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Home Message Boards WFC: November 16-20, 2001

Re: hey MACK! gotta question
MON, 11/19/01, 6:21 p.m. - In Response To: hey MACK! gotta question ("J")

I'm going to Mid-Ohio and I was wondering how oyu were about doing sketches and stuff.

Like, if you hate doing it, I don't want to be a **** and ask...


Hi J,

Thanks for asking. I have a little sign at the table that says "Quickie Kabuki Sketches - $10".

Basically, I do a quick drawing for you with a brush and ink. Some people ask for DD, other Noh agents, or other characters besides Kabuki and that is fine too.

I used to do all these for free, but there came a point when that meant that I was doing them 100% of the time and then the day after the show half of them would be on e-bay for $50. I'm happy to do sketches for my readers, but I found out if you do stuff for free that people not really interested in your work will take advantage of it in order to sell if for big bucks. That said, I still do some quick doodles at no charge in books people pick up or bring when I can tell they are long time fans. And I'm always happy to work with you if you pick up a bunch of stuff. And if you have any questions at the table, don't be shy.

I don't really pursue doing more involved commissioned work or elaborate special requests. But some of the other artists there (Mike Oeming, Andy Lee and others) do more elaborate requests and commissions. Usually all the artists that do this at cons have a sign that spells out their prices etc.

My main reason for doing cons is to introduce new people to the books and to speak with and answer questions from readers, so I don't really have it set up as a Sketch machine. But If readers want an original sketch, I am very happy to accomodate them. Just ask, and let me know what character that you would prefer.

And we will have a lot of prints and orginal art that you are welcome to look through as well. At cons, we figure people have already paid to get in and made an effort to be there, so the prints are very affordable. We have prints there that are only available at conventions at $10 each or 2 for $15.

Re: Question for Mack and Co.
TUE, 11/20/01, 4:59 p.m. - In Response To: Question for Mack and Co. (Troy)
Hey, I was wondering when you (and maybe Bendis) were going to come to Comicbook World in Louisville? I was also wondering if you would please respond to the other 6 questions I left n the "Great to be a fan" post below. I'll go ahead and ask one of them again: "Do you have any of the really limited Scarab bust with the rubies and silver spikes?" Thanks!
Hi Troy,

I hope to do another Comic Book World signing asap. I signed at the Louisville store the day they opened on June 1 1991.

Sorry I missed your other questions. I do still have some fo the limited edition Scarab Busts. You can order them directly from me.

Thanks for reading my books and for posting on the board.


Re: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #15
TUE, 11/20/01, 5:01 p.m. - In Response To: Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #15 (Droideka)
David, how does this issue come together? Is the art divided or is it a pure collaboration between yourself, Andy and Rick?


RIck does the kung fu action scenes [in Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #15], Andy does a sort of double narrative story in his Chinese Brush work style, I do covers and layouts, and Bendis write it.

It is great to work with all of these long time friends together!


Re: should i track down the 1/2 issue
TUE, 11/20/01, 5:07 p.m. - In Response To: should i track down the 1/2 issue (tori pagac)
i see copies on ebay but id like to know where it fits in the overall story
Hi Tori,

I had it at the Novi show. I should have mentioned it to you. It will fit right in sequence with the dreams stories.

You are welcome to order it from ANH directly if you want. I'll be happy to sign it.



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