"God is Dead." - Nietzche
"Nietzche's dead." - God
-- Kabuki: Circle of Blood #5
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Home Message Boards WFC: October 11-15, 2001

Re: Dutch tour dates???
THU, 10/11/01, 8:41 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Dutch tour dates??? (Klaus)

Hi friends,

Thanks for your interest in my work, and for looking forward to my signings in your countries. Unfortunately it looks like I will not be making a second trip to Europe this year.
It turns out that I am not going to the conventions in Paris in October, and therefore did not make further plans to sign in other countries afterwards.

Hopefully I can arrange to do this next year. I'd love to continue to do return signings in Holland and Germany. I'm sure that this will eventually happen. As soon as I have new plans, I will post it on this message board. I look forward to seeing you there.


Well, I don´t know any dates or sites of dutch appearances but if David Mack will definitely not show up in Germany, visiting the Netherlands is not totally out of the question.I checked the homepage of Sytse Algera´s Comicwatch, who organized David´s European Tour in 1998. They don´t seem to be involved this time. The question still remains the same: Do any confirmed dates of European appearances exist????


Re: Thank you, David Mack.
THU, 10/11/01, 8:45 a.m. - In Response To: Thank you, David Mack. (Mark)


Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you tried my book and enjoyed it. There are indeed hardcovers of the rest of the books available. Volumes 3-5 [of Kabuki] are currently available. Your retailer can order them any time. And vol 2 KABUKI DREAMS will be available in Hardcover within the next month. You can still have your retailer order this on from you before it hits the stores. Let me know what you think of the books when you read them.




I recently had the pleasure of meeting you at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Despite the rather abysmal conditions in which the organizers had set up the retail area, you were pleasant and engaging.

I had heard many good things about Kabuki, but that was my first actual encounter with the book. I wound up purchasing the Hardcover of the first collection and a print for a friend of mine (Now framed in her office. I may have to steal it back from her.)

Kabuki: Circle of Blood was brilliant. The art is vivid and evocative, the writing clear and compelling. I can't say enough good things about your work. Your passion for Japanese culture comes shining through in every brush stroke. I just wanted to say thank you for being personable, and for creating such a lovely work.

I only have one question. Are the rest of the collections still available in Hardcover? I'd love to have a complete set in that format for my library.


Hello Fumiko...
THU, 10/11/01, 8:51 a.m. - In Response To: Re: My Kabuki Tattoo Web Page (Miss Fumiko)

I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to let you know that I've been using a lot of your letters and gifts as collage elements in some of my recent work. It has been EXTREMELY helpful! So I just wanted to thank you again!


Re: Help with Kabuki continuity, please
FRI, 10/12/01, 3:24 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Help with Kabuki continuity, please (kenny)
is images the "don't fear the reaper"? it is about her in a cell and a person is showing her ink blotches. she then kills the two security guards. and is scarab gonna come out on tpb?
Hi Kenny,

Thanks for reading my books.

Fear the Reaper is included in Circle of Blood (vol 1).
So that comes first. THen Dreams (vol 2), then Masks of the Noh (vol 3), then Skin Deep (vol 4), then Metamorphosis (vol 5), then the Scarab story (issues 1-8) which will be labeled as vol 6 when it comes out in the tpb and hardcover. The collected Scarab will probably be released next year.


Re: Repost of questions for Mack!!!
FRI, 10/12/01, 3:43 a.m. - In Response To: Repost of questions for Mack!!! (Patrick Wedge)
Hey David,
Hi Patrick,
Just got the Kabuki 1/2 issue this last week finally and I had a couple of questions: 1. Your relationship with Mike Parobeck. Mike's work had always been one of the most under rated pieces in the last decade. His style could change on a whim with his mood. They all were masterful. His Batman Adventures Annual where he "homaged" Kirby was briliant. How much of an effect did he have on you? Any other stories you can tell us about him? The industry lost a great artist with him.
He had a great affect on me mostly because of his encouragement to me as a young artist. I was writing letters to him when I was in high school. Probably starting when I was 16. He was very encouraging to me and answered a lot of my questions and offered me his opinions, suggestions, and constructive criticisms. Hopefully, I'm able to pass on a little of that kind of thing when I'm speaking at conventions and on this message board.
2. You mentioned Miller, Parobeck, and Mignola as big comic influences, but yet your personal artistic style is drastically different from their styles (which is a great thing). Is there specifict things you pick up from each? All those artists, and more, teach me something new each time.
Mostly storytelling choices are what I learned from each the the people that you mentioned. Each of them have a very unique way of storytelling. They each have certain subtleties that I think most people miss. And I was fascinated with the story telling that is in the subtext of their work. They understand how to imbue power BETWEEN the panels, not just in the panels themselves.
3. Could you explain once again the little triangle things in your artwork? I know that they are there for a reason, I just couldn't remember why. Bill Sienkiewicz has a habit of using the little triangles too, so obviously, great minds think alike.
Well, the way it started is this: Whenever I talk on the phone (even as a little kid) I do a lot of mindless drawing that I pay no attention to. But I realized that I don't really draw any actual renderings. I just draw all these strange kind of designs and shapes. Like geometric patterns and mazes. But they still seemed fascinating to me.

So i wanted to integrate that kind of unconscious design into my very deliberate conscious layouts and storytelling. I wanted to blend the analytical with the intuitive. So I started integrating it in two main ways.

1. I sometimes use it as a pattern inspired by the way that Gustav Klimt used geometric design.

2. I also use it as an element of design in the actual story telling, in that it is a graphic element that leads the readers eye to the order of the page, the heirarchy of the compositions, or points to things in the page. It tells them what is most important in the page, and in what order to read it. Sort of like road signs.

4. Knowing that Bill Sienkiewicz is a big influence with you, do you have the Jimi Hendrix graphic novel that he painted? It is sweet. I have a extra copy if you don't.
Thanks, I have it. It is great. He's a sweet guy too.
Wanted to let you know, Lee and myself donated the pages from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund book to the Oni Press charity auction, so if someone asks to have them signed, smile and thank them for buying them for the charity.

ANd you did a good job on that. You should be real happy with it.

Anyways, always good to see more Mack stuff around. Love the Alias covers. Issue #2 was the best.
Thanks again,


Re: Hello David and 2 questions
SUN, 10/14/01, 12:24 a.m. - In Response To: Hello David and 2 questions (Jerry)
Hello David,
Hi Jerry,
How are you doing, well i hope. Have you seen the Peter Greenaway film Pillow Book starring Vivian Wu and Ewan Mcgregor? Its the story of a japanese womans from a child to woman and her obession with writting book in japanese calligraphy on peoples bodies. Its about her struuggles with tradition and her self.
Yep. Love it. I like all of Greenaway's films.
I am currently working on a poster for this film for my image and text class at school. Very well wriiten and directed film. I think its from a play called Ink and Skin. Very innovative use of ext, images and video shot meshed/collaged on to screen like picture in oicyure TV's.
Have you seen the 1966 film Kwaidan by Masaki Kobayashi?

Yep. Have it on tape.

Picked up the kabuki 1/2 and ordered my Dreams hardcover from the shop I buy from Dons Atomic Comics. I've been pushing your work in my art class. The teacher and students are impressed by the work especially the Metamorphisis collection. A friend of mine in the class is picking it up.
Thanks for introducing my work to people. I really appreciate it.

I think you will really enjoy the Dreams HC. Especially the new story I've done for it. I really broke some new personal ground visually with it.


Thanks and all the best,

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