These are the early fertile moments of my new life. Wet, bloody and painful as birth tends to be.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #1
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MACK, BENDIS,LEE in NY Sept 14-15 Big Apple Con
MON, 8/27/01, 2:20 a.m. - In Response To: When is David coming to NYC to do a con??? (Busta Terrance Watts)

Can anyone tell me when David is coming to NYC to do another comic book covention? I met David and Brian Michael Bendis in April of '98 and haven't seen these guys since but got hooked on their respective works since. I want to Thank You Dr.David for making my life more intresting with Kabuki, Scarab, and your creative vision. Please come to New York City soon so i can bug you with 100 + items i own that either have you writing or drawing them. yet again thank you. Oh and Hi DR.David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MACK, BENDIS, LEE in NY sept 14, 15-Big Apple Con!

Go to

MACK at Dragon Con ATLANTA this Weekend!
MON, 8/27/01, 2:22 a.m.

This coming weekend, starting on Friday!

Re: after metamorphosis
MON, 8/27/01, 2:42 a.m. - In Response To: after metamorphosis (P~wHiPped)

Well, I don't know that I understand or relate to preciesly what you mean, but I wish you the best about that.

I designed Kabuki as a book that I could use as a vehicle to integrate all the artistic disciplines that I enjoy, as well as my own personal story, experience, growth, and to incorporate all of the things that I incorporate into my learning process.

I wasn't ready to do a full on autobiographical tale, so I decided to tell a story thru metaphor. Many times people make the main character an idealized version of themselves when trying to do this. To avoid that trap, I decided to make all of the surface elements different from myself. I made the protagonist the opposite gender. I put the story in a differnt part of the world with a different language and culture.

This was also a great way to draw upon other passions for things that I was in the process of learning. I was able to integrat my studies of the Japanese language and culture, and travel and observations of friends into the story.

As Kabuki grows, I grow, and vice versa. So by definition of the project I have an unlimited array of interests and passions to draw on for the story.

So no, I have not lost any enchantment with the characters or cultures that are in my book. In fact the opposite is true. The enchantment grows.
I enjoy Kabuki incredibly. I will continue to produce Kabuki books indefinitly. But naturally, I will also do other projects in between story lines. Each feeds my enchantment of the other.

I hope that helps, Antilla. Thanks for reading.

Warmest regards,


I know that you are really busy with movies, etc. but is it possible that there has been no sequel to Kabuki because you have lost your exotic enchantment with the Asian culture? I myself became enchanted with the strength of your female lead character. and, I wonder if maintaining this character's strength becomes a detriment to your own inner psyche... I don't know, it's conjecture but speaking from my own inner psyche, this would be a major leap and there would undoubtably be serious fallout somewhere down the line especially if it became too close to home, vis a vis my own personal life. I myself became obsessed with a "type" and I discovered that the obsession became the contaminant and day after day this contaminant overcame the positive side of my enchantment and eventually made the "whole" more negative than positive. Finally, at some point, my inspiration became my affliction.

By and by pray for this p-whipped disciple, with no sequel to Kabuki in sight.


MON, 8/27/01, 2:54 a.m. - In Response To: MACK! PLEASE RESPOND! NEED YOUR HELP! (Keith Giles)

I'm writing up a CBR News item on the upcoming Scarab Trade and Scarab Art Book, as well as news regarding the events in issue #8.

Thanks! I appreciate it.
I need this info as soon as possible!
Please, please, please let me know details on the following: SCARAB ART BOOK: Which artists will be featured in it?
Mostly Rick Mays.
Will David have any work in this art book?
When will it release?
How many pages?
Hardcover? Soft?
None of that is absolutely confirmed yet. It should be solicited to ship for the beginning of next year. So far we plan to release it as a LARGE format oversize art book. Probably hardcover. Maybe around 200 pages?
SCARAB TRADE: Which issues will be collected?
Of course the entire storyline of 1-8, but this won't be out for a bit.
Hard cover?
Any Mack work in this collection?
Page count?
Well the story itself is over 200 pages, so with the extra pages, it would be well over that.
Release date?
None yet.
SCARAB ISSUE #8: Just hype this puppy for me!
Well it ties in with the Metamorphosis (Kabuki 1-9) story, and it answers some of the questions that Meta did not. It guest stars Kabuki, and I drew all the Kabuki pages. It also has every other character of the Noh in it and concludes this Scarab story. The conclusion to the first story chronicling the life of the Noh operatives beyond Kabuki.

It is for Scarab what Circle of Blood was for Kabuki. The origen and foundation of thier story. It documents them from childhood on up to the present.

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April 7: David Mack attending New York's MoCCA this weekend, MoCCA pre-party, thoughts on two films & more

April 6: Photo of upcoming Dream Logic shirt, David Mack and Tony Solomun art jam zine, David Mack plugged in Qatar newspaper & more

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