to all of my readers!
WED, 12/24/03, 7:00 p.m.

Happy, Merry Christmas to the whole board!

I really appreciate all of you! I hope you have a great Holiday.

Thanks for making this message board what it is

Kindest regards,

Re: Kabuki comic chronology
WED, 12/24/03, 7:15 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki comic chronology (dave)
hi, i am a long time comic book reader and just discovered Circle of Blood, after being away from comic books for 8 years. Can someone help we out with a definitive listing (in order) of all of the related miniseries?...or point me in the right direction.
Welcome to our messageboard. Thanks a lot for tryin my work and seeking out the rest of the books...

You have a pretty complete list, but my additions and comments below...

Circle of Blood was an incredible piece of work and i would like to continue following the series. My listing so far (not including galleries, etc) is:
Fear the reaper (before Circle of blood)
Circle of Blood 1-6 (caliber)
Both of these are in collection as vol 1.
Masks of the Noh #1-4 (caliber)
Vol 4 as collection.
1-9 Kabuki (image, 1997) (is this a reprint of the caliber series?)
---This is NOT a reprint. All nine new issues. And it is collected in the Volume (vol 5) called Metamorphosis. It comes after Skin Deep.
1-8 Kabuki agent:scarab (image, 1999)
Collected in volume 6.
1-3 Skin deep (caliber)
Volume 4.
1-4 Reflections (image)
Alchemy (2004)
1-4 Reflections
Kabuki classics 1-12 (9-12 is masks of the noh?)
Yes. #1 is Fear the Reaper, #2 is Dance of Death, 3-8 is Circle of Blood.
Kabuki dreams 1
Kabuki images 1-2(gallery)
Fairly complete. Volume 2 is called KABUKI Dreams (128 pgs) It collects four books that were originally titled as:
The Kabuki -Color Special
Kabuki -Dreams of the Dead
Kabuki - One Half
Kabuki- The Ghost Play

If you are looking for all the single issues instead of the collections, there is also a one shot that was released around the time of Circle of Blood called Kabuki- Dance of Death. It is not in any collections but it is reprinted in the Kabuki Classics. It is #2 of Classics.

There is also a story in the Kabuki Fan Edition. A special from Overstreet's Fan Magazine. It is collected in the Skin Deep collection, but is still available in its original format.

The only other think I can think of is that some of the early Kabuki books were orginally made into ashcan editions. And some early issues have some alternate covers. A steranko cover, Quesada cover, etc.

You can order any of these in the mail from my [girlfriend] Anh Tran at . And if you remind her, I will sign all of them for you. She also has available many prints and other things. Check out davidmack.net for more details.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.
Its a good idea to reade all of the other books before the new series KABUKI The Alchemy starts in 2004!

Kindest regards,
David Mack

Re: re-Xmas exchange! : ) to: Real TV
WED, 12/24/03, 7:20 p.m. - In Response To: re-Xmas exchange! : ) to: Real TV (Miss Fumiko)

Dear Miss,

That sounds amazing! Thanks for your most recent mail.
Did you get my note I sent you?

Merry Christmas,

First of all, Merry Christmas and Merry Holidays to everyone on the board! Esp. David Mack and Anh too...
Well.. I am happy to say I am finally shipping your gift!
it wieghs 5.5lbs. i don't know exactly why?
It is a big box 14x14 so i hope you will be on the look out.....>
it is being sent FEDEX 3 days which may arrive tommarow..... I can hint that it is a family friendly gift.
If you can guess? It is a Miss Fumiko TV from my dreams of Kabuki.
sheesh, sorry so buzy!
Merry X mas
Miss Fumiko

Re: Kabuki Dreams
WED, 12/24/03, 7:23 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki Dreams (Scarab)
Could someone please let me know what the full length of the Kabuki TPB of Dreams is. Originally I thought i had the whole thing but I wonder if it's just one of the comics even though it looks like a TPB. What's the # of pages really supposed to be?
You may have an earlier one that just collected the single issues of Kabuki color special and Kabuki Dreams of the Dead (my first two ever painted stories),

The newer collections also includes Kabuki One Half, The Ghost Play, my lil auto bio story from Crypt of Dawn, an in depth interview/Kabuki article from the French Magazine Eklipse. and and afterword by me, and intro by Bendis, and lots of new design and photo pages.

Re: Good to meet you at Mid-Ohio Con and I have a
WED, 12/24/03, 7:27 p.m. - In Response To: Good to meet you at Mid-Ohio Con and I have a ? (miguel)

I, and my 11 year old nephew, were fortunate enough to meet you first thing Saturday at Mid-Ohio Con. I wanted to thank you for answering his questions about your artwork. It gave him a good perspective about comics, something he would like to do when he gets older.

The question is when we were there, I realized that there was one comic of yours that I do not have. It was the Comic with just the Kabuki mask on the cover (gray). Could you tell me which comic that is? and How can I order it from you?

Thanks and have a good holiday.

Thanks! And my regards to your nephew!
That book is KABUKI Images #1 with the Matt Wagner cover.
It collects the first issue of Metamorphosis with about 20 pinups by A-list artists.
You can order it from my girlfriend Anh Tran at . I'll sign it if you reqest to her.

Merry Christmas!

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