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Home Message Boards WFC: May 6-10, 2003

Re: why don't you post them here? Pittsburgh
THU, 5/8/03, 9:06 p.m.. - In Response To: Re: why don't you post them here? (Miss Mojo Fumiko)

Wow... I love the ink and as Usual you and Anh looking very mojo going on! lovely, but please hurry up with the Kabuki! or i am going to put a spell on you!
Thanks for your mojo diagnosis!


The con was great as usual. It was great to see everyone there. And we raised a lot of money for the charities with our sketches.

I was hoping to see Terry Lohmeyer there and John Waclawski (readers from this board that I usually see at the show).

Re: Alias #24 Cover THU, 5/8/03, 9:08 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Alias #24 Cover (gavsygoo)

Glad you like it. This [cover for Alias #24] is one of my favorite Alias covers.

Re: San Diego Comic Con questions
THU, 5/8/03, 9:13 p.m.. - In Response To: San Diego Comic Con questions (Twocool4u1)
Okay People. It looks like I am heading towars San Diego. My first Big Comic convention. With Randy Bowen's appearance and the possibility of an exclusive statue. It is too tempting. Oh yeah. GABRIELLE DELL'OTTO will be there!!! Excited! Who else is going to be there as far as Creators? How much does it cost to get in? I am still kicking myself for missing Bendis / Mack at the Portland con a summer or 2 back so I am hoping to make up for it and waste lots of money!!!! Let me know!
I look forward to seeing you there. Anh, Andy Lee, Mike Oeming, Rick Mays, and Brian Bendis and myself will all be set up together at the POWERS/KABUKI booth in the Image publishing area.

This will be the only con of the year that Bendis will be set up with us. Only one for Rick Mays too!

Please stop by and introduce yourself.


Re: Alias 23 cover
THU, 5/8/03, 9:16 p.m.. - In Response To: Alias 23 cover (~Adam)

Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting things. I appreciate your help. Are you going to Heroes con in June?


Re: A voice from the past - Wash U
THU, 5/8/03, 11:16 p.m. - In Response To: Re: A voice from the past - Wash U. (John)

Hey John,
Glad you saw the DVD stuff. If you get the Daredevil DVD in June you will see an interview of me on it. And of course Kabuki is still my main focus and when we met (about 10 years ago) that is when I just started Kabuki.
Andy Lee has done some work in Spiderman comics and he does illustrations for other books, gaming, album covers and all kinds of stuff. He has his own band now too. And we travel around together a lot doing signings and conventions and working together. He used to live here at my home studio. Check him out at andylee.com [FindAndy.com] or his link at nohtv.com
We usually sign in NY at least once a year. I'll post it on this message board as soon as I hear a firm date set.
I had a lot of fun back in our days in St Louis at Washington University. What are you doing these days?

Re: hey David, I thought Brian Said you guys are .
FRI, 5/9/03, 4:00 a.m.. - In Response To: hey David, I thought Brian Said you guys are ..... (Daut Berisha)

Thanks! I forgot about that! Brian and Mike are indeed going to be there. I'm probably not going to be there in June. I'd like to, but I haven't heard from the con yet, and I'm way, way busy painting every day now, so I'm going to have to cut out a lot of the cons this year.
I do want to go to NY sometime this year, so I will post here on the board as soon as I have something confirmed.


Re: New Alias cover, articles & TPB sale
FRI, 5/9/03, 4:08 a.m.. - In Response To: New Alias cover, articles & TPB sale (David Thornton)

Thanks for posting this!

I am really looking forward to seeing how the interviews on the Daredevil DVD turn out. They were filming at my house for four hours, so (considering all 7 0r 8 of us are condensed into an hour) I'm curious to see what they cut out and what they kept and how it is edited together.

And the Alias story Gaydos is talking about is very fun and clever. Bendis told me the story when I was at his place in Portland last June (that's when I did those covers). If you are reading Alias you will love this "Origin Story".

And if any of you love Gaydos' art, check out the amazing Kabuki painting he did in the Kabuki GALLERY from way back in 1995. It is an incredible painting.

In general, thanks for posting all the news!

Re: My piece
FRI, 5/9/03, 7:30 a.m.. - In Response To: Re: My piece (Michael Goodman)
The ears ten to throw me off, too. I don't know if you've read my story completely, but if you read chapter one, you probably noticed pages of flawed anatomy and ears that were way to close to the eyes. The ears are usually located at the end of the face, but the face ends in the middle of the head. By tomorrow, I will upload a revise pages one and two od my book, with correct anatomy and photo realistic artwork. Do you have any other artwork posted?
Hi Michael,

I wanted to let you know that I recieved your mail! I'm glad to see that you are so focused on your work. I understand what you are talking about. It is good to see you improving and having new worlds open up to you at each new plateau of improvement. Thank you very much for the letter!

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