I know Kabuki is not everybody's cup of tea. It is very non-mainstream... But if you like all of Kubrick's films, I think you will dig Kabuki.
-- David Mack (August 31, 2004)
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Re: Kabuki Bust - Awesome!
SUN, 7/28/02, 5:36 a.m. - In Response To: Kabuki Bust - Awesome! (C.Marze)

I just received the new Kabuki bust today. I knew that it would be nice from the images that I had seen, but it is absolutely incredible in its 3D beauty! The details in her eyes and the scars on her face really just made me say, "Wow"! This truly is a great design, David, and I'm looking forward to the rest in the series. I believe that the Snapdragon bust is going to be my favorite, especially after seeing the solicitation for it in Previews. Cool!
Good to hear from you again. Glad you dig it!

And the Snapdragon bust IS very cool. Very bizarre for me to see Snap in 3d for the first time.


Re: The Snapdragon bust!
SUN, 7/28/02, 5:43 a.m. - In Response To: The Snapdragon bust! (Victor Destefano)
I try to limit any busts, toys, whatever I pick up for art reference primarily. But this thing is really nice. And hot too...for a mini-bust of course.

Great stuff. I might just order that one. Man, that's nice...

Hey Victor,

It is a stunning sculpture. Glad you like it.

For those of you who do want the Snapdragon bust, I urge you to tell your comic store to order it ahead of time. Like the Kabuki masks, these busts are limited and will be difficult to get later on, unless they are pre-ordered by your comic store in advance.

Re: So many questions..
SUN, 7/28/02, 6:21 a.m. - In Response To: So many questions.. (Dani)
I have many many questions regarding the Kabuki series...some may even be unanswerable. Most are going to make me look like a complete idiot.. but I must ask because it is driving me batty!!!

1) Is Akemi actually a hermaphrodite or did she just tell the doctor that to freak her out?

I'm going to have to let the books and Akemi speak for themselves on this one. I get a lot of questions about Akemi, but I avoid answering definitve questions about Akemi. The reason for this is that different readers percieve the nature of Akemi in different ways. And I like to think that each of these ways of viewing Akemi is valid. The truth is that Akemi is un-definable. She does not fit into conventional classifications of any sort.

Remember that Akemi defies being pinned down and labeled. She resists any labeling. She likes to see the butterfly alive and flying with its mysteries intact rather than pinned down and labeled on the insect collection. She also considers herself to be in constant evolution and transformation. So any label that you give her, no matter how accurate at that moment, may be completely obselete in the next moment. Like her origami, Akemi can be two dimensional and three dimensional or somewhere in between the shape of what is being folded, or in the process of being folded into another shape.

Remember that we did not even see Akemi for a long time. In the entire Skin Deep series she exists only through her messages. So you first get used to thinking of Akemi by however you imagine her in your own mind.

She is a catalyst for Kabuki. And hopefully for the readers too. She is the first person to accept Kabuki unconditionally and to see beyond the scars and and classifications that Kabuki was labeled with.

I belive that you can reread the entire Akemi sections of the Kabuki series and have completely different stories depending on how you personally view Akemi at different times. Instead of giving you definite singular ways to view things, Akemi is a great character because she forces Kabuki (and more importantly the READER) to think of things in a non-singular. non-stationary way of mutli-possibilities.

2) Is the Emi from the Agents of the Noh: Scarab series the same Emi from Kabuki [Metamorphosis]? The dancing queen?
Again, aren't these mysteries fun! Connect the dots!
3) Is it just me or is Yukio really sexy?
So I hear [:)] I trust you did recognise Yukio in the Metamorphosis story.
4) Will we ever see Akemi again? (I WANT AN AKEMI : SERIES!!!!!)
Akemi is DEFINITELY a major part of the future stories for me.
5) Is Buddha really Buddha??
Congratulations! I think you just made a KOAN! Thinking about that question you proposed will really get you to the heart of the matter. Because it leads to some other great questions, that will also be great to consider and tear away more parts of the graph.
I SEEK THE ANSWERS!!!! (It is truly the question that drives me.. )
Another great Koan.
Unquestioningly yours,
Thanks for the un-questions [:)]


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