A voice in my head tells me the bullet had my name on it. I tell the voice that they misspelled my name.
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #6
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Home Message Boards WFC: January 11-15, 2002

Happy Birthday to Joe Q!
SUN, 1/13/02, 12:53 a.m.

My pal Quesada is celebrating his Birthday today. Though I couln't make the big party in NY today, I just wanted to give it a mention and wish him the best.


Re: Dreams HC not on Diamond's list for 1/16
MON, 1/14/02, 6:35 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Dreams HC not on Diamond's list for 1/16 (tioho)
DEar SmAlL O o .


First of all..... Happy Holy days for you with the galaxy and Indra's net filled with teeny tiny powerful orbs of humanity.

As for tintzy teeny pills ?

I am not going there! never will.

Mack's world reminds me of organic Alice and Wonderland! Apparently, upon futher ID? Scientists have found that we have an organic magic gene which the human body naturally produces...... Terribly fine line. Some call it madness ? Some say our mind is not in our body anyway! i am not aware of needing intrusive agencies in order to enlarge my conciousness into hyspatial nature.tah' and cheerio , PinkPearl's


I love it. Of course, your "mind" and your "brain" are two entirely seperate things. The brain is made of flesh and is inside of your head. Your mind is not made of flesh and is not confined to your head or body.

Re: not my mail?
MON, 1/14/02, 6:32 p.m. - In Response To: not my mail? (problem child)

Dear Miss (vapor) (Zen) Mulberry,

I see that you enjoy the century 22 posts as much as I do.
I love your (fu) new (mi) words (ko) here as much as always.
A pleasure to hear (read) you (between) again (the lines).

I just wanted to assure you that I do recieve and read my own mail. And that I alone read it. If there is a specific "hello" to someone else, Like say, "Tell (them) I said Hi", then I will tell them "Miss Vapor says hello".

Just to let you know. And I thank you for the mails, words, textures, metals, feathers, documents and well wishes. You are more influentual than you know!

You certainly have your part in the scheme of things!

My good intentions to you,


Re: Questions a'plenty..mhmm.
TUE, 1/15/02, 3:43 p.m. - In Response To: Questions a'plenty..mhmm. (Anna)
As usual I hold in all of my many questions till i get off my ass and post a new message, so bear with me please. Mr. Mack, I was just wondering if the inspiration for Snapdragon's mask came from the face paint some Native Americans use for ceremonies(I saw a PBS special about it). I was also pondering the
Hi Anna,

Actually, yes. When I was much younger, I would go to a yearly exhibit of crafts and Native American handmade items that was held in Kentucky. I was very influenced by many of the Native Americans and their art there. One of the crafts was a ceremonial mask that stuck in my mind. The Snapdragon mask is probably a stylized version of the image that I have from my old memory. In fact I used to paint my own face in that pattern when my friends and I would stay in the woods and spend the night around bonfires. Over the years, the image evolved from the icon in my memory, to the pattern I would paint on my face, and finally into the more ambiguous Snapdragon mask.

possibility of an Akemi action figure in the future, possibly released with the rest of the Noh. Who knows
There will be an AKEMI action figure! Sooner than you think. In fact it is already sculpted! The Scarab Action Figure comes out next. And I think they want to do the Akemi figure to come out with her.

I'll keep you updated as soon as I get the official word on the months.



right? I won't be satisfyed until i see Kabuki bedsheets i think...hey that's a good idea right? Ok..a little too far, maybe just the pillow cases?


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