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Home Message Boards WFC: May 11-15, 2001

Re: Scarab question for MACK
FRI, 5/11/01, 7:52 a.m. - In Response To: Scarab question for MACK (Ryan)

Hi Mr. Mack,

My question is if there was ever an Scarab statue who would design it? You or Rick Mays?

Probably me. I did the design for the Scarab bust and all the other 3D things. Although I also included some of Rick's art as well for Clay to see her from all angles. Which is probably what i'd do for the statue.

Re: hey mr mack.. i was wondering..
FRI, 5/11/01, 8:05 a.m. - In Response To: hey mr mack.. i was wondering.. (shaun koh)
to David Mack: my comic inspiration
hi there, im a 17+ guy in singapore whos totally in love with ur art style, especially kabuki and your current daredevil stuff. Im an amateur artist, and i was wondering whether you would be kind enough to have a look at my own comic book and tell me what do u think about it... where i can improve and whether you like it! Thanks again in advance coz it would mean the world to me if you do have a look! The url is below...
Hi THere,

Thanks for reading my work.

I looked at your book. I only got as far as the first page because it takes forever for each page to load on my computor. But I really enjoyed your painting style on that page. It seems very bold, sophistacated and confident. I'm sure that you have a promising carreer in art ahead of you.

Bold vibrant colors and I enjoy the wash and the way that the paint does its own thing.

Warmest regards,

David Mack

KABUKI Masks Sold out!
FRI, 5/11/01, 7:38 p.m.

I've just been told by Moore Creations that I will be recieving my personal comps of the KABUKI mask this coming week. So I think that they should also be in stores next week.

Make sure that you have your retailer hold it for you, because Moore Creations has told me that the advance re-orders for the KABUKI Mask have went beyond the entire supply that they have manufactured. This means that your store needs to hold it for you or immediatly order it from Diamond's (the distributor to your store) supply as soon as possible, before they are all out.

Also please make sure to have your retailer pre-order the Scarab Masks ASAP before the same happens with that.

Here is the info that Moore sent me:

Press Release
-for immediate release


Moore Creations, Inc.'s Kabuki Mask, the first in a series based on David Mack's Kabuki comic, is now sold out. This glazed ceramic wall hanging didn't last long, and neither will the next mask in the series, featuring another NOH ex-government assassin, Scarab. The Scarab Mask is scheduled to ship in June, so get those orders in now before they are long gone! And don't miss out on the third mask in the series, Tigerlily. ###

For questions or additional information, contact:
Erin Naterman
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Moore Creations/Moore Action Collectibles, Inc.
817-568-2620 x12
fax 817-568-2626

Re: Hey David! About Motor City Con
SAT, 5/12/01, 2:34 a.m. - In Response To: Hey David! About Motor City Con (Ernie Estrella)
I was wondering if you'd be available on Saturday of the Motor City Comic con for an interview for

Chew the fat, catch up, coffee's on my girlfriend! *wink*

Ernie Estrella

Hi Ernie,

Good to hear from you.
Shouldn't be a problem if we can find a slower time of the day. Saturdays are usually the busiest day.

Re: Con question for MACK
SAT, 5/12/01, 2:36 a.m. - In Response To: Con question for MACK (Paikman)
Mr Mack, are you still going to be at the Motor City Comicon in Detroit? If so, which day or days and will you be doing sketches? I won't be able to go but my friend, Bret will be. If I send him and some money, will you do a sketch in my sketchbook. I'm a big fan and would be honored if you could do something. Let me know. Thanks!
I'll be there At least Sat and Sun for sure. Maybe Fri if I get enough work done first.

I don't do commissions, but I do a "QUickie" Kabuki brush drawing for $10.

I'll be happy to do one in your book.

Re: Mack? your turn..
SAT, 5/12/01, 2:42 a.m. - In Response To: Mack? your turn.. (Oliver)
You have received many replies to the two questions you posted, and i thought maybe you'd share with us your age and why you enjoy Kabuki or why you enjoy the comic industry all-together. Just a thought.


Hi Oliver,

I'm now 28. I started writing Kabuki when I was 20. I do comics because I've always had a passion for many diverse forms of arts, media, ideas, etc, and I found that instead of having to pick one, I could integrate all of them within the format of the comicbook.
Kabuki was designed as a book that I could incorporate not just media, such as art, poetry, etc, but also all the things I was learning about, my other interests in philosophies, and real like experience and challenges that I'm able to funnel directly into the book. It has been a real joy so far.

There are a zillion other reasons that I could mention. One is that comics and Kabuki are to me, not just expression, but a form of comunication in which I feel like I am able to construct a new language.

Re: AGE Question...
MON, 5/14/01, 6:32 a.m. - In Response To: Re: AGE Question... (far from the madding crowd and the black dwarf)

Hello my friend in Zen:)

I am engineer of the psyche. also, have you ever asked in the back of the comic book for people to write in letter's about these type of questions of perhaps reader's not online. You might be surprised.
Not surprised at all. It's true that the readers on this on line message board seem to be mostly in the 20s to 30s age ranged, but a LOT of the people that I meet at conventions (and that I recieve mail from) seem to be the age of my parents. I'm VERY glad that there is such a HUGE range in the age of people that read the book. It seems to be a very interesting phenomenon.

Re: AGE Question...
MON, 5/14/01, 6:35 a.m. - In Response To: Re: AGE Question... (far from the madding crowd and the black dwarf)

Also I LOVE your other above post. I love to hear about your experience in the art world, galleries, etc.

And I really appreciate the Edison allusions:)

THough sometimes I feel like more of a Nikola Tesla.

My new name is based on 2 stichnomancy oracle leads. You just click the mouse and it open's a page and paragraph of a novel in a hard drive somewhere.

so ? Age i wonder if you have many older reader like me who are not thrilled about gettling older. I am to be 41 end of this month. I am engaged, but have been more or less married for 6 years in New York Little Italy. I am engineer of the psyche. also, have you ever asked in the back of the comic book for people to write in letter's about these type of questions of perhaps reader's not online. You might be surprised.

Re: Hey David...
MON, 5/14/01, 6:41 a.m. - In Response To: Hey David... (Benjamin Simpson)
...I'm working to get some more creators on the Marvel Message Boards. If you have time, I'd really love to hook you up with a board, even if you can only stop by every once in a while. If you're into it, let me know and I'll get you set up ASAP! My email's Jokerz[@]mediaone.net just in case you want it!


Hi Ben,

Thanks for asking. I probably will then, if I only need to stop in now and then.


Re: New Kabuki posters question for Mack
MON, 5/14/01, 6:42 a.m. - In Response To: New Kabuki posters question for Mack (Ryan)
Hi Mr.Mack,

I own all four Kabuki posters that exist to date and was wondering if you plan on releasing more any time soon. I would love to see a poster of Joe Quesada's cover to Scarab #1 or Rick Mays's cover to Scarab #4. Any chance of that happening. Thanks for reading.

THere is a very good chance of the Scarab #4 cover becoming a poster. Soon I hope. THanks for the feedback:)

Re: AGE Question...
MON, 5/14/01, 11:19 p.m. - In Response To: Re: AGE Question... (reincarnation of Burrough's pinky digit)

Maybe that's why i took to following an image ? Nah, i sure it was a spell.

Then there we're the counterfieter's and oh but the fan mail of voodoo to Basq---.t

I love the Basq---t world. When I first saw his stuff, it was like reafirming something in my own world. Reafirming my own use of image and word.

and the time he got busted having someone send him drug's in a book, he was like a dark angel with bad luck. My friend had to make his bed ? eek... all for fame ? So i admire you as a self-made man and i really thought you we're an old man ! Must be the ghost of Burrough's ?
Love your post title. I'm sure i'm simultaneously young and old. I haven't learned to put my age in sequence yet. THis time stuff is still a fancinating trick for me. I keep having to remind myself that most of the world likes to happen in a sort of sequence that they view as linear. Sometimes I get things in the wrong order and die of old age right before I am born. Then I just skip right to the puberty and terrible twos and adult work and child's play becomes indistinguishable.

I was a lot older when I was younger. Especially in ages 3-18. I did a lot of serious research work.

Now I am much younger.

Before (when I was older as a teenager) I was into some heavy grown up Tesla R&D. Blinded by science, physics, chemical equations and my mouse & Rat genetics.

Now I feel myself getting younger as I realize that laws of physics are a by product, and I just invent my own.
Soon I will lose all sense of self and be narrating happily from the womb.

But hey ? This is what i heard about Tesla... " Some say he was a genius " ! and other's " a madman "! but, i guess you don't have to worry... just in case you may be both ! [;)]

Re: hey David Mack
MON, 5/14/01, 11:24 p.m. - In Response To: hey David Ma    ck (Adrian)
hi pal
i hope i didn't ask you a question that you didn't want to answer a couple of posts down

i was wondering about the kabuki press contest

i had an interview i did with grayhaven and i mentioned how great your work and kabuki absolutely is [:)]

is this legit if i sed you a copy of the inteview so i can get that stuff? [:)]

HHuellI, ADRIAN,:)


I usuualli do nut do thet for ON LINE stuff, bicus I would be doin it cunstantry.

I reserve the Kabuki Press contest for PRINTED publications.

But I hope you will accept my sincere thanks for your mention in the Grayhaven:)


Re: Questions for Mack, re: future projects
MON, 5/14/01, 11:30 p.m. - In Response To: Questions for Mack, re: future projects (~Adam)

Hi Adam,

I do appreciate your impatience and outpatients. We will speak $ spell and sell no wine before its time. not dates or grapes or grapevines yet. I do announce to announce dates at another date of announcing to announce a date of announcement.

Hi David,
Just wondering if the "non-fiction" autobiographical comic is still coming along, and if you've decided on a format, (comic sized, oversized, color, black and white, both?) AND if you can tell us anything about the next Agents series, or at least give us a date when that announcement would be made. Sorry to be impatient, but well...I am. [:)]


MON, 5/14/01, 11:31 p.m.

check the Motor city con site for all the info.

Oeming and Anh there too. All the Kabuki stuff will be there in full effect.


Re: Question?
TUE, 5/15/01, 8:02 p.m. - In Response To: Question? (Kolchak)
Is the story in the Frank Frazetta mag new? ever reprinted? and is the Kabuki Vision stuff we never seen b4? Because I want to order these from Mack if there new.


Kabuki Visions (Mack sketchbook) $9.95
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Magazine # 1 (Kabuki story) $5.95


The Kabuki visions is 96 pages of SKEtCHBOOK stuff published in 1994.

Some pieces in it have been published in Reflections but most have not.

The story in Frazetta Mag, was new at the time, but I included it into a sequence in Kabuki #6.

I have the KABUKI mask!
TUE, 5/15/01, 8:04 p.m.

Recieved them today. I think this means that they will be in stores either THIS week or NEXT.

Ask your store to reserve one for you.

THe mask is amazing. I am VERY happy with it. Looking forward to the rest. THe packaging is also very cool.

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