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Home Message Boards WFC: September 21-25, 2003

Gallery show Thursday Oct 2 5-8pm
SUN, 9/21/03, 11:40 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Daredevil #52 -your thoughts... (awlrite4now)

Hi Alice,
Thanks. I'm glad you will be attending the gallery opening!
Of course you are welcome. It is open free to the public. I have over 250 pieces that I intend to present (depending what I can fit into the space).
Please introduce yourself to me. And travel safe!


Gallery show Thursday Oct 2 5-8pm.

Word is on the various places I frequent: awesome artwork, as always, and we are eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the storyline. I like a slow build with character development; there are some who are chomping at the bit to "get on with the story, already". Ah, the impatient few who probably get unhinged because they think the world will end if they don't have high-speed internet access!

I am still planning to attend your gallery opening, David. I hope I am not assuming too much that the artist's reception is open to the public? I guess I should ask before I show up without an invitation...heh heh. It would be a long drive to be turned away at the door.


Re: wow, fabness
MON, 9/22/03, 2:59 p.m. - In Response To: wow, fabness (laura)

I bought Kabuki, Circle of Blood yesterday. It was my first ever comic / graphic novel, and i hadnt realised that they could be so beautiful. it blew me away. my dreams have suddenly become a lot more stylish. thank you.


Hi Laura,
Thanks for reading my work and for your kind comments on my work. I appreciate you trying Kabuki. I hope that you will read my more recent Kabuki books (I like to think that it improves) and then let me know what you think. My favorite Kabuki volume is Kabuki: Metamorphosis.

Kindest regards,

Kelly Howlett!
MON, 9/22/03, 3:14 p.m. - In Response To: Cool Artist! (Kris McElman)

It is good to see Kelly doing so well! She has had some letters published in the Kabuki letter collumn and one of the issues included a Kabuki painting she did in a reader art or photo section.

I've met her several times at conventions, and read her letters and it is good to see that she has put so much effort into her work and grown so much! Thanks for the link to her site. Here is her bio from it:

Kelly Howlett started drawing at the age of 15 as an emotional outlet to deal with the loss of her mother to breast cancer. While studying graphic design and psychology at Silver Lake College, she began correspondence with a number of comic book artists including David Mack and Guy Davis, who encouraged her to pursue a career in illustration. Now at the age of 25, Kelly sells work internationally, tours publishing conventions around the Midwest, and has permanent exhibits on the internet and in small venues.

Heavily influenced by comic books, Kelly's work is mostly figurative portraits of women. She calls the paintings her "girls" and notes that most of the women she draws are strictly from her imagination. The text written in her work is extremely personal, often written unconsciously, and therefore purposely obscured. Kelly claims she conjures her girls to share secrets.

Hi Folks!
Every once in a while I stumble across a cool book, album or artist and I'll post a little something here...

About a year ago I spotted a book at work that had a really cool cover. (I work in a public library...) I picked up the book and read it and it was a pretty good mystery, but the cover struck me enough to write the artists name down. I went to look online to see if she had any sort of web presence and found nothing.

So, there I am last Saturday, cleaning my desk when I find this piece of paper with a name on it... I do a google search and voila! She has a website now! Cool, eh?

Then I scroll down... and see a picture of Andy Lee staring back at me. And in her biograpy section she mentions David Mack as one of her influences.

Who is she, you ask?
go to and see!

Just thought you folks would dig her stuff and get a kick out of my weird little story.

Have fun!
"It's a small world afterall...."

New Kabuki news
WED, 9/24/03, 10:13 p.m.

It looks like the new Kabuki series will be solicited in the Previews catalogue to ship in January 2004.

That will be nice as my Echo DD story is every month with the last issue shipping in December. Then the new Kabuki a month later in Jan.

Please let your retailers know to order it from the Previews catalogue.

rest of echo story
WED, 9/24/03, 10:17 p.m. - In Response To: DD 52 (JubalSF)

Thanks Jubal! Good to see you at comic book world. I'll see you at the opening night of the gallery show.

I can't wait to see how readers react to the later issues of the Echo story.

Re: New Kabuki news
THU, 9/25/03, 3:04 a.m. - In Response To: Re: New Kabuki news (Donna)
dear david, mr. mack,

your comics are pitifully sparse in these parts compared to other titles, but i do what i can to promote your work. now if only i had a comic shop *wink*.

i have been meaning to write you a letter (a real one!) - is your kentucky address (the one printed in all Image Kabuki comics) a current one? i fear starting one right now online as it might take me forever.

your recent Daredevil work had me whooping at the turn of each page, I kid you not; i must admit i only buy Daredevil comics when you're involved. i hear you'll also be writing The Ultimate X-men (darn now i have to go back to reading Xmen). i am happy that you're getting a lot of exposure from these uhm mainstream jobs, but please continue doing Kabuki. i look forward to reading Kabuki: The Alchemy.

as i always end my david-mack-related messages to friends,

i love mack!

quezon city, philippines

p.s. *cocks eyebrow* are you REALLY david mack?

HI Donna!
It is really me
Thanks for the kind words and for introducing others to my work.
I'm glad to hear that you can still find my books in the Philippines. You are welcome to write me at the address in the letter collumns . And I'll be happy to include your letter in the collumn of the upcoming series if you like.
I look forward to hearing from you!

I'm glad you like the DD work so far. Rest assured that I will be working on Kabuki for years to come. I have several other Kabuki storylines already written.

Kindest regards,

Re: One more week until the gallery opening!
THU, 9/25/03, 1:34 p.m. - In Response To: One more week until the gallery opening! (awlrite4now)

Hi Alice! Good to hear from you.
That is a good idea to have prints and all of the Kabuki books available for sale. I'll make sure to have a place at the gallery or next to the gallery that makes all the books available.


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