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Home Message Boards WFC: October 6-10, 2002

Will be back in Dallas in 2003
TUE, 10/8/02, 11:47 p.m. - In Response To: It's been awhile (Ashley Gaffney)

Hi Ashley,

I hope you are doing well.
I do remember you. I was signing at the last Dallas show in 1995.

Welcome to our message board here!
I do intend to sign at Dallas again. Thanks for asking. I understand that there will be a Wizard World Show in Dallas in 2003, and I intend to be there. It will be the first time I've signed in Dallas since 95.

My brother is doing well. He and his wife Hiromi were married in Japan in 1999. They have a place in the states and in Japan and are here right now.

It has been awile. It was way back in the early years of Kabuki. Welcome back to the Kabuki loop!


Dear David,
I don't know if you remember me but I met you in Dallas at the last Dallas Comic Convention they had you were just starting out I think it was in 1996. I have kinda been out of the loop on Kabuki and I feel soooooo bad. Do you think you will come to Texas any time soon? I would love to see you again and talk with you. How is your brother doing? Is he still in the states or did he go to JApan to live with his girlfriend? I really enjoyed talking to you both on the phone. It was so neat.

Please write back when you have the chance and I will try to get back on track soon.

Your fan,
Ashley Gaffney (Venus, TX)

Re: Where to get Original Rick Mays Scarab artwork
TUE, 10/8/02, 11:51 p.m. - In Response To: Where to get Original Rick Mays Scarab artwork?? (andyjoe)
Anybody here know?
Hi Andyjoe,

As far as Rick's Scarab art, you can get any of it directly through me. Just let me know which pages you want, and I will let you know if they are still available and what the price is. Please send alternates in case some pages are already sold (issues #1 and #8 are completely sold, but much of the other issues are still available.

Just e-mail Anh at



Thanks to all of you for the birthday regards...
TUE, 10/8/02, 11:53 p.m. - In Response To: Happy Birthday too! (Xi Wang Mu)

That was very nice of everyone.

I was surprised by all of the people who gave their regards.

I had a great birthday and even managed to do a lot of painting. Was a very fun day.



Re: KABUKI Decals!!!
WED, 10/9/02, 12:00 a.m. - In Response To: KABUKI Decals? (Mike B)

I'm very glad to hear that there is such a demand for this. Thanks for taking the initiative to mention it.

The funny thing is that Anh is already having some made. Andy Lee has been making decals of his art available at conventions and I thought it was pretty cool. But it wasn't until I passed a car on the interstate and it had one of Andy's stickers on the window that I thought, we have to make some Kabuki decals as well.

It was very cool seeing that the car's driver was a fan of Andy's work. I thought how cool would it be to be driving along and seeing Kabuki stickers on cars.

Should have updates about this soon!

Thanks for all the input!


Hey David, Anh, and the rest of the board,

Had an idea the other day while I was sitting in rush hour traffic on my way home. So I'm sitting there in my car with no A/C, sweating, bored to death waiting for the traffic to weave its way around the accident up ahead when I started noticing all the stickers/decals on the backs of all my fellow traffic jammees cars. This got me wondering what kind of sticker I would put on the back of my car other than the American Flag I already have there.

I don't really have a favorite band that I would slap on there but then I thought it would be really cool to have a decal of the Noh Dragon logo on the center of my rear window.

So am I crazy? Was the heat and car exaust getting to me? Or would that be cool to have a decal of that and then also decals of the individual masks. The mask decals could be like 4 inches high or so. And then the Noh dragon one could be in a couple sizes. Like a 4 inch and maybe an 11 inch. You could maybe even do one of the Kabuki logo with the Kanji and then it says Kabuki witht the blood splatters or whatever the new Kabuki
logo is.

Just a thought. David if ya like it run with it, it's yours.

So what do you guys/gals think?

Thanks for your time,

Mike B

Re: Where to get Original Rick Mays Scarab artwork
WED, 10/9/02, 2:20 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Where to get Original Rick Mays Scarab artwork (andyjoe)
Hey thanks so much. Do you happen to have a list of available metamorphsis pages aswell? I've been saving my cans for some painted/colored work too.


Hi AJ,

I don't have a list of them, but I'd suggest just sending Anh a list of the pages that you are interested in. Then we can let you know about the availablity and price. I remember that issue # 9 is entirely sold, but I think that many other pages are still available.



Andy Lee Decals!!!
WED, 10/9/02, 2:24 a.m. - In Response To: Re: KABUKI Decals!!! (brad)
Is there anywhere else we can get some of Andy's decals other than conventions?
Yes. I think he has a website that sells them and a lot of his original art. I think it is an online art dealer. I'm thinking it is called If that's not right, ask Anh at

Re: Happy Belated B-Day to us?!
THU, 10/10/02, 8:02 p.m. - In Response To: Happy Belated B-Day to us?! (Parris Davies)

Hi Parris,

Happy Birthday!
Thanks for the kind words about my work.
I do plan to be at the Wonder Con in April of next year. Usually it is in Oakland. Though I have heard that there is some talk about it relocating to San Fran. Either way it will be my Bay Area signing for next year.
I will keep updates on this board.

Hope to see you there.


Hello David,
This is the first time that I have gotten a chance to look at your web site, and I must say I was amused to find that you and I have the same is a pleasant surprise. I hope yours went well with lots of friends, good food and reveling. Oct. 7th being a special day is even more amusing; I have two other artist friends with the same birthday, perhaps art talent is auspicious on Oct 7th? Anyhow, I also wanted to let you know that I am constantly impressed with your art and attention to detail, your style is so unique that I have been hooked on Kabuki since I flipped through my first novel. Please keep up the fabulous work, we all look forward to your next!
p.s: any plans to visit again in San Francisco?:)

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