Language has become pre-recorded sequence. Practiced in its one-sided state, it conditions the mind to be as narrow as the language meant to represent it.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards WFC: October 11-15, 2002

Re: Kabuki ashcan
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:05 a.m. - In Response To: Kabuki ashcan (Arie)

There are 4 Kabuki Ashcans that I am aware of:
1)Fear the Reaper
2)COB #2
3)COB #4

for Mack completists there also is a Vapor Loch ashcan.

That is all as far as I know.

Thanks Arie,

That's all that I can think of too. I think that's the complete list.

Re: cant wait for NOV 8-10> Big APPLE con
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:09 a.m. - In Response To: cant wait for NOV 8-10> Big APPLE con (val2k2)
hey DAVID!!!
is BENDIS tagging along this time....
Looking forward to being back in NYC. I don't think Bendis is joining us this time. He and his wife are expecting the birth of their first child right around that time. That is the reason that he hasn't done any signings in the last few months.

But Andy Lee is expected to be there in full force. And Anh.

Hopefully Bendis can make it next year. He had committed to going with me this year, but that was before he found out the wife was prego.

Re: Help! I am bit confused
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:17 a.m. - In Response To: Help! I am bit confused (Cassi)
Can someone tell me how the series is mapped out starting from the beginning to the here and now?

I want to collect everything so I have the complete story (well almost complete story)..


Hi Cassi,

Welcome to the message board.
Thanks for seeking out my work. Probably the easiest way to find all of the Kabuki stories are in the paperbacks or hardcover collections.

All of these have the volume number on the spine and should be available at any full service comic shop or book store. If they are out of stock at the time, you can simply ask them to re-order it for you.

The Kabuki collections are:

Vol 1 Circle of Blood (272pages)

Vol 2 Dreams (128 pages)

Vol 3 Masks of the Noh (128 pages)

Vol 4 Skin Deep (128 pages)

Vol 5 Metamorphosis (288 pages)

Vol 6 Scarab (258 pages)

You can also find order any of these collections or single issues from the Kabuki Checklist in every single Kabuki publication or at the website, or from Anh Tran at .

If you have any more questions just post them here or at Anh's e-mail.

Please let me know what you think of my books after you read them.

Kindest regards,


New French Language Kabuki Edition...
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:23 a.m.

To all French readers:

I just recieved news from Sebastien Dillain Editer in Chief of MARVEL FRANCE about the new KABUKI stories translated to French. In Early 2002 a bookstore hardcover French Language edition of the entire collection of KABUKI METAMORPHOSIS was debuted at the Angouleme show. By the second day of the show Marvle France had sold out at the copies they brought to the show, and it continued to sell well for the bookstores.

For early 2003 (and I'm guessing to also be debuted at the January convention in Angouleme, France) there will be a second hardcover Kabuki collection. It will included all four painted stories from the Dreams Hardcover, All four painted stories from the recent paperpack version of Skin Deep, and all four stories from the Masks of the Noh collection. It includes these three Kabuki volumes and is close to 300 pages.

Some years ago, Skin Deep and some of the stories from Dreams were published in France in single issue format. But these are pretty hard to find. This will be the first time all these stories are collected and the first time for Masks of the Noh to ever be translated to French.

To JMM...

Well, I do hope to see you and Ahn there in Angoulème, or in Paris next January. I hope to be in Angoulème too. and for more time than this year (I had to live on Saturday PM... / ) Maybe this time we'll have more time to talk some... I missed that last january... ;o(
Yeah, I remember that you had to leave early. How is work on your art going?
Another question : did you get to know about the new ComicBox, released this september ???
I had heard that ComicBox was starting again (maybe from Richard Isanove?) But I didn't know when. How is it going? Are you involved in this release also? Is it mostly the same people or has some of the staff changed?



Went to Jon Muth's new art opening friday...
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:31 a.m.

Jon J Muth's new showing of original work called Pictures, Places, Stone opened Friday in downtown Cincinnati. He sent us an invitation and Anh and I made sure to make it at the opening night.
Andy Lee would have been there but he's traveling and signing in Paris right now.

The show was great. Original pages from Jon's new children's book was exhibited along with sculptures, and oil paintings. Was a lot of fun. And we went to his private party afterwards and had a great time telling stories and talking until Anh and I finally left at 4 am Sat morning. Allen Spiegal flew in just for the show as did J and it was great to spend this much time with them at a stretch outside of a convention environment.

The show is still up for a while. Check it out on 6th street if you get the chance.

On Jon's advice I may do a future show there myself.

Will keep you updated.

Motor City Con Late Oct...
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:33 a.m.

Just a reminder that Andy Lee, Anh Tran and I intend to sign at the Motor City con later this month. Check out thier website for details.

Re: a couple questions about Echo
SUN, 10/13/02, 7:37 a.m. - In Response To: a couple questions about Echo (Ken Kneisel)

Hi Ken,

Good to hear from you. I do intend to be at the next Wonder con. Too bad we missed you at Lee's.

Thanks for representing me so well on the Millar board. I really appreciate you introducing Kabuki to the new readers and speaking up for me when it comes to that sort of thing.

Before I give you a time frame on the Echo project, let me check with Marvel to make sure I'm allowed to announce that sort of thing.



Hi David. It's Ken from San Francisco. I haven't been around here in a while, and I missed seeing you at Lee's Comics in Mountain View (couldn't get a ride down there, hopefully you'll be at next year's WonderCon?) but I have a couple questions from the MillarWorld message board about the Echo character from your Daredevil story.

First, someone pointed out the similaritites between Echo and Elektra, and I said I always sorta figured that was because, since so many people compare your Kabuki work to Frank Miller's work on Elektra (I've heard Metamorphosis compared to Elektra: Assassin many times in particular.), that Echo was maybe your way of offering your own take on the character. The other thing that sorta led me to this conclusion was the character's name itself, Echo. Like an Echo of Elektra or something, you know?

Also, everyone's dying to know when to expect the Echo miniseries. Any word on that? We're all REALLY looking forward to it! [:)]

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to more Kabuki and Echo and anything else you do (Tigerlily?) in 2003! [;)]

Re: water
MON, 10/14/02, 4:04 a.m. - In Response To: water (Mu)

Totally. I'm completely touched by the meaning of your words. Never attempted to find myself. Sought to lose my self in the art and the action. The process leads to transcension of self. Leads to something much bigger than self. Peals away the graphs and the tunnel vision and crystalizes a thousand ideas for what they are... seen without the scaffolding that you had previously constructed to get yourself there.

I am most happy when I am at the moment. The moment of now. An endless succesion of now without consideration of past and future, for you realize there is now past or future. Just the endless succesion of now, and you make each now the best you can. A good past or future is just what it looks like from outside looking in. But when you are inside of it, nothing compares to that. The trick is to get yourself inside every step of it. Make the preparation for the now, also the now. Some times it takes a few ritualistic movements or markings to get there. Some times it takes scaffolding.

Has my impression and philosophy changed? Yes. It has evolved. It has constantly grown with me. With the work. With the art and the action. At some point there is not seperation or distance between the act, the art, and the philosopy. That is the best part. To BE the change. To become the evolution. To LIVE the idea. To not see any line between living the art, and the art living you.

You go beyond self. Self becomes part of the larger picture. A tear drop in a rainstorm. You realize that every effort is a collaboration between you and all of the elements involved.

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