I think we all see the world though our own reality map. A transparent graph from which we view life in order to navigate through it.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Info for Mid Ohio con...
SAT, 11/8/03, 10:54 a.m. - In Response To: Mack at Wiz Dallas Con and Mid Ohio con this month (MACK!)

Press Release

On November 29 & 30, Mid-Ohio-Con will mark 24 years as one of America’s longest running and most popular comic book and pop culture events.

Mid-Ohio-Con will offer fans and collectors a wide variety of special guests, programs, activities and an off the chart amount of collectible merchandise. A great way to kick off the holiday shopping season for comic book collectors and lovers of pop culture “goodies”, Mid-Ohio-Con’s exhibitor list is a veritable “who’s who” of the industry’s best. Collectors will find an exciting assortment of golden, silver and current age comics, plus anime merchandise, toys, clothing, videos, DVDs, movie & TV memorabilia and much more. Each year, Mid-Ohio-Con tries to offer fans a few “exclusives” for their enjoyment. This year, those exclusives include a special limited edition action figure from BMA Toys, a souvenir program book with cover art by Alan Davis and Robin Riggs and show t-shirts featuring “Suicide Blonde” by Chris Yambar and George Broderick, to name only a few.

The list of celebrity guests scheduled to appear has topped 130 of the best talents in comic books and pop culture media. This year’s event will feature first time appearances by comic creators: Alan Davis, Sam Glanzman, Adam Hughes, Eric Powell, Mark Verheiden and Bill Willingham, among others. Returning appearances by: Brian Michael Bendis, Kevin Eastman, Paul Jenkins, David Mack, Mike Avon Oeming, Mark Waid and more! On the media side, look for Star Trek’s Walter Koenig, Kill Bill’s David Carradine, Brad Douriff from Lord of the Rings II, Dean Haglund from the X Files’ Lone Gunmen, Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”, Larry Thomas and returning favorite, Andy Hallett from TV’s Angel, to name just a few. Many of the show’s celebrity guests will be featured in panel programs each day. For the third straight year, Andy Hallett will host a karaoke party on Saturday night, for ages 21 and over, to benefit The American Diabetes Association.

Mid-Ohio-Con draws thousands of attendees from all across the US, Canada and Europe. Visitors to the show get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Hilton Columbus Hotel and great entertainment, dining and shopping at the fabulous Easton Town Center. Free self-parking is available throughout Easton or attendees can take advantage of valet parking for a nominal fee. While the Hilton Columbus is sold out, several other nearby hotels are still accepting reservations. A list of lodging options is available on-line at the Mid-Ohio-Con web site (www.midohiocon.com) or through Experience Columbus at www.experiencecolumbus.com

Mid-Ohio-Con will be Saturday and Sunday, November 29 & 30 at the Hilton Columbus-Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. Show hours are Saturday from 10am to 6pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are $15 per day with children age 8 and under admitted free when accompanied by a paid adult. Advance tickets are available through TicketWeb: 866-468-3401, or on line at: www.ticketweb.com. Advance ticket holders receive early admission at 9:30 am each day. A complete guest list, program schedule, travel information and more is available at the Mid-Ohio-Con web site: www.midohiocon.com

Mid Ohio Con
MON, 11/10/03, 7:00 p.m. - In Response To: Re: I GET TO GO!!!!! (crystal*rogue)
David Mack: I am so excited that I will be able to meet you even though I am a new fan of your work. I was wondering if you had any certain amount of things that you would sign? I wanted to bring my Kabuki wall scroll and the Circle of Blood collected volume. Thank you!


Hi Crys,
Jeff's right. I don't have any limit on amount I will sign. Bring everything you want to :) And I will have many things available at my table at the show as well. There will dozens of 11x17 Kabuki prints to choose from. And Kabuki shirts. And original artwork, and all kinds of back issues and other items. Kabuki action figures, Kabuki masks, and more. I

I will be set up next to Andy Lee and the rest of the MOB guys (MackOemingBendis). Please introduce yourself. You are welcome to hang out at our table and take your time and chat. We will all be there all day Sat and Sun.

See you there,

Wiz World Texas NEXT WEEK!
MON, 11/10/03, 7:11 p.m. - In Response To: Mack @Texas ? (GAVIN)

What a great idea to bring your students! I think it will be a very informative and helpful visit for them. Thanks for checking out my work. Please introduce yourself at my table. I will be set up at Beckett entertainment promoting the debut of their new Ruule books that I did the covers for.

I will also have all my Kabuki and DD books there as well with lots of prints and original art available.

I will be signing all day every day. At a big con like this, I'm sure many artists there will be doing sketches. I imagine that the artists sign for free but that you could commission them to do sketches. I don't have time at cons to do detailed commisions (most artists go to cons to make thier money doing sketches, but I go to introduce new readers to my books and to discuss my work with them), but I can do a quick doodle for you if you like.

With such a diverse range of artists, I'm sure it will be a succesful art field trip for you and your students!

Warmest regards,

I'm new to this board...and I'm new to your art. I'm really starting to dig it big time. I have a question for you. I'm heading to the convention in Dallas on Nov. I'm a student high school art teacher who will be bringing some students to the convention...(for most this will be their first con) I've attended only a few shows and volunteered before, but this will be my first time at a Wizard show. Okay, I'll cut to the question: I see that the artists are signing at this convention...does this word "signing" mean signatures or is it possible to get sketches from you and the other guests? I've managed to get some really great stuff before..but these have been at smaller shows. I've been psyching up the students, so I just didn't want to let them down. Any information would be great.


Re: west coast cons!
MON, 11/10/03, 7:14 p.m. - In Response To: west coast cons? (chris sandford)
Hello Dave!

I was wondering if there are any west coast conventions you were planning on attending? Like maybe in Portland. and if so, when they are.

hope all is well with you. i can't hardly wait until January!

chris sandford

Hi Chris,
Good to hear from you.

I do intend to do the Portland show with Bendis sometime in 2004 but don't know which date yet.

I also may do the Wiz World LA show. And of course will do San Diego and a signing in the bay area.

Will keep you updated right here when I have dates for any of these.

Re: surprise!!
MON, 11/10/03, 7:17 p.m. - In Response To: surprise!! (jorick)

Hi Jorick,
Best to you and Roos. Thanks for the interest in my work:)

E-mail Anh at and she'll see what she can do.

dear mister Mack,

As of this moment my girlfriend ( her name is Roos pronounce rose!) studies in Minneapolis for 4 months.
Since we are living in the Netherlands we are separated for a substantial amount of time. Luckily that is no problem and I am immensely proud that she is talking this opportunity. She studies at MCAD for the moment. The graphic design direction. She will be coming home right after x-mas. She got into comics because of your work. I was reading comics for a while and she usually hops along with me to pick up my new comics, when she saw your work. I believe that was the first comic she picked up. How fun!! No the fact is that she is a bigtime fan and has almost all your work.

The point is I want to surprise her big time. I'm proud of her to have made this step and we love each other dearly. Since I can not be at the cons for obvious reasons I can not ask you in person. But I would love to surprise my girlfriend with a sketch from you. I know you are very busy at the moment. So if you do not have time. then it is off. I understand. But if you do!!! I would love to hear what you can do for me and the financial aspect of this case. Maybe we can email some suggestions back and forward. Could you send me an email than? (saintofkillers@care2.com ) Thank you for reading and taking time for this.

Thank you in advance.

Kabuki reader party at my table...
MON, 11/10/03, 8:24 p.m. - In Response To: Re: how to meet someone you've never met before (crystal*rogue)

You, Jeff, and all Kabuki readers are welcome to stage my table as the meeting place. Congregate, talk, introduce yourselves, discuss Kabuki theories, wait for friends, show each other your work. Hang out with each other and all the MOB crew at our tables. It is where everything will be happening at the show!


Thnx Michael. Your advice does help but I'm not one to just walk up to someone and shake their hand. My friend Mary pushes me to try to talk to ppl that I wish I could but I could never do what she does and just walk up to them being a stranger. Just not in my nature...unless I'm extremely hyper and have at least 2 of my friends around me. =^__^'= I blush in about 1 second flat depending on what happens to or around me. Just depends on where and who I am around at the time. It was brave of you to just walk up to her like that and quite amazing that you just knew who she was; Meant to be. I'm glad it worked out for you.


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