At first she classified me as a non-verbal because I never spoke. I preferred to write on paper squares that I folded into livelier shapes. She painstakingly unfolded them as if dissecting a new anthropological specimen.
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Re: Praise&Posters
SUN, 7/8/01, 2:51 p.m. - In Response To: Praise&Posters (EYAL)

Hi Eyal.

Thanks for reading my books. I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for introducing my books to others.

As for posters: its true that there are only four Kaubki posters that ou can currently buy through the comic distribution system.

I do have about thirty other Kabuki images that I personally sell as prints at conventions. These are (11x17). THe posters are about twice that (2 feet x 3ft).
Justin also sells some of the older Kaubki prints from the website.

But as for posters, i'd like to release som new ones from Image. And mage has suggested releasing some signed and Limited Editions Kabuki prints on archival paper.

Until then, if you are interested in some of the current prints I have, you can contact Anh at

I hope this information is of some help to you, and
I very much appreciate your readership of my books.

Warmest regards,

David Mack

I just got back from the army(I live in Israel)this weekend, and let me tell you a little story: I brought a few KABUKI TP's to a room I'm sharing with 14 other people,plus all the 'Reflections' books.The first moment I took them out they were the talk of the day. Everybody ABSOLUTELY loved them.We even had a big debate about the meaning behind every character and storyline.
But the thing they loved the most was the artwork. "Ingenious","brilliant" and "amazing" in their own words. Soon,many people wanted to buy posters of KABUKI.Which brings me to my question:As I flipped through my posters catalog I only found four posters I can buy (scarab,kabuki #1 kabuki #3 and skin deep).Are there any ther posters I can buy,or if not,any posters you are planning on releasing in the near future? I hope so.
Thanks for listening,
Eyal M.
from Israel.

(Scarab #8( & Kabuki at Image...
SUN, 7/8/01, 3:26 p.m. - In Response To: Scarab #8? (meghan)
i was at my local (crappy) comic store yesterday asking when the last issue of scarab was coming out, and he told me that it was pushed back due to low orders and that the series (all of kabuki) was probably getting dropped.

i know this guy has no clue what he hell he's talking about, but when is scarab #8 scheduled to be released?

Did they seriously say this? None of it is true. You'd thik that they would want to encourage readers to want the books, not give false information that the books are over. Bewildering.

Image wants me to do more of Kabuki not less of it. They ask for as much Kabuki product as I can do, and as often as I can do it. I just try to focus on each story, so each story is meaningful, rather than just a new issue to feed the schedule machine. I'm more focused on the story as a whole rather than the old monthly standard of just getting something out.

I'll use this response to mention how committed Image has been to creators like Bendis and myself. Valentino has personally vowed to keep all the Kabuki titles in stock. He has personally told me that I have an automatic green light at Image to publish any project there that I want to (Kabuki or otherwise). He has made it very clear that we are what he refers to as a few certain core creators at Image that he wants to give major support and roots to.
We have been working very hard with Valentino and the Image crew to get our books into the major Book store distributions as well as comic stores. Valentino totally understands that the future of our artform relies in getting people outside of comics to be introduced to our medium through the collected volumes. He feels that what he calls the "Mack Library" and the "Bendis Library" are a great tool for bringing bookstore and music store patrons into our artform, and he has been nothing but supportive with us.

He understands that I am focused on each story as its own project, rather than just putting SOMETHING out to meet some kind of abitrary monthly quota. THough I love the periodic nature of each issue coming into stores as the new chapter unfolds, the collected STORIES are also very important to us and what will bring new readers into our medium and give this artform the respect it deserves.

THat said, THanks for sticking with us. Scarab #8 was scheduled for July but may be early August, before it ships.
It was not "pushed back becouse of low orders" as you quoted your comic store person. The readership on Kabuki is very healthy. THere are more people reading the Kabuki collections than ever before.

Rick's still finishing up some stuff, and I had rewrote the script a few times. We had hoped to have it out by San Diego this month, but with all the other things going on, that won't happen. Untill all of the art is totally finished, I confess that I continually reconsider every part of the script and re-work it up to the last minute. Especially in an issue like this that is the conclusion of a storyline.
I'm sorry for the delay, but it won't be a long one.
And I thank you for reading my books. And please thank your retailer on my behalf for carrying my books.

Warmest regards,

David Mack

SUN, 7/8/01, 3:33 p.m. - In Response To: TO MACK (Dan Morris)
Ever consider turning your characters in Kabuki into action figures? They would kick ass if you did! Think about it. Have all the agents of the Noh with tons of articulation and accessories of weapons. And each of them could come with a removable mask!

Come on man these action figures would kick ass!

The first Kabuki action figures came out last year. And I love them. THey do kick ass. Tons of weapons, removable mask, and more articulation points than any Moore Creations figure ever had before. I've heavily advertised them in the book and you can still order them from the checklist in every issue.

The first figures were: KABUKI, a variation of her wounded and battle worn (a recreation of her at the end of Circle of Blood) called the WAR TORN KABUKI, and KAGEKO the Kabuki Doppleganger.

THere will be figures of all of the Noh as well. I'm thinking Diamond might announce it at this years San Diego Con.

Run out to your comic store, pick up the ones that are already out now, and let me know what you think.


Re: Kabuki cameo in Oni Color Special
SUN, 7/8/01, 3:36 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki cameo in Oni Color Special (Bryan Goff)
Buy this book it's funny as hell. The Kabuki page is priceless

Bryan Goff

This is a very amusing book. And I love the Kabuki page Oeming did where he tries to present Kabuki somewhat in my "style". THe page is very funny. I've already made him promise to sell me the original art to the Kabuki page when he first showed it to me.

Re: MACK! a question about your Jinx introduction
TUE, 7/10/01, 1:53 a.m. - In Response To: MACK! a question about your Jinx introduction (bunso212)
you said that later on you would tell a story about some of the times you and Bendis spent together. Like every time you are together its like a Seinfeld episode. any stories?
Plenty of stories. I'm sure I'll find a format for them eventually. We met in 93 at a con in Chicago. And since then we did a lot of cons together, taveled together, shared hotel rooms and after-con mis-adventures with people we met at the cons. Most of this was when people were still figuring out who we were. We were touring to build a readership and traveling on a shoestring budget. We did a conmplet signing tour of the west coast in both 96 and 97 with Greg Horn and James Hudnel. Form LA, San Diego, Bay area to Vegas. There were a lot of great stories in that alone.
Also I was wondering, I ask this question on the bendis board. and I asked him how is was to work with you on daredevil.
Yeah, I saw your post there.
So I'm wondering, how was it to work with him? What were the high points, what were the low points (if any) How was it to work someone else's script, that someone being your long time friend bendis. Alright just wondering. thanks for your time.
Of course it was a great thing for us to finally do a high profile project together. We had fooled around on some other jobs in our youth to get some paychecks (usually me inking Bendis' pencils if you can believe that), so it was nice to be able to work on a project worthy of our friendship. It was something that each of us wanted to express based on feelings from our own childhood.

We had really learned a lot about the storytelling craft from each other in our formative years (we really introduced each other to our own different philosophies and values of both art and writing), and it was nice to do something together when we are starting to be a little more competent with the storytelling skills that we are still learning.

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