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Home Message Boards WFC: November 16-20, 2002

Re: fan from Brazil
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:11 a.m. - In Response To: fan from Brazil (marcelo "marc" campos)

Mr. Mack

My name is Marcelo Campos, and I´m a drawer from Brazil. I worked for some USA in USA, like DC Comics (Darkstars, Guy Gardner, Extreme Justice, Justice League America, Blood Pack) - Marvel (Iron Man, some issues of 2099 universe, JOurney Into Mystery and Uncanny Origins) - Dark Horse (the Mask) - Top Cow (inking Roger Cruz in Darkness Infinity and Ascention. In that time I was know as Marc Campos. At the time I inking Ivan Reis in the new Crossgen´s Lady Death.

We have meet in a comic convencion in Ackron some years ago.

I´m a big fan of your work, and I like to congraculate you for the amezing art you did in Kabuki. The character is very strong and consistent, with wonderfull stories. I think you have a unique storytelling, and that is a importante part of your work that makes me a fan.

I hope some day one of comics company here in Brazil have interest in publish your work.

best regards
Marcelo Campos

Hi Marcelo,

Thank you for visiting this message board and for all your kind words. I remember meeting you at the Ackron convention. Was it the one way back in January of 1995? Glad to see you are keeping busy with all that comic work you mentioned. I am hoping to get Kabuki published in Brazil soon. I have been speaking to publishers about it. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to what would be the best publisher for Kabuki in Brazil.

Thank you and warmest regards,


Re: Question for David Mack
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:16 a.m. - In Response To: Question for David Mack (Chu)
You have probably answered this a billion times

A friend and I have this long debate going on your technique. I know your probably use various mediums in your work, but I've been telling her that you use oil washes and she insist that you use hi-grade water colors (Specifically Holbein or Sakura). Help us end this madness

Hi Chu,

I do use a pretty wide variety of media in my work so answers vary. I usually don't use oil very much in my comic book work because it takes so long to dry and stinks up my studio. Most of the washes that you see are water color or acrylic washes. Actually I mix them together indiscriminitely. And I don't really have any brand loyalty. I use many different kinds and brands of paints. For watercolors, I mostly use those cheap little kid water color trays. And I use acrylics from a tube.
Sorry it doesn't really end the madness for you. The madness has just begun. I don't really have one fixed method. I have a thousand methods and none of them are fixed. They are all broken. And bent.

Thanks for reading my stuff!


Re: Detective Mack...?
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:22 a.m. - In Response To: Detective Mack...? (gavsy)
man, was i ever happy to see the new POWERS character Detective Mack... you are so adorable in cartoon form (or any other form) that i was ecstatic that you were saddled with some of the best lines in the issue this week... bravo David.. much admiration
Gavin R.
Aw shucks!

Re: Detective Mack...?
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:26 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Detective Mack...? (Ken Kneisel)
I noticed that too! I just hope he isn't violently killed or anything.
Jeez! I didn't even think of that. I hear that I'm going to be a re-occuring character. Good think Oeming draws me so cool. I hope I don't die or do anything too stupid. Who knows, maybe my character gets lucky and there will be some cartoon love with Deena? Or Walker? The possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see what I do next!

Re: kabuki products...?
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:31 a.m. - In Response To: kabuki products...? (noh one)
hmmm..would someone please update me on what kabuki products such as the calender, sickle, Scarab action figure, x-mas ornament, etc...what else is there that's come out or supposed to sometime soon? have they come out already? or are they on pre-order? weh? what's the status please...anxious for kabuki related things..(=

thanks for any help!

Happy to help the best I can. Here is the situation as I understand it.

The ornament is still on schedule. All the Kabuki busts are also. I think the mini-masks just came out last month. If the Snapdragon bust isn't already out, it should be anytime now. Then Siamese are next. They look amazing. There is a cool picture of them in the Kabuki Ghost Play book that should be out next week.

I'm not exactly sure about the calendar myself. Maybe it didn't get enough advance orders and is being delayed a year? I'll have to ask Image about that one.

The Sickle and Scarab Action Figure are completely finished and will be shipping in 2003.

Hope that helps!


SAT, 11/16/02, 5:36 a.m. - In Response To: D.Mack-I SENT-A-PACKAGE (Z.Dillinja)
Dear David
I really hope that you got my package,It was sent last friday ,I'm worried because I've sent a few thing's now and had no response,and they all contain artwork's.
They have been sent from korea ,so I'm not sure how reliable the system is in sending mail ,but I'm assuming that it shouldn't take more than a week or so. Maybe they send bird's to deliver there mail ,and he got blown off coarse and ended up in the north pole and stopped to have a cup of tea and a biscuit with farther Christmas?So in that case It might get to you around the 25th of December!!! I really hope not......! Joke's aside I thought I'd better send a line .
Regard's .
Hi Z!

I did indeed recieve your latest package! I picked it up when I stopped by to have tea with a bird and father Christmas. The bird sends his apologies.

Thanks for all of the art. I really appreciate it. It sounds like you are having a great time in Korea. And I appreciate all of the words of inspiration. It is very encouraging to me that you get so much from my books and art. It looks like you have been learning a lot on your journeys and I wish you continued success.



Re: Where's Anh?
SAT, 11/16/02, 5:41 a.m. - In Response To: Where's Anh? (S. Supulski)
A few weeks ago I posted a message asking where I could find some TPB's I am looking for. I got a reply telling me to email Anh, that she could "hook me up". I've sent 2 emails since then but have not gotten a reply yet. Is everything OK with NohGirl?
Thanks for the heads up.

It looks like you just sent your e-mail to Anh on Nov 7 which was last Thursday. We had just left for a signing in NY that day so that explains why she was unable to answer your mail until she returned this week. I trust you have since been in contact and that she answered any questions and can send you any Kabuki books that you are looking for.

When you get the books and have a chance to read them, please let me know what you think.

Kindest regards,


Re: Hey Atlanta--a plug for Andy Lee's band
SUN, 11/17/02, 5:37 p.m. - In Response To: Hey Atlanta--a plug for Andy Lee's band (Paul)
David, hope you dont mind me using the message board for this, but.....
If any of you fellow board readers/posters are in the Atlanta area Monday night (11/18), Andy Lee, modern Zen -artist, will be part of a trio playing at the MJQ on Ponce de Leon Ave. I think the number to call for info 404-870-0575 (not quite sure though). They should be going onstage around 11pm. Check it out. (Thanks David, hope you're doing well)
Hi Paul,
Thanks for posting this! I really apprectiat the card you sent! We always love your cards and letters!

Very happy to see this post for the new gig of Andy Lee's band. I'm hoping to be there myself if I can. I'm really sorry I missed the last one. Andy's performances are phenomonal!

Every one in Atlanta, please check it out!


Holiday offer for ordering KABUKI stuff!
SUN, 11/17/02, 5:42 a.m.
Seeing that the holidays are kicking in, is there any chance of another Christmas special on products ordered directly from Mr. Mack?
Sure, why not!

A clear case of "You ask for it, you got it". This is a special offer exclusively for all the readers on the message board.

OK, Here's the deal: From now until the end of the year, you can order any of the Kabuki Hardcovers & paperbacks directly from the Kabuki Checklist (listed in the back of each Kabuki issue and on NohTV.com) and there will be NO CHARGE for postage, and I will sign everything you order (if you remind me).

You can order as many Kabuki books (or items: action figures, busts, statues, etc.) as you want, collections and single issues, (but the order must include at least one hardcover or paperback collection, other wise we will be losing lots of money on the postage that we pay, especially on international orders).

This is an opportunity to buy SIGNED books as GIFTS for other people, and an opportunity to buy up any single issues or sculptures you are missing without paying all the extra postage costs involved. You can complete your collections at cover price, buy gifts FOR OTHERS, and get EVERYTHING SIGNED.

Just remember to mention in your order that this is part of the Christmas or Holiday offer to this message board, and let me know if you want me to sign the books for you.

And if you want to receive the books in time to give them as Christmas gifts, please order as soon as possible to give Anh time to mail them to you.

Happy Holidays!

David & Anh

Send orders to:
Mack Arts
13 Boone St
Bromley KY

Or order in advance thru paypal by e-mailing Anh at . You can also use this e-mail f you have any additional questions.

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