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Home Message Boards WFC: September 11-15, 2001

NY con info! MACK & BENDIS this week!
TUE, 9/11/01, 3:26 a.m.

Date: TUE, 9/11/01, 2:35 a.m.

Big Apple Comic Convention

The next show will be held on FRI. & SAT. SEPT. 14TH & 15TH - It will be
held at St. Paul's Church Auditorium - Columbus (9th) Ave. & 60th St.,
NYC. Show hours are Fri. 12p - 8p, Sat. 10am - 6pm, general admission -
ONLY $6.

Celebrities: Star Wars Bobba Fett - Jeremy Bulloch
Richard Herd - Admiral Paris of Star Trek Voyager
Comm. Buzz Cory "SPACE PATROL" - Ed Kemmer
Actress Mercedes Ngoh - Star Wars Special Edition
Comic book model - Nutopia
Artists: Steven Rude
David Mack
Joe Gill
Tye Bourdony
Brian Bendis
Andy Lee
Rudy Nebres
Graig Weich - Learn to Draw art Class (tent.)
Frank McLaughlin
Wil Franz
Get your comics graded and approved by Comics Guaranty Corp., who will be in attendance.
Also lined up for the event over 100 dealers buying, selling, and trading: Golden, Silver, Modern age comics, action figures and toys, videos, non-sport cards and original comic art. More than 30 Artists, Guests, Writers, Publishers and Small Press in attendance. To add to the excitement, there will be an artist arena, raffle drawings, free giveaways and great food.

Eagle awards! BENDIS & I each up for two!Vote here
TUE, 9/11/01, 3:31 a.m.

Eagle Awards Voting Now On

Posted: Monday, September 10
By: Jason Brice

ESTABLISHED in 1976, the Eagles are the comics industryís longest established awards. Acknowledged as the pre-eminent international prizes, they have ben featured on the covers of leading US and UK titles across the last 25 years.

Unique in that they reflect the people's favourites, they comprise of two distinct stages. International comics readers initially nominate their favourite titles through print or Internet coverage, with the top-scoring three in each category going on to the actual voting form.

This year's voting form is made up of the top nominations by comic fans across the world, coming from America, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. Participants this year have so far ranged in age from 12 to 54.


Brian Michael Bendis
David Mack
Frank Miller
2/5 FAVOURITE COMICS artist: fully painted artwork
Glenn Fabry
David Mack
Alex Ross

[ To view the complete list of nominations, please download this month's message board posts ]

Want to make sure our NY friends are OK!Sound off!
TUE, 9/11/01, 1:31 p.m.

I'm sure everyone here as heard the news. If not turn it on.
Hi-jacked planes crashed into the pentagon and destroyed BOTH world trade towers in NY.

I'm checking on friends in NY (and all over) to make sure they are OK. The Marvel offices aren't too far from it, but it sounds like our friends there are OK.

My prayers are with all the families.

If you are in NY sound off here so we know you are OK.
If anyone has any breaking info you can post here as well.

God bless

Big Apple Con postponed
TUE, 9/11/01, 4:43 p.m.

I just clipped this info from the Bendis Board:

Due to the horrible recent terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, the staff here at Big Apple Conventions have decided to postpone our upcoming show this weekend. The NEW date will be Friday & Saturday October 12th & 13th. We apologize for this inconvenience, however, we feel the safety of our guests, artists and fans take priority at this time due to the recent events. We have temporarily lost phone communication, and this email is our first attempt to alert everyone to the recent news. If anyone knows of any persons who wished to attend our event this weekend, please alert them to this matter.

Thank you all & God Bless. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered in any way due to this tragedy. We are currently searching for a way to make a benefit for this incident.

THis Board...
THU, 9/13/01, 5:44 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Yes it is... (Justin)

THis board is here for you. A lot of people need to communicate and deal with things by speaking to each other about the recent events. That is great, and I really appreciate everyone's contribution to that. I also very much appreciate all the contribution with information as well.

But every one has different ways of dealing with this. And for some that is discussing their other interests, such as books, and other normal topics on this board. We each have our own way of coping.That is fine too. This board is big enough for each of us to communicate in our own way and about our own concerns.

This board and the Bendis baord have been great in that respect.

Everyone is welcome to post topics of support, information, history, opinions on how and why we must prevent this sort of thing from happening again, how to deal with what has happened, and even business as usual if that is what you want to speak about.

I dunno, I find it a heathly balance of support, love and "business as usual". If you don't move on, the terrorist will have partially succeeded at what they wanted to achieve.

If you look, you'll see a great number of posts made each day containing emotional support.

I know my opinion is biased, but I think all the communities here have been wonderful this week and, of course, David's board does stand out in many good ways.

watch out for blind racism...
FRI, 9/14/01, 10:27 a.m. - In Response To: double negatives (Dustin Parker)

This is a concern of mine as well. I have many friends who are Muslim. Friends of Pakistani decent and some of Indian descent.

While these people have thier own religion, they are also 100% American. Trust me. Some of them are more "mid-west" than "mid-east". They are true freedom loving people who are fantastic humans.

I also want people to know (as I said in my "this board" post below) that the terrorists that did this are not MUSLIM in they way that the devout people I know are. The terrorists are using that term as a twisted perversion of the Muslim regilion, in the same way that Hitler or a clansman will try to twist the Bible in to an excuse for their own, vain, arrogant, ethnocentric insanity.

I also fear that we will begin to discriminate against those of Arabic descent - -or of the Islamic tradition - -or any person that isnít Anglo-Saxon - because we must remember that American isnít another word for white - -and we must not allow ourselves to become violent toward fellow Americans because they may or may not be of a particular religious or ethnic affiliation -

(To ALL) this board...
FRI, 9/14/01, 10:54 a.m. - In Response To: Re: double negatives (Leif Jones)

Hi Leif,

I hope you are doing well. I want you to know that I appreciate your posts and point of view. I understand and am familiar with much of what you are speaking about, but I feel compelled to put my own point of view on this board.

This is originally posted much lower as the most recent response to Andy's PEACE thread of posts. It is not meant as a response to your post. But I figured it may be appropriate for me to include my perspective of the function of this board near the top of the board where people can see it.
Once I began mentioning my view of the baord to include all the interests of the members, I just kept writing and finally put down my own reactions to these events, which I have sort of tried to resist mentioning (figuring I should give myself a couple days in an attempt for objectivity. I didn't want to direct accusation to any group until more evidence was publicly announced.)

While I don't consider my view necasarily in conflict with yours, I felt it appropriate for me to mention some of my own specific ways of looking at this. Even if you disagree with them, I hope that it doesn't change our relationship as people and collaborators, because I very much respect you as a person and as an artist and hopefully even a friend. I've learned from your artwork in the past, and I still plan for both of us to collaborate in the future. If you want to, you are welcome to e-mail me personally. Of course I also still welcome you to this baord, was delighted to see you here, and encourage you to continue posting on it.

Below is part of Andy's recent post from the PEACE thread and my response to it about this board:

If you really must, keep posting regarding this but do not include "re:PEACE." change it to whatever topic you're talking about now. I don't see relevance anymore. It would help readers sort through this explosion of posts.

And please keep in mind the message boards ARE for David Mack's Kabuki (remember that book?). Again, take care

Andy Lee

I appreciate Andy's comments and concerns. But I continue to encourage people to post about all their concerns about the recent events. Please do not limit your posts to me or my work. This is the time for us to unite together. You are welcome to continue to speak about your creative interests (I know that is the best way for some people to cope in a time like this). But we must also realize that this is a very serious time in our history and this message board is an open forum for us to discuss it. For some people it is their only way to communicate about this sort of thing, and I will not deny anyone their right to communicate about whatever they need to.

This week has been a wake up call that we are in a new era.

We have finally begun to realize that there are people who hate us not for our policies, but for who we are. They hate us for what we stand for. They hate our freedom. They hate our country for being a beacon for that freedom, and diversity. The hate us for our separation of church and state. To them that separation of church and state is an evil. To them our freedoms are an evil. They hate that our country encourages that freedom of thought. They hate our creative endeavors. They hate our books, our films, our culture, the fact that we have the freedom to create these things, and the fact that these things encourage the rest of the world to have these freedoms. They hate our impact on the world. To them these freedoms are an evil. You must also understand that THIS is not the Muslim religion. It is a twisted perversion of it. I have many friends who are Muslim and they are great freedom loving people. The group that did this is masking their madness as religion. They are masking their true mad designs as a so called "preservation of their way of life" in the same way that Hitler did.

It is true that they are upset that we aid Israel and "the Jews". It is true that they are upset that we have our troops in Saudi Arabia to help them. The U.S. does have controversial policies. But they hate us for much more than that. They only call Israel the "little Satan". They call us the "big Satan". They believe that our freedoms, the crux of our constitution, our separation of church and state, and our aid to our friends are evil. And to me, this recent terrorist act has completely negated any possible validity that these people may have previously had in any of their arguments.

It is true that U.S. policy has had many problems, and a complicated morality in certain past events. I will be the first to admit that. And in this country we have the right to vote on how to change and refine that policy. And we have. But now is not the time to squabble over past controversies. Now is the time for the free and civilized world to unite.

We must understand that this is not a one time event. These people are ALREADY waging war on us. They have been for years. They will continue to do so. There may have been 50 of them on the APPLICATION end of this attack. But there are MUCH more than that who plan to continue this.

Does anyone think for a second that if these people had a nuclear bomb that they would hesitate to use it on us if they could? They have no problem with that. And they are trying to do it. They are working on larger scale attacks. That is what they live (and die) for. They have the intentions to destroy us. This is not the old kind of terrorist act where you kill a few people to get attention and then claim responsibility and then ask for some country to change its policy or release a political prisoner from Jail. These are acts where you simply kill as MANY people as you possibly can and then try to do it again and again because you think that you are right and your enemies beliefs are evil.

They have the will to destroy ALL of us. The U.S. and the entire FREE WORLD. They have the will to destroy us but they do not yet have the way. But they are working on the way, and if not immediately dealt with, they will eventually find it.

This is a wake up call far larger than Pearl Harbor was. If there was ever a time to unite behind a common cause, this is it.

I am a very loving person. I will be as kind and giving to people as I possibly can. Even when someone is rude or hostile to me, I will still be loving to them, and usually they understand their mistake (either right then, or later) and they will be able to come to terms with their hostility on their own. If I am trying to make a point to someone that disagrees with me, I will do it in a polite, humble, and courteous manner. Not in an arrogant or intimidating way.

But if someone threatens my loved ones with violence, that is a brand new ball game. And it is one that Iím going to win. If someone threatens my loved ones (in word or deed) Iím not going to wait for the next violent threat, or violent act. I am going to act. And I am going to act decisively. Iím not going to talk about it before or after. I am going to do it.

If someone makes it clear that it is either me or them, then there is really no more to discuss after that.

I like to think that we are all cells in the same organism. That all living things are part of the same network. I think that by helping each other, we are helping the entire network, we are helping the bigger organism of all of us. It makes me feel great to know that I can help others.
And I believe that by hurting someone else, you are hurting the bigger organism, and therefore yourself too.
I live my life like this. And most of the time this works.

But sometimes cells in an organism go cancerous. And if you do nothing, that cancer will kill the other cells until it kills the entire organism. Your only hope is to remove those cancerous cells as soon as possible.

We have to think of the ENTIRE world in an unselfish and non-arrogant way. We have to preserve the entire organism.

This is the worst single mass murder attack not just in the history of America, but in the history of the world.
As much as we must help those that were injured and affected by all of the people that were murdered, we must also act decisively in order to protect all of the people the this enemy still wants to kill.

I hope everyone in the world will unite (on every level) in helping those that are already affected by this, but also unite in protecting the people of the world against this terrorism and preserving the FREEDOMS that so many have already died for.

Re: I totally agree with you David
FRI, 9/14/01, 10:58 a.m. - In Response To: I totally agree with you David (Dave Cummings)
But on a opposite note, I do admire how the New Yorker's are handling the situtation. I love how they banded together in this time of crisis. They seem to have a pride for thier city which seems to not be there with other cities.
This is a great point.

I'm all for this kind of unity.
Even though a lof of us may have different perspectives and opiniouns (we are alowed to in this country) we need to maintain solidarity not only as a nation, but as a friend of the free world.

Marvel to do charity book celebrating HEROES
FRI, 9/14/01, 6:10 p.m.

Check this out. I will be doing art for this book and donating the origial art to raise money at New York Auction house.

Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada released details of the publisher's planned benefit project for The New York City Fire and Police Departments and the American Red Cross. Called 'HEROES', according to Quesada this poster book will include "the world's greatest superhero writers and artists portraying the world's greatest heroes."

The Muslims NOT our enemy...
FRI, 9/14/01, 6:01 p.m. - In Response To: Important! Please read! (MACK!)

It is very important to understand that the Muslims as a religion and as a people are not our enemy. The PEOPLE of Afghanistan are not our enemy. The taliban and Bin Laden WANT us to attack ALL Muslims and they want us to attack the Afghani PEOPLE because they know if we do, that it will give them credit in saying that WE are the wrong ones and it will polarize the east/west Muslim/nonMuslim and it will give the Taliban and Bin Laden more followers.

The Taliban and Bin Laden have subjugated the Afghani people and destroyed their way of life. Now they are trying to destroy ours. It is VERY IMPORTANT to stop them before they can kill again and destroy more cultures.

But we must realize that it is that SPECIFIC group and all of its affiliates that are the enemy. NOT the Afghani or Muslim poeple as a whole. The Taliban and Bin Laden are already the enemy of the Muslims and Afghani people. They are not true Muslims (just like Hitler or a clansman is not a true Christian and does not reflect true Christian beliefs). They are a perverted version that uses religion in order to use the Muslims and Afghani people as pawns in their apocolytic "East vs West" end game.

Something MUST be done. We MUST act. But we need to understand these subtleties.

Just saw a movie...
FRI, 9/14/01, 11:43 p.m.

If some of you are feeling nausous from too much news, get out and see a film. I'm concerned about the updates on latest events, but too much of that is just not good for me.

I was happy to get out, excercise, ride my bike, go to a bookstore, and see a film.

We went to see Rockstar. Now, I confess, the only reason I went to see this film is because a year ago, Warner Brothers faxed me a contract asking for my permission to use a Kabuki poster as background set dressing in Wahlberg's bedroom. This was back when METAL GOD was still the film's working title. And if my artwork, books, posters appear in the film it makes me all giddy and excited, so I had to go look for it. Same thing happend with UNBREAKABLE and JAY & SILENT BOB. Anh and I are like, "Hey there it is!"

So that's why we went, but I have to say, we were laughing all the way through this film. It was hilarious. Non stop nonsense. Nothing like a cheesy eighties rock soundtrack to help put things into perspective. And at the end as the credits roll, they play Marky Mark's Good vibrations. Anh and I were totally entertained.

Re: Remember Jeremy Glick & crew & passengers
SAT, 9/15/01, 2:30 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Remember Jeremy Glick & crew & passengers (Jim Burdo)
Relating to comics, Dateline tonight had an interview with Glick's family. They said he liked superheroes so much as a boy, he called his mother Wonder Woman.

Jim B

Hi Jim,

I was just telling Bendis that because Bendis is writing a story about him for a charity book.

That was very good story on him and his family. I enjoyed hearing that too. And now he will be immortalized as a hero in a book from Marvel Comics.

metamorphosis tpb (& brother story:)
SAT, 9/15/01, 2:02 p.m. - In Response To: is there a metamorphosis tpb? (stien)
my little brother just ruined my kabuki's 1 till 8 with chocolate milk. and i definitely don't have the money to buy the gorgeous hardcover. i wish i did then i could hit him with it.
Yes, The printer tells me that the Meta paperback will ship within this month.

It's funny, your story reminds me of something with me and my brother and our comics.

When we were little (maybe I'm 10 & he's 8), we had a whole box of G.I. Joe comics that we collected, re-read religiously, and looked forward to every month. We just kept them in an open brown cardboard box sitting on the floor right by our bunk beds. I think in this story, he is on the top bunk and I am on the bottom.

So, it is the middle of the night, and I am ripped from sleep to hear this horrible retching sound and a sickening splatter. Even felt some splatter on me.

I turn on the light, and realize that he has gotten sick in is sleep and vomited over the side of the bunk beds directly on, and in, our box of treasured comics!

We were both totally disturbeb by this (and he is obvioulsly physically ill) and we immediatly went to work CLEANING off the comics! There was no way we were going to throw them away! We took them all out of the box of vomit soup and thouroughly and meticulously wiped down every disgusting page of each of the comics and set them out to dry.

We continiued to re-read each and every one for years afterward even though the covers and pages were stained, warped, and had dried in a strange crinkly fashion. In fact, I'd bet you he still has them at his house to this day!

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