It is written that at the highest level of study, a man has the look of knowing nothing.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home Message Boards WFC: December 11-15, 2003

Re: feeling hillariously stupid..
THU, 12/11/03, 4:12 a.m. - In Response To: Re: feeling hillariously stupid.. (Candice)

i was actually reading in wizard magazine that the guy who writes one hill tree is a big coming book fan so he wanted to incorporate comics into a tv show...he said he usually tries to have the characters read books that he is reading or is a fan i think it's awesome that he's a fan of david mack.


Thanks for the info. Glad so many people saw this. I haven't seen the show yet [with the Scarab hardcover]. But I did sign an agreement giving them permission to do it in advance.

Re: Hey David Real Quick Some production InQuiries
THU, 12/11/03, 4:21 a.m. - In Response To: Hey David Real Quick Some production InQuiries (Kabutoh)
Will there be a new Kabuki Reflections out since you are doing a new series ?
Probably. I like to do them, and I have plenty of new and unpublished material to include in more. If the demand is there, I'll keep doing them.
When is the Kai Hardcover coming out i have a bout 5 friends who are very intrested in seeing this after I showed them andys Website??
I love Andy Lee art! Glad you and friends do too. Date isn't set yet, I wanted to get this new Kabuki published first. Probably right after that.
Who did the cver to Scarab * ... and by the way when is the Art book coming out ??
Like Adam said, Ryan Graff did the cover to #8. I did the cover to #3 (and one of the #1 covers), and Rick Mays did the rest.
Image wants me to put out an oversize format Art of David Mack hardcover (or a Kabuki Art Book with all David Mack art) before I do the Scarab Art book (which would have DM and Rick Mays art).
Will Tiger lily see light of Day ???
Of course. After The ALchemy is finished. I'm going to do a series on each of the Noh. I will continue to alternate them between the KABUKI central stories that I write and paint myself. A Kabuki story by me. Then a Noh book that I write and collaborate with, and then Kabuki, then Noh, and so on. It's a long term plan!
Any Chance of a Mask Of The Noh second Series ....Please say yes ??
thank you so much for the echo limited series ... Ive been going thru some pretty tough times and am coming to a lot of decisions based on what you have shown me in this series ... I really appreciate this thank you
I really really appreciate that. I think the story seems to find the right readers, and the people who really get something out of it.
Please tell IMAG3 we want Kabuki on Time


Waiting to Bust when the page hits the racks

Give Comic collections as Christmas gifts...
MON, 12/15/03, 2:35 a.m.

This is a post from Bendis on his board, that I thought was a great suggestion:

Posted: Dec 14, 2003 1:47 am
Post subject: BUY COMICS FOR X-MAS!!!
its that time of year, so let me implore you to buy everyone you know, comic fan or not, a nice, well thought out graphic novel present.

think about the person's taste in music or film, and i bet you can find them a graphic novel that they would cherish.

trust me, they will read it. and they will be glad they did. they will appreciate the personal thought a lot more than some piece of s**t thing you bought just to buy them something.

plus, your local store can really use the support. spend your x-mas money there instead of target or some f**king place.

Re: Sickle
MON, 12/15/03, 2:37 a.m. - In Response To: Sickle (James)
I just read a post on here about how the Kabuki Sickle Replica would be shipped on 2003. I have been trying to find anywhere online that had one for a couple months now and was wondering if anybody had any good ideas for where to look or new a place that definitely has them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Thanks for asking about it.
Diamond decided to resolicit the Sickle for 2004, so they can offer it when the new Kabuki series KABUKI: The Alchemy is in full swing.


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