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Home Message Boards WFC: February 1-5, 2003

Ordering Kabuki books & New DD story...
MON, 2/3/03, 7:04 a.m. - In Response To: Question or two for David... (Benjamin Simpson)

Hey David,
Hi Benjamin, Good to hear from you.
I was wondering what the procedure on ordering a book (such as the Scarab HC) from you would be...what sort of payments are okay (cash would be best, but I can understand if you're not into that), do you sign the books, what do I need to know?
Just e-mail Anh at .
You can order from her any book that you want, and I will be happy to sign it if you remind her in the e-mail or mail order that you send.
She can do cash, check, money order or pay pal.
And she usually throws some extra signed goodies in for free.
Also, what's going on with your return to Daredevil? I'm assuming this is #51-ish? Are you doing the writing AND art?
It looks like the new Daredevil -Echo story I wrote will appear in DD 51-55. I have written it, and it looks like I will be doing all the art too.
Thanks for asking.



Hi Sal...
MON, 2/3/03, 7:07 a.m. - In Response To: Altered Realities Online (Sal(!))
Altered Haven is back with a new home, a new name, and a new look! Check out my first new strip with art by Andy Bennett! http://www.comicworldnews.com
Good to see you here. Thanks again for the ride to the airport in New York! We had a great time talking with you.


Re: Echo & DD
MON, 2/3/03, 7:20 p.m. - In Response To: Echo & DD (Estlin)
Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition.

Are we going to see any new Kabuki this year?



Thats the plan. The new series of Kabuki should debut while the DD series is still coming out.

Akemi - Your thoughts...(everyone)
MON, 2/3/03, 7:55 a.m. - In Response To: Re: The Akemi issue (noh one)
ummm..because Akemi is one of my favorite characters..i just wanted to say somethings... what i got from there relationships is more a close and affectionate friendship. as for the part with akemi and the doctor...that was the coolest!!! i'm kinda biased here cos i don't really like psycho babble...and thought akemi's way of dealing with the doctor was really clever...
Thanks for everyone's 2 cents on Akemi so far. For my own curiosity, I'd like to hear your feelings and thoughts about Akemi (the part she played in Skin Deep and Meta, how you view her, if you like her, why? etc).

It's fascinating to me that so many people have so many different takes on her, what she is, who she is, and what her relationship with Kabuki means.

Brian Bendis for instance doesn't view her as a real person that is separate from Kabuki, but a psychological defense mechanism that Kabuki created in her own mind. A sort of splinter personality to help her deal with the challenging situations she found herself in. Heís not the only person who reads the story this way.

I've also seen many college papers and posts on women's studies boards that present the relationship between Kabuki and Akemi as a shining example of relationships between women that defy conventional categorization and are role models for feminist and lesbian groups.

I've also seen sites dedicated to women in mythology that cite the character of Akemi as a mythological icon, echoes of which are seen in other ancient stories.

And I've also heard from other letters, papers and sites representing the individuals who refer to themselves as inter-sex (the millions of people who are born with organs of both sexes but usually present themselves in public as one or the other) that champion Akemi and Desire from Sandman as the only two characters in modern literature that represent them and give their group literary characters to identify with.

And the list of how individuals perceive and identify with Akemi goes on and on. It's amazing that some people see her as Kabuki's friend. Some people donít trust her. Some see her as a shining example of a non-gratuitous romantic relationship in comics that doesnít feel the need to grab press with attention getting labels. Some see her as a representative of their group that defies both of the conventional categories for labels (that is they do not even necessarily see her as a woman. And they do not necessarily see her as a man either). Other people do not even think she exists outside of Kabukiís mind. And there are still countless other personal interpretations of her.

In fact many readers continue to change their impressions, perceptions, and views of who or what Akemi is as they continue to see her issue by issue or when the y re-read the stories with her.

I find that she often reflects what the individual reader brings with them as they view her or as they read her notes. Often this changes as the reader changes. I suppose that is true of Kabuki as well.

Iím looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.

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