He said that once I overcame my human repulsions, I would have the edge over my opponent and my combative options would be limitless.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #6
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Thanks both of you...
SUN, 12/7/03, 9:39 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Beautiful Mack (Adjam)

Navind, and Adjam,
Navind, Thanks for listing that great letter about my DD story. That kind of story of someone connecting to the work and seeing it for what it is, is very encouraging to me.

And thanks for your story Adjam. Glad your mates got to see the books too!
By the way, explain to me what borders you are talking about. I don't do any computor work on my art. It's all actuall collage of real objects. But I'm not sure which objects you are speaking of. I'm not challenging you on your opinion of it. I just want to make sure I know what you are referring to in my efforts to improve my work.

That said, I tried to give the Echo story its own look. And the new Kabuki story has a very different look from it.

Thanks for travelling and picking up those books for your friends and our mutual board mate here!


yeah i had a similar expierience in London last week.i just picked up a few Kabuki back issues(for the long and gruelling full story check out SOS's lil story thread) and the first chance i got to read them was in Gatwick airport where we where waiting for our flight back. so i crack open the first issue of reflections and before i know it, i have nearly half my college class over my shoulder going ooh ahh

hes is such an unbelievabley talented guy and i just hope to god he isn't thinking of using more of those shitty photoshoped(or lets call a spade a spade and call them what the really are, straight scans of borders) he's using in this recent DD run. they're really starting to get to me.

later days, Adjam

Congrats! Thanks for the news! *NT*
SUN, 12/7/03, 9:52 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki fans, pick up Strangers in Paradise #61!!! (Michael Goodman)

Re: Kabuki: The Alchemy #1 Press Release
SUN, 12/7/03, 9:51 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki: The Alchemy #1 Press Release (David Thornton)

Thanks for posting this. And it was great to talk to you at the Dallas show. I had a great show. Was good to see Alice and all the other members from the board that were there. Had a blast! We signed at the Beckett booth in promotion of the five Ruule covers that I painted.

Yeah I did catch something the first day of the show. And I had lost my voice by the end of the first day, and got real sick that night. I got most of my voice back by Mid Ohio the next weekend, but we all caught something else there and have been even more sick since!!! But that's Ok. I am recovering. It just really slowed me down.

I hope to be at Texas again next year if possible. And will definitley be at Mid Ohio again.

Looks like Image is really starting to promote the new Kabuki series now!
It's going to be fun! Get ready for steady Kabuki for the next couple years!!! Brace yourselves and tell your friends! Re-read all your Kabuki stories in preparation! There will be some big pay offs from some of the seed ideas in the older books (from Circle to Meta!).

And just a reminder, to make sure to tell your comic store to order in ADVANCE for this issue (and all the issues). Image has a new policy of not overprinting much more than the initial orders. They feel liike Kabuki has been around long enough for retailers and readers to know to order it ahead of time, and it gets really expensive to try to over print in advance. So we will set the print run to reflect the orders that are pre-ordered in advance from your comic shop.


Re: mid-ohio con
SUN, 12/7/03, 9:54 p.m. - In Response To: mid-ohio con (Lauren)

Was fun! I like a con that I get to go swimming and hot tubbing every day! And at the end of the con I like to express my joy in interpretive dance.

Hey David,

I had a blast chilling with you and Andy in Ohio! I hope you and Anh had a great time as well. I'll never be able to watch Basic Instinct without cracking up, thanks to you! Behave yourself and we'll definitely have to chill again in Florida and Pittsburgh!


Re: Re-reading the series
SUN, 12/7/03, 9:57 p.m. - In Response To: Re-reading the series (Snapdragon)

Thanks! Glad you like it and that you get something from it!
It is all a process of practice just like your art is. You cultivate it over the years.

You know, I've been re-reading the entire series again, and I just have to once again express my mazement at how every single page is a work of art.

I do some work myself posted over at DevArt, and with every page of David's work I'm constantly torn between utter amazement at his talent, and utter despair at my own lack thereof.

David, you are truly remarkable. Go ahead, keep making me feel that way...it's a wonderful ride.

Cam (your art-buying friend in the Bay Area)

Re: I am in awe... SUN, 12/7/03, 9:59 p.m. - In Response To: I am in awe... (Phoenix)

Thanks a bunch for the kind words!
I'm glad you took the initiative and read my Kabuki work.
Good to see you at ComicTown!
Let me know what you think of the new series.
Kindest regards,

Okay, everyone please forgive me cause I'm not good with computers and I've never used a message board before, so I hope I'm using proper edicate and whatever. I have had a new world open up to me after meeting Mr. Mack. After reading Kabuki, this is the first time that I will have ever really strayed from my Marvel/DC super heroes comics. Kabuki has a new faithful follower. Mr. Mack, I don't know if you remember me but it was a pleasure meeting you, and I made my roommate read the first Kabuki trade and he was amazed by it as well. He doesn't even like comics! I was hoping to be able to speak with you about your book, but when you were at Comic Town it looked like you were in a hurry and I didn't want to keep you. If you ever want to honor me by chatting (if you can find the time) my screen name on aol instant messenger is Birdboy69 and my e-mail address is phoenixwing82. This goes to anyone else who wants to chat about Kabuki or anything else.

Re: Mid-OH
SUN, 12/7/03, 10:05 p.m. - In Response To: Mid-OH (JubalSF)
That was a fun Con even though I only got to be there partially on Sun. David and Anh and MOB [Mack Oeming Bendis] crew, vastly entertaining as usual. I gave the little felt-bunny to my friend for her birthday that same night, and she loved it (though still hasn't settled on a name). We were celebrating her birthday at Annie's and it was funny because I ran into a bunch of people I know, including Steven Mack! He was with a crazy group from his work and they were dancing like mad. what a strange crazy intriguing world we are in.

see ya!

Hey Jubal! Was great to see you at the show. And was great to see you at that Halloween party, and at my art show! I've been running into you on a regular basis this year! Thanks for all your kindess and goodwill!

So you ran into my brother? Was he wearing his badge? Or undercover? How was he doing. Sounds like was having fun. Some people from his work were at the con too. One showed me a really cool new Kabuki tattoo.

And was great to see Ambera at the show! She is really sweet! Please give her my regards.

Re: To David and all his loyal readers...
SUN, 12/7/03, 10:07 p.m. - In Response To: To David and all his loyal readers... (Joe Dallacqua)
Wow - it's been a while since i posted to this board... A friend and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Mack this past weekend at my comic shop and we wrote a bit about it on our site... check it out here:

David - thanks again for swinging by the shop. It was really a pleasure. Let us know the next time you'll be in Columbus, OH!

Was good to see you too!
Thanks for posting the link on this board. It was a fun party.
Give my regards to everyone at the store.

Re: Thanks to David,Ahn and Andy
SUN, 12/7/03, 10:14 p.m. - In Response To: Thanks to David,Ahn and Andy (Jeff Eckleberry)

Was great Jeff!
Thanks for coming to the con again. We had a great time. It looks like you did too. Tell Pete hello. You are welcome to post the link to the pics here for other people to see as well.

Was good to talk to you. It looks like you are doing well. Thanks for you good and kind spirit at the show and with the new people you met around my table
Crystal was great. Really nice to meet her too.
Wishing you the best,


just wanted to say thank you again David, Anh and Andy for everything. The mid-ohio con was fun this year as it is every year. David, thank you again for the COB books to replace the broken ones. I already gave one away and am going to try and fix the 2 broken ones so people can borrow them. I was going to leave one at the art school I will be going to too. I am so glad that I have an unbroken copy. I love that book.

I must have bought that book a million times because it is the book that got me back into comic books. I was so fed up with comics until years ago a friend handed me a copy of COB. I read it and loved it and picked up a copy. Since then, I have bought it for my friends and some girls I have dated that liked comics too to show them how good it is and why it brought me back into liking comics.

Now I will have to start buying skin deep and metamorphasis for the people I bought COB for ^^.

Thanks again for the picture. When Pete gets the pics developed, I will post a link to them if you want to see them. I know that Pete had a good time as well and enjoyed meeting everyone. It is a different world for him because he is a movie guy, not a comic guy.

If crystal sees this, thank you again for the drawing of snapdragon. I really liked it a lot. I will ink it too and send you a copy or something ^^. Talk to you soon.

See you on the boards. Till next time.


Re: Thanks to David,Ahn and Andy
MON, 12/8/03, 3:19 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Thanks to David,Ahn and Andy (Jeff)

Hey Jeff,
I hope his will be some help to you. I don't feel seperated from my mother as I feel like I still have an everyday meaningful relationship with her. All of the things she taught me are things that I use in everyday applications. Her approach to life, but also the specific skills that I learned from her as a kid, like reading, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, and all around creating.
Her understanding that word and thought create your perception and the actual construction of your life. All of my current actions are extensions of, and collaberations with, her own teachings and examples to me. Her life and personality resonates in each of my own creations and interactions. In fact, I realize this, and feel it, and understand it increasingly more powerfully and clearly now.

I am very grateful for my time with her in the previous dynamic, but I am also very grateful for my relationship with her in the current stage.

At times It can be tempting for personal (maybe even selfish ? Or egocentric?) reasons, to want to think that it would be nice to continue with the previous dynamic and be able to give back to her in material ways now that I am able to. To show my appreciation for her guidence and integrity, and her belief in me, and try to be as giving to her as she was. But that is silly, because she wasn't interested in material things anyway, and her actions were her own reward to her. And she knew she did what she wanted to do in this stage and she was looking forward to the next stage.

And the truth is that I feel her evident in the fingerprints and whispers of reality, and I am very appreciative of that. I know I am still learning from her, and collaborating with her, on a daily basis. My work through writing and art make me more sensitive to this.

I don't believe in death. Just new stages of life.
You do each stage of the process the best that you can. And you are fully appreciative and grateful of that stage. Then when the next stage occurs, you collaborate with it the best that you can and fully enjoy it and life gratefully for that stage. Not longing for the next or the previous, but appreciating the inherant beauty and quailities of each spiral of the process.
I have enjoyed, and am currently grateful for, each sequence of my relationship with the life of my mother. That relationship certainly never ended, but has perhaps grown stronger.

Re: it's printed in Kabuki #6
TUE, 12/9/03, 11:46 p.m. - In Response To: Re: it's printed in Kabuki #6 (darque)
Hunh ... I did not know this ... however , being a completist, I must have everything Kabuki that I can find, even if it's reprinted elsewhere.
It is the first issue of the Frazetta Magazine. You can e-mail Anh at to order one for cover price (pluse shipping) and she can send it to you signed. You can order from her anything else that you are looking for as well. Signed if you ask for it.


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