I don't have a style. I never have. If someone looks at one thing I did and decides to call that particular piece 'my style,' that is between them and reality.
-- David Mack (May 31, 2001)
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Home Message Boards WFC: November 16-20, 2003

Re: Question for David re: self portrait
WED, 11/19/03, 7:28 p.m. - In Response To: Question for David re: self portrait (~Adam)

Hey David, Since that Vanguard Edge 10th anniversary book seems to be in production hell (or did it come out and I missed it?), I was wondering if you'd consider including the short story you did for it in Alchemy #2 next year. Maybe you could convince Image to have that issue be 40 pages and keep the 2.95 cover price...that'd be sweet!
Hi Adam,
Funny you should bring that up.
I do plan to release that self portrait project (still toying with various titles) in its entirety after I finish KABUKI Alchemy. That will be my next big project that I do art and writing for.

But I do already have a plan to run that 8pg Self Portrait story in an upcoming issue. I don't think it is #2. I think it is #3 or 4.
It is really funny that you mentioned it, because it has always been a plan to make that an offbeat feature in one of the issues. You'll see what I mean
Thanks for the suggestion!

By the way, what sounds better to you (everyone's opinions are welcome) KABUKI The Alchemy, or KABUKI Alchemy?
I've been toying with it from the beginning. Both ways have a connotation in the story. But for pure sound, what do you prefer?


Re: Come to Dublin.
WED, 11/19/03, 7:35 p.m. - In Response To: Come to Dublin. (S.O.S)

I'd love to go. Thanks for the invite.
I haven't been yet, but I'm sure I will when the time is right, And I will post the details right here.

I've visited several cities, in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Spain as far as Europe goes. Some fairly regularly, because the Publishers that translate my work have me out ot promote the new translations. I hope to visit much more in the future!

Thanks for letting me know that I have a readership there and for making me feel welcome!

I'll keep you updated!

Reasons why you should:
1) I and about 20 of my friends worship Kabuki.
2) We have sheep.
3) Did I mention the sheep?
4) Guiness.
5) Baileys
6) Sheep?
7) Pokey little comic shops where you find the most surpirising and rare things.
9) Lots of pubs
10) Some really really nice art gallerys. (We even have Picasso and Francis Bacon's studio)
11) Please?

In all seriousness, I know if you ever made an excursion here there'd be crowds who'd want to see you. Anyone who I've lent Kabuki to (and thats a lot of people) have adored it. If you already have come here then know that I am kicking myself so hard for not knowing about it. Also if you're ever headed to England I think I'd fly over. Any thoughts about Europe? Even the sheep think your great.

Re: Kabuki newbie
WED, 11/19/03, 7:39 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki newbie (Fish)

Hi FIsh,
Thanks for reading. The new series begins THIS January. It is on the cover of the current Previews catologue right now.
Let me know what you think of the new story!
Kindest regards,

I read the first kabuki TPB a week ago and have since devoured them all. When is the next tpb going to be released - any word?

Thanks for the great series.


Thanks! *NT*
WED, 11/19/03, 7:40 p.m. - In Response To: Hi David (Jerry)

WED, 11/19/03, 7:42 p.m. - In Response To: D. MACK (pat)

can you tell me is it watercolor or oils that you use to create those great looking covers? I am guessing that it is watercolor.

For most of the published work it is watercolor. And acrylic. And anything else that I think looks good on it.
also, how can i get a small recreation of original art for one of those daredevil watercolor covers. Would you consider a commission for a color water color of 5.5 width by 7 length inch ?
Thanks, But it is all I can do to focus on my published work to keep up with my schedule.
Thanks for reading my work!
Kindest regards,

Re: MACK! Ebay question for Nohgirl
WED, 11/19/03, 7:44 p.m. - In Response To: MACK! Ebay question for Nohgirl (Joseph)
5{ won a bid for the DD#51 print and have a couple of quiries on the shipping. I've sent a message to Anh through Ebay and am just checking to see if she has seen it.

Sorry for taking up board space for this.

Joseph Skelton

Did she ge backt to you yet?

Re: Where's The Info?
WED, 11/19/03, 7:45 p.m. - In Response To: Where's The Info? (Fr0w)
Where is the news about him writing for x-men. and the daredevil run?..
what is the most up to date list of all his works? ..
where is this valuable information.. things to come..
i got's to have it.
The new Kabuki series is offerered in this months Previews Catalogue with Kabuki on the cover.

DD#54 and Ruule #1 out today...
WED, 11/19/03, 7:49 p.m.

Part 4 of my 5 part Echo story in DD 54 is out now. Next month is the 5th part and the month after that is the new Kabuki!

Ruule is a 5 issue series from Beckett that I did all the covers to. It is written by Ivan Brandon and will be out monthly for the next five months.

I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio NEXT
WED, 11/19/03, 7:54 p.m.

I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio NEXT Sat-Sun.

Dallas con this week. I will be there all day, all three days. Signing at the Beckett Booth. But will have my own Kabuki table with prints, art, books and everything.

Who here is going???

And Mid Ohio Con in Columbus Next Sat Sun. Bendis, Oeming and Andy Lee are all signing with me the entire time.

I will sign all of my books that you bring, or any that you get from me at my table. Shirts, art, action figures, etc.

Who is going???

Re: Come to Dublin.
THU, 11/20/03, 10:55 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Come to Dublin. (Rez the Angsty Penguin)
the Publishers that translate my

Hmm...so are you saying in order to get you up to ALaska we'll have to get Kabuki published in Tlinget, Yupik, or Athabaskan or something?
~Rezzy...still tryin'

That would be nice

Yesterday, I was rinsing out one of the jars that I use to hold the water that I use when I am painting. Though it was encrusted with paint, I noticed that the label on it was Alaskan Salmon. Then it occured to me that it was the jarred Alaskan Salmon that you sent me.
So besides the Salmaon being a tasty snack, the jar has served me well in my painting endeavers:)

P.S. So I guess there is a little bit of Alaskan Salmon residue in my recent books

Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio
THU, 11/20/03, 11:03 a.m. - In Response To: Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio (David Thornton)
I'll be there, and I'll be supporting Kabuki by wearing my black Noh dragon t-shirt on Friday. I look forward to talking with you and Anh again.

David Thornton >> http://qktheatre.com

It will be good to finally see you again!
Good Idea with the Kabuki shirt! You are welcome to hong out at our table as long as you want. Let me know if there is something specific you want us to bring or anything.

Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio
THU, 11/20/03, 11:06 a.m. - In Response To: Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio (crystal*rogue)
I'm going to M.O.C. I think I've driven my friends crazy talking about it!


See you soon,

Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio
THU, 11/20/03, 11:08 a.m. - In Response To: Re: I'm at Wiz World Texas THIS fri-sun, Mid Ohio (awlrite4now)
Me! David! Me! Saturday and Sunday! I have volunteered to work the show, if they take me, but I will be there unless something drastic happens. I even finished a new sweatshirt for the occasion. A Gene Colan DD, partly because it was quick...

See you and Anh there!


Glad to hear it!
Thanks for the response to the new DD.

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