At first she classified me as a non-verbal because I never spoke. I preferred to write on paper squares that I folded into livelier shapes. She painstakingly unfolded them as if dissecting a new anthropological specimen.
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Home Message Boards WFC: July 16-20, 2001

Re: scarab costume
TUE, 7/17/01, 2:37 a.m. - In Response To: scarab costume (Lindze)


Generally, I think of Scarab's entire costume as black. Except for the metallic spikes. But Rick depicts things with a certain contrast in B/w or with other grey tones in color so parts of the costume will show up and contrast.

Looking forward to seeing your costume at Dragon Con!

Hope that helps.


hey! i was hoping someone...or Mr. Mack, could answer a few questions about Scarab, since im making a costume of hers based mostly off the new Rick Mays series mostly, for dragoncon this year. im half done, but i wanted to double check on some colors.... Are the arm spike/gauntlets supposed to be silver or black? Quesada drew them as blackish on the one scarab cover, but elsewhere they seem silver or lighter. also, they ARE spikes, right? as in metal like? im not using real metal, for practical purposes, but that was the look i was going for...
also, what color is the trim on the suit, around the choker, open back, hand guards, etc... i think theyre black, but in the B&W drawings, they are not inked in, maybe for contrast, but could be theyre a lighter color, like white or grey. Theyre black in the few color drawings there is of her, but im double checking....
sorry to bother everyone with this!! i just want it to be as accurate as possible and be true to mack's vision!!
thanks so much!

Re: web page & copyright info
TUE, 7/17/01, 2:48 a.m. - In Response To: web page & copyright info (Amy)

Hi Amy,

Thanks for reading my book and for your interest in speaking of it on your web page.

The basic guidlines are these:

A) With images please mention that: Kabuki is Created by David Mack and is TM & Copyright David Mack. All rights reserved.

B) Please mention that it is published my Image Comics.

C) Please do not use any Kabuki images that may depict any type of violence or nudity. I don't like anything resembling that presented out of context of the story.

D) Please understand that I need to reserve the right to ask you to discontinue use of the Kabuki imagery if it conflicts with a business situation that I enter into in the future or for any other reason. I don't foresee anything like this happening, but I just need to cover that possibility.

So as far as you observe these guidelines I'm sure that your use of the Kabuki imagery on your site will be fine. And I thank you for introducing Kabuki to others.

Warmest regards,

David Mack

Hi David!

My name is Amy Rogers and im currently a senior in college. Im enrolled in a class where we have to create our own "home page" on the internet. My professor is giving me the choice of how to create it. I can use programs like Frontpage, Arachnophilia, Dreamweaver, or we can hand code things. We are required to include some personal information about ourselves...things like occupation, age, areer goals, hobbies, interests, etc. We're required to include images, breaks, hyperlinks, and the such in our web page. Im totally new to all of this, but I am finding that Im enjoying it. Its a summer session class, so things are moving a bit quicker than i would like...too quick to learn how to hand code things in my opinion. The class is only a month long and the html and web page project is actually something the professor has added to the class agenda. The textbook has nothing to do with web page design or development, its called "Searching and Researching the Internet and WWW".....needless to say, im having to learn how to do this quite quickly and have no text reference, so im trying to go the "easy" route for now. I dont know much about copyright laws, but I would LOVE to include some information about Kabuki in my home page. I've been a fan for some time now, and I would certainly consider it a hobby and interest. I would like to include some Kabuki images as well as a brief description of what Kabuki is about, and of course some hyperlinks to useful and helpful Kabuki sites. I would REALLY APPRECIATE it if you would email me, if you have the time, and guide me on what I need to do, regarding copyright laws. Im basically asking permission to use images of your Awesome artwork on my web page, but I know enough to know that I should respect the artist enough to obtain permission. I wont include anything in my page on Kabuki, without your consent to do so. I admire and respect you and all you do, and I wouldnt want to be disrespectful to you in any way. I apologize for ranting here, but I do tend to talk a lot. I would find it an honor to hear from you regarding this matter. I would also consider it a privilege to be granted permission to use Kabuki related info or imagery in my web page. I hope and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much for your time.


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