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Home Message Boards WFC: August 1-5, 2001

Re: question for Mack
THU, 8/2/01, 2:49 a.m. - In Response To: question for Mack (djsyph)

Rick and I are working on a Tigerlily series. I'm working with Andy Lee on the Kai book. And I will do a story on each of the other agents. A story of Siamese is in the works.

And of course, I am gearing up for the next Kabuki story that I will paint.

Thanks for sticking with the story.


I'm kinda curious... now that the Scarab series is close to its end... where does the comic go from here? I had heard that you were working on a story about Kai. I also heard you were planning on doing a series about the Siamese fairly soon too. Can you give us a clue as to what story arc we can expect to see after the conclusion of Scarab?

Re: so mack,...
THU, 8/2/01, 4:04 p.m. - In Response To: so mack,... (robert martin)
who do i have to sleep with to be an artist, writer, whatever for a character from your Kabuki comic world?
You have to sleep with Brian Bendis.

Re: so mack,...
THU, 8/2/01, 4:49 p.m. - In Response To: Re: so mack,... (brian monroe)

Yes it is true. Sleeping with Andy gets you a t-shirt.

hey david,that go for me as well? bendis looked kinda yummy in that sushi bar we were all at during heroes con 99'. bald heads in sushi bars got me hot. i already slept with andy lee during dragon con in 99...that'll get me a pin-up right? oh wait,nevermind,you already have that pin-up bair and i did awaiting publication. maybe the trist with andy will get me a t-shirt or something!

Re: David Mack Dilemma
THU, 8/2/01, 4:46 p.m. - In Response To: David Mack Dilemma (Josh)

Hello friends, good to hear from you.

First, I'm glad to hear that you and your girlfriend were in the comic shop together. It's always good to hear when couples, friends, or family go to the comic shops and cons together. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

I'm also glad to hear that your store manager wears a KABUKI shirt! What a great way for the store to support the comic, and sell more shirts, while exhibiting literary taste and great fashion sense!

I'm also very glad to hear that your store had the KABUKI trades in stock, and was happy to pull one off the shelf and show it to you. Please give your store my warmest regards and please thank them on my behalf for supporting my work.

It is also good to hear that the girl at your school obviously reads my books. So all of that is very encouraging. Thanks for bringing all of these positive points to my attention in your story. And thank you for considering, and looking out for, my interests.

I donít really want to bring any trouble or embarrassment to this student (probably a well meaning Kabuki reader) or to your school. I'd prefer to look at the bright side of all of this, and consider it as a sort of extra advertising that your school is giving me.

Based on the current info that I have on the subject, I doubt that the use of my character on the cover of your school poetry and art book is diluting or threatening the integrity of my characters, story, or intellectual property. If you believe otherwise, let me know.

There have been situations in the past when other COMICS have asked my permission for them to include my characters in their comics and covers as a selling point to their books, and I declined, and they tried to do it anyway. Then I put a legal and financial stop to it because I felt that the use of my characters (names and likenesses) was not appropriate, against my intentions, and threatened and diluted the integrity of my characters, story, intellectual property, and the place I had carved out for myself in this industry.

But as long as I donít feel that this is that kind of situation, Iíd prefer to look at the bright side of things (of which there are many in your story), and give the student, and the school, the benefit of the doubt.

I know that a lot of students learn to draw from studying other peopleís work, and I am generally very happy that my work can help inspire them and help them find their own stepping off point. I know that a lot of student art and poetry is inspired from my Kabuki books, and as long I donít feel like it threatens or dilutes the integrity of my characters, I try to be understanding and appreciative about it.

Here is a story a few of you might enjoy.....

Recently, while my girlfriend and I were moving through my local comic store, she and I came across something rather disconcerting. I was talking to the clerk, who was wearing a Kabuki T-shirt, when my girlfriend burst out: "Hey, you've got the cover from Aquilo (our school's poetry and arts magazine) on your shirt!" Puzzled, I asked the clerk to confirm my suspicion that the image was from David Mack's Kabuki, which he did. He was nice enough to pull a trade paperback from the racks and show us a piece of art almost exactly like the one on his shirt, which is the exact image on the cover of the annual publication my school produces, AND SELLS, every year. We went home, confused and very angry, and I decided to put our findings on this site.

http://kpfalk.8k.com/Plagiarism.jpg: Enclosed is a link to a page my girlfriend, Kathryn Falk, made to prove a point. She has scanned both images of the cover and credits page of the 2001 Aquilo of Williamsville North High School. I urge every one of you to look at it and give me some proof that it is not, in fact, swiped art. It is David Mack's image repainted as exactly as the artist could. The artist obviously knew what she was doing when she submitted a plainly copied piece of art for publication.

I would also personally like to bring this to the attention of the comics community, to apologize to David Mack on behalf of the artist and anyone else involved, and ask if there is anything we could do to right this situation and stop the school from selling any more of this year's Aquilo, seeing as they printed hundreds of these and have many more left that they plan on selling during the coming year.

-Joshua Cochran.

Re: David Mack Dilemma
THU, 8/2/01, 5:28 p.m. - In Response To: Re: David Mack Dilemma (brian monroe)
whoever did it did a terrible copy of it,scarab looks like she weighs 200 pounds there! shame on the artist for such a blatant rip-off!
Well, I'm sure she is still learning. perhaps this marks a new stage in her art. I think it is fascinating and beautiful in its own way.

Link is in Scarab #8!
THU, 8/2/01, 8:55 p.m. - In Response To: Will Link ever reappear? *NT* (Magnus)

And I do have plans for Link in future stories.
But I don't want to give too much away:)

THU, 8/2/01, 9:07 p.m. - In Response To: IF ANY OF YOU GUYS SAW... (RickMays)

I was just telling Rick that after meeting Tomomi and spending time with them, that I now can't help but see her face in all the Scarab art Rick has done. It's pretty eerie.

Hey,everyone. First, I wanna say, it was great talking to you again, in SD, Justin! I hadn't seen you in a long time (as now, I'm such a recluse...). Also, I'd like to extend all my best wishes to Ron & Kris. And David & Anh, Tomomi & I had a GREAT time with y'all, here in LA.!!

Now, I don't know if any of you guys actually saw the painting I did a few years ago, for Penthouse Comix (maybe, Men's Adventure Comix) #10, I think. The "spanking" piece, with Windy the Witch. I can't post a pic of it, because it's not appropriate, for all ages. Anyway, I've recently discovered that I still have it. So, if anyone's seen that piece and is actually interested in it, it's available. I hadn't given it much thought, but I'll price it pretty low.

Take care all.


Re: So you're saying Tomomi's a hottie
FRI, 8/3/01, 5:26 a.m. - In Response To: So you're saying Tomomi's a hottie *NT* (Victor Destefano)

Well, there was a point when Rick and I suddenly realized that Kabuki and Scarab were hanging out together with us.

It was pretty wierd.

always good to hear from you, Dustin:)
FRI, 8/3/01, 5:29 a.m. - In Response To: Sue happy? (Dustin Parker)

These are the general feelings I like to have about things.

If she used the Original art and claimed it as her own ->> then I would understand everyoneís reaction - -but she did her own interpretation of the painting - ->> she created it herself- - she did not directly steal Mackís art.

To be an artist - -you must understand that your art is subject to being replicated or mimicked and As an artist myself I strongly believe that once you create that image and you present it to the public then it becomes the property of the public - -they can interact with that image however they wish to - -and you should encourage that interaction - -whatever it may be - -

Duchamp painted a mustache on the Mona Lisa - ->> Bill Sienkiewicz parodied the American Gothic (in Electra Assassin)- - the list is endless - -

you have to recognize that art is always commenting on itself - -it is always making a reference to itself - -to its own history - and to its own evolution - -and we cannot restrict that wonderfully interesting and powerful quality of art - art is constantly folding back onto itself - -always making references to its own past and future - - >> This is what makes art at all interesting - -why discourage that - -we should embrace that relationship and I also believe that art is not to be taken too seriously - -as an artist I try not to look at my art as something that is MINE- -that I OWN - -because I donít own anything - -I know that my art is free to everyone who wishes to experience it - -and wishes to let it inspire them or influence them - -so who cares if they reproduce it - -

because when we die we cannot take our art with us - s

and yes, her painting would had been more interesting if she had incorporated her own elements into the painting - -possibly making it a self portrait as scarab (that may explain the weight gain) -- >> or whatever - -but I donít think its ever a crime to commit art - -to create art - -art is never a crime - -it is never wrong - - under any circumstances to create something - -we can never discourage the act of creation - -

art is something to share - -and experience - - and enjoy- - it isnít property - - it isnít some sacred thing - -its art- -itís a means of communication and a means of expression - - so let it communicate - -and let it express something beyond itself - -beyond what the artist had intended - and stop being so quick to attack people - -

do you pay a royalty to the guy who wrote happy birthday - -? ? (Iím sure that guy deserves a few billion dollars )

Re: Book signing & Art show
FRI, 8/3/01, 6:48 p.m. - In Response To: Book signing & Art show (David Michael Beck)

Hi David

You are welcome to use the message board to promote your work as much as you need to:)

Congrats on the signing at Comic Book World! I have a family thing tomorrow, but if we get a chance, we'll stop by.


Amigo,... If you and Anh need something to do tomorrow head on over across the river to Comic Book World's Harrison Ave local. They are holding an afternoon book signing and art show from 12:00-5:00 in my behalf. I will have 30 -40 originals on display (many you've never seen). I'd be honored to have you both. If not , no sweat, I'll see ya in Chicago in a few weeks. Sorry to use your message board to grossly promote myself but I appreciate your support of my efforts to break into this funny book business, and I thought it might be a nice diversion for you....Best Regards,...DMB

Re: Hype: New Sequential Tart
SAT, 8/4/01, 2:36 a.m. - In Response To: Hype: New Sequential Tart (Jennifer Contino)

The Tarts have been supporters of mine and Bendis' work for years. I always appreciate them introducing comics to new readers.

I think my interview with them is in next month's Sequential Tart.

Happy birthday to Anh Tran and Alisa Bendis!!!
SAT, 8/4/01, 2:44 a.m.

Brian's wife Alisa and my girlfriend Anh conveniently have the exact same birthday...

Cumpleanos Feliz

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