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Home Message Boards WFC: June 16-20, 2001

SCARAB action figures
SAT, 6/16/01, 4:09 a.m. - In Response To: Re: kabuki statue/ action figures??? (sonja)

is there a Scarab figure in the works?
I just closed the deal for this. Looks like Scarab will be the next one. I will post about it when I get the date.

SAT, 6/16/01, 4:14 a.m. - In Response To: MACK!- NEED INFO ABOUT PURCHASE (Keith Giles)

I'm really looking for a lithograph/poster of the cover you did for Daredevil #20 (the one with DD in the center, waist up, with a black, brown and green background).

I noticed one for sale on Ebay that was signed, but I'm wanting one from THE SOURCE!

Can I buy one from you and if so, for how much?

I sell prints at cons for $10 each or two for $15.

I bet I can find one of the DD's that you mentioned. Just send a check to the address in the book and Anh can send it to you.

Also, do you have any of the black Kabuki Tatoo t-shirts available?
We do have plenty of these available!:) Very poplular at conventions. Can still get them from the checklist in the book as well. Any of the shirts go for $20 or any combination of TWO for $30.
Why doesn't Graphitti carry those?
They do now. I think they just offered them in the recent PREVIEWS catalogue.

Thanks for the interest. We'll keep an eye open for your order:)

Re: Commissions
SAT, 6/16/01, 4:16 a.m. - In Response To: Commissions (Paul)
Mr. Mack, do you do commissions? I have friend who would pay $$$ for you to do a fully painted rendition of his character. Please let me know. Thanks!
Hi Paul,

I appreciate the interest, but I just have way too many of my own characters and ideas to draw.


Re: looking for brush
SUN, 6/17/01, 2:10 a.m. - In Response To: looking for brush (Rafael)
Hello Mr. Mack,
Hope all is well. Ever since I had the opportunity to meet you at the Heroes Con this year, I've been in search for a brush similar to the one you were using to do ink drawings. I thought it was an elegant piece. I remember you said Anh had got it for you while in Japan, and that the bristles were goat hair. I've searched at all the local art supply stores and the closest thing I've been able to find are oil and watercolor brushes (but they're too large). Do you know of any place I could order one? Thanks!
I picked a bunch of these up in Japan. I don't really know where to order them from here, but art stores in Japan Town in San Francisco or Little Tokyo in LA or may have them.

Someone recently picked up some similar brushpens for me in Japan Town.

I'd guess that stores in Hawaii would also have them. I think that you said you were from the Honolulo area. I'd ask friends in that area to check it out, or check the Japanese art stores on your next visit.

Re: Model of the drawing board in Masks of Noh:)?
SUN, 6/17/01, 2:15 a.m. - In Response To: Model of the drawing board in Masks of Noh:)? (c.s.)
Any chance of models of the girls in their flat and yer one on the loo reading comics and the DRAWING TABLE...thats what I'd *LLLLLLLLLlllluhvvv*'d be cute! Fun! Cause thats what I want (a drawing table) instead of my manky old board.. supply meets demand I know... these are just little ideas...I guess I could make my own...
THanks for the suggestion:)
I'd like it, but yeah, supply and demand. I'd like to hear everyone's opininon on what kind of Kabuki 3d sculptures that theyed like.

Re: Kabuki
MON, 6/18/01, 5:33 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki (PhantomDink)


Will you be returning to Kabuki anytime soon, David?
As soon as I can, I will begin painting the next Kabuki storyline. In the meantime, Scarab #8 ships in July. #8 brings this particular Scarab story to a close and ties in with the Metamorphosis (1-9) story.
Also, I heard there will be a trade paperback reprinting numbers one through seven of the ongoing series. when is this coming out?
You probably mean the 1-9 issue story called Kabuki Metamorphosis. It has been collected in Hardcover (on sale now) and the paperback version ships in August.
I can't wait to see your Ultimate Marvel Team-Up issue with Shang Chi.
It's going to be fun to see Rick's art on this. I'll be doing covers and layouts.
I'm sure you hear this all the time but my ex-girlfriend loves your work.
I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

Miss Fumiko!!!...
MON, 6/18/01, 5:37 p.m.

... saves the day!

I recieved your recent letter today. The one with all those metal border type things. I was in the middle of painting two DD covers today, and not quite sure what they were missing. THen I got your package with that metal stuff and added the metal trim to some of the cover art. BIG improvement. Thanks for the help! I really love those metal things.


Re: kabuki: metamorphosis hk
TUE, 6/19/01, 6:14 p.m. - In Response To: kabuki: metamorphosis hk (chris sandford)
Dear Mr. Mack,
i love your work. you are a great inspiration to me. thank you.
now to the question: i bought the hardcover for metamorphosis around february and was perplexed when i noticed that it didn't include the 'HUGE behind the scenes look at the creation of the issues' that it was advertised as having. why isn't that material included in my copy?

- chris sandford

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reading Kabuki. I've very happy to hear that you get something from it. That really is my intention.

I did advertize the book as having "sketches and character designs". But after I finished doing all the new artwork in the intro pages, covers, chapter separations, intoduction pages, afteword pages, etc... I totally ran out of room. In fact I went eight pages over what I advertized it with just to include the extra presentation art that I wanted in the collection. So though it was advertized as 280 pages, It actully has 288. And IMage couldn't keep letting me add more pages because of the extra cost and as is, it wouldn't break even for so long down the road.

So I apologize for soliciting it with the promise of the sketches and character designs, but I felt that I had to put all the other new pages in for the rythm of it as a collected story. Totally my responsibility. I'm still very happy with how the extra presentation pages make it read as a story. But if you are in any way unhappy with it, I will buy it back from you if it is still in salable condition.

I do want to someday do a very in depth behind the scenes look at that story and some of my motivations of it, complete with interviews, more hardcore analysis, and rough sketches.

I hope this answered your questions. And I really appreciate that you read my work.

warmest regards,

David Mack

Re: MACK! - Help a sister out...
TUE, 6/19/01, 3:09 p.m. - In Response To: MACK! - Help a sister out... (Susan)

Hi Susan,

Good to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in the response on the art. I've just had a TON of original art inquiries lately, and we wanted to make sure all the pages were priced and personally accounted for before we sent responses. But we just did all of that yesterday and today (so the new organization will enable quicker respons in the future), and I will be e-mailing you today about the pieces you asked about. Thanks for reading:)


Hi David,
I sent a request to Anh several weeks ago regarding the availability of original art for sale. I noted a few pages that I was interested in, and she said she'd get back to me but I haven't heard anything for a while. I know you guys are busy and I don't mean to be a pain, but I have a spot on my wall just crying out for a Mack original. Please help!


(age 31, just so you know

Many thanks to Kevin Smith and Justin...
TUE, 6/19/01, 6:23 p.m.

For taking generous measures in maintaining this board!

I read your earlier below post about this Justin. Congrats on the partnership with Kevin Smith's View Askew in supporting this message board. That is VERY kind and considerate of him.

My thanks go out to both of you.


New Wizard Top Ten list NEWS...
TUE, 6/19/01, 6:30 p.m.

I just heard that I will be rated as #7 in the the TOP TEN ARTISTS list in the newest issue of Wizard.

If this is true, it is encouraging news. Always nice to hear that the comics press is noticing you and appreciates your work.

Wizard listed me on thier TOP TEN WRITERS list when I was writing Daredevil, and now it looks Like I made it onto the TOP TEN ARTISTS list. I wonder if anyone has been on both lists before? Maybe Frank Miller? Or is this a first?

Also, it is nice to be on the Artists list at the same time that my pal Bendis is on the Writers list, and my old pale Mike Oeming is on the Artists list too. It's good to see my friends beign recognized by the popular comic culture.

Re: Hi D & A, about the fan club
TUE, 6/19/01, 9:28 p.m. - In Response To: Hi D & A, about the fan club (Yvette & Paul)
Hello and warmest wishes David and Anh,
We hope all is going excellently for you. We're pretty bummed out now, since we just got beat by some last-second e-bidders on a copy of the Kabuki Fan Club pack. We haven't seen this advertised anywhere else. Is there any way to still get it, besides online auctions?
The Kabuki Fan club (called The Inner Circle) took place i think in 97-98. Dynamic Forces made 3 comic book format newsletters with interviews, behind the scenes stuff, and special offers, that were sent to members with some other stuff. This was in my pre-message board era. So it was an easy way to, get the sneak peak at stuff, tget teh scoop on future projects, find back issues, special items and get signed stuff, etc.

I don't know if I have any of the newsletters left. I'll ask Anh to try to find you a set, but not sure. Pretty rare now I guess.

Paul is nearly ready to send our next order to you. In case you didn't catch the last posting, thank you so very much for your time and efforts with our last order. We were just floored by your thoughtfulness and kindness.
Take care, hope to see you again someday.
--Yvette & Paul
Glad you were happy with the extra goodies:)

We'll look forward to your next order. I'll rember to sign it all "TO PAUL & EVETTE!"


Re: hi david mack
WED, 6/20/01, 10:26 p.m. - In Response To: hi david mack (Adrian)
hi pal

i was wondering if you still have the echo mini series and mind of kai one shot on the cards.

i can't wait next week for DD19

Hi Adrian,

Yes, "one the cards".

Thanks for your support.:)

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