There is no having made it. Forget about that. You are always making it. That is the entire point. The making is where you always want to be.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #6
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Home Message Boards WFC: July 1-5, 2002

Re: books I recieved
TUE, 7/2/02, 2:54 p.m. - In Response To: books I recieved (Ward Shipman)

Hi Ward...

David ,Finally had time to drop you a line now that exams and marks are done. I received the copies of reflections 4 and it looks good.
Glad to hear you recieved them. Let me know if you need more.
The new story in Kabuki dreams visually is a departure from your normal style but is strong in content and form.
Nice of you to say. It was a fun experiment. Still in the evolution stage. Some parts of the integration of Photo and paint was succesful. Still figuring it out. Much of this integration partly inspired by your own mixing of these mediums.
I'm putting together a web page and once its done I will forward the address.
Take care
Looking forward to it. If you get any feedback from editors from the presentation of your work in the book, and want any background info of the editors or work related stuff, just let me know.


Re: New Kabuki story!
TUE, 7/2/02, 3:27 p.m. - In Response To: Re: New Kabuki story?????????? (Gavin)
No disrespect to Mack but most of his fanbase are from Kabuki.
I love Macks work but it's Kabuki that's got me into him.
Thanks for reading my work and especially for looking forward to my future Kabuki work.

I am in the middle of working on a couple different Kabuki stories (I tend to write several Kabuki stories at the same time. Circle of Blood through Metamorphosis was all outlined together at the same time.) Most importantly, I'm in the important stages of the story for the new Kabuki storyline that I will be painting. It starts right where the Metamorphosis story began. Iím glad you are looking forward to it, because I think that now in Kabukiís life is where things really get interesting.

Kabuki is definitely a long term project for me (one that I will be involved in for my foreseeable future). I love it very much and will continue to work on it for years and years.

I'd been working on Kabuki at a very disciplined breakneck pace since January of 93. During those years, I turned down 99% of every other work offer that I received in order to keep my focus on Kabuki. The last series especially was such an all consuming project (and took me over 2 years to complete) that I knew I needed to do a couple of other different things to sort of clear my head before immersing myself in the next Kabuki story. I figured I would do a couple of other projects to flex some different artistic and collaborative muscles.

It made sense to do a couple of these before plunging in to painting the next Kabuki story, because once Iím in the middle of the next Kabuki story, I wonít be able to consider anything else for he next 2-3 years. Of course I love doing Kabuki, but I get so many other story ideas that I donít have time to explore when meeting the Kabuki schedule, that I felt like I should get a couple of these other ideas out of my system.

This kind of rhythm may be how I need to work to continue doing this on such a long term. RE: Do a hardcore, intensive, all consuming Kabuki chapter... then collaborate with a friend on another Kabuki character , and do some cover work or write some other stories, before plunging into the next painted Kabuki chapter again.

Iím still figuring all of this out. But I think that is part of the fun. So I hope you also will enjoy the journey with me. I have a hunch that in the grand scheme of things, the entire Kabuki storylines and my work in between those Kabuki stories will sort of compliment each other.


Re: Kabuki/Snapdragon/Noh...bust answers
TUE, 7/2/02, 3:41 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki bust questions for Mack. (TABBOT)
Is the Kabuki bust close to ready for release (hopefully sometime in July)?
I think they are totally finished and ready to be shipped. I'd assume July for sure.
Also, in Reflections #4 you show a picture of Snapdragon's bust in progess, is that the next bust to be offered?
Yes. Snapdragon comes next. I saw the final finished painted version of this too. It looks amazing. I think it will be in the next PREVIEWS order catalogue. Please ask your retailer to look for it. I'll see if I can get a link to the photo of it on here.
[:(] I personally can not wait for the Butoh bust)?
That's Clay Moore's fave too!
And one final question, your design for Tigerlily's bust shows her with all kinds of stipes on herself, is that the way she will look in her mini-series (I love that look by the way)?
Glad you like that. It comes from a really early painting I did of her in 93. Glad you are looking forward to the Tigerlily series. you'll see all kinds of differnt looks for Tigerlily in that story. Including, I'm sure, that one.



Re: New Kabuki story!
WED, 7/3/02, 5:12 a.m. - In Response To: Re: New Kabuki story! (Khaled Abou Alfa)

Good to hear from you...

Am I waiting for a new Kabuki story? Sure. But I also acknowledge that these things take time. And it's not like David is sitting around thinking about it. He's probably researching and writing and tweaking and going back to the board and designing
Definitely doing a ton of this stuff!
Still it seemed to me that Rick Mays was drawing faster when he was drawing for Wildstorm and Marvel than the Scarab story, very weird [:)] .
True. But he only pencils those. He also inks Scarab which actually takes him more time than the pencilling does. He inks almost entirely with brush. And I think is one of the best inkers, besides being such a great penciller.

He doesn't ink on the other jobs, because pencilling is quciker for him and pays more than inking. It just makes better job/time sense for him. But on Scarab, I'm lucky that he cares enough about it to ink it himself. Scarab is more a labor of love for him.

I've got one question however. When are we actually going to get the next comic that has David Mack art in it?
As soon as possible! I just finished like 25 painted covers for Alias. It was really fun to just focus on a single image artwork for a bit. I really needed it to get a fresh perspective. But now I'm aching to get in the groove of the visual storytelling. It is an all-consuming thing, but I'm defintely ready for it again. I'm in the middle of some layouts and designs. you know, a ton of that tweaking and tinkering. I decided not to solicit the book until I get ahead on it this time. Will definitely keep you updated on this board as soon as the date is set.
And when is Parts of a hole going to be released as a hardcover from Marvel? Hell when's your painted 4 issues going to be released in HC? I mean these are little treasures that should be given a nice format to showcase them properly .
Good point. I don't have any knowledge about that. I don't even know if there is any hardcover planned for those. You might try asking on a Marvel message board, or asking Joe himself. I'd love to see them both in Hardcover too.

Kabuki Calendar...
THU, 7/4/02, 2:04 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Kabuki/Snapdragon/Noh...bust answers (TABBOT)
Is the painting of Tigerlily you are refering to, the one that appered in the Kabuki calendar that you put out by Caliber comics or is a picture you have not yet shown. Thanks for answering my other questions.
That's right! It's in the Kabuki 1996 Calendar. Surprised you've seen that. It's pretty rare. So far that is the only Kabuki Calendar I've done. We have a new 2003 Kabuki Calandar coming out from Image this year.

Did a radio interview today...
THU, 7/4/02, 2:06 a.m.

... it went great and they were nice enough to plug NohTV and this message board. So I welcome everyone from the Radio show who comes to this board to make yourself at home.

MACK & Andy Lee at Chicago Con this Fri-Sun...
THU, 7/4/02, 2:08 a.m.

Final reminder...

I will be signing at my Kabuki booth at the Chicago Con all three days. All day every day.

I will be happy to sign as many of my books that you have to bring, or any that you pick up at my table.

I will have the actual Kabuki sickle Replica at my table for you to see. Will also have the Kabuki bust on display (Moore Creations will probably also have the Snapdragon busts and the mini-masks and more).

I will have a ton of original artwork for sale (Kabuki, Scarab, Daredevil, and Alias covers.

There will also be a ton of original Kabuk prints for you to choose from (available nowhere else).

Also: Kabuki Hardcovers, paperback collections and back issue books, T-shirts, and more.

Andy Lee will also be signing, sketching and selling his original giant artworks in artist alley. I will be signing with Anh Tran at the Kabuki booth, sharing an endcap with Joe Linsner's DAWN booth at the Image Comics area of the con.

If you have any questions, just ask. I will be happy to speak to you at my table, and will also be on a question answer panel, and will be teaching some kind of class for an hour on Sunday.

See you there!

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