I lifted the veil. I took away the grid through which she viewed me. I unfolded reality for her.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Message Boards WFC: May 6-10, 2001

Rick Mays SCARAB Art!!!
SUN, 5/6/01, 1:17 a.m. - In Response To: Rick Mays Art (Kurt)

I'm a huge Rick Mays fan. The main reason I got into Kabuki was because of his Scarab issues. Someone pointed me here to see if any Rick Mays art was for sale. Anyone?
Hey there,

Welcome to the board!

You can order any of Rick's original SCARAB art pages through me personally.

I buy each entire issue of original Scarab pages from Rick myself. I keep the pages I want and Rick gives me the right to re-sell all the other pages to recoup expenses.

Just let me know which pages that you are interested in and I will let you know if they are still available and what the price is. Then you can decide if you want them, send a check, and I'll send you the art.

The entire first issue is sold. But most of the pages in #2-7 are still available.

Let me know which ones you want.

David Mack

Re: Con update: MOtor City, Heroes Con, Santa Cruz
MON, 5/7/01, 3:43 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Con update: MOtor City, Heroes Con, Santa Cruz (Kim)

Hi Kim,

Not this year,but I'll definitely post if I'll be in the Eastern PA area. I do intend to do Pittsburgh again next year...

Will you be anywhere near Balitomre in Aug while my friends and I are at Otakon??
(who has practically given up on getting Mack back to the eastern PA area....)

Re: important message from iceland
MON, 5/7/01, 4:19 p.m. - In Response To: important message from iceland (hugleikur)

Hi Thor (is it OK if I address you as Thor for short? It sounds very cool to call someone that when it is part of there real name [:)] )

First, Great story!
Thanks for sharing it with us. The whole thing was a very interesting idea, and I actually enjoyed the way that you put the lines together. It gave the lines a sort of new life to see them whithout the images and in the form of a poem that no one would suspect was from a superhero comic. Very nice how you seamlessly connected the lines from my opening DD pages with 2 lines from Kevin Smith. It actually gave me a new perrspective when reading it.

I am familiar with the Burroughs cut up poems and that Bowie uses this method to write song lyrics. I do this myself. But mostly by cutting up different pieces of my own words from different things I'm done and mixing them together.

Your cutups are used "out of context" in that they are words from a comic presented in the format and context of a poem, but the poem is not really "out of context" from the point that the words and ideas are from the same title and exact point of view of the character they originally described. In fact they are still very much in keeping with the original persective of that character.

But I actually think this is part of the charm of what you did. I love the fact that it still works as it was originally intended as POV of the character, while standing on its own as a serious and valid POEM.

I think the fact that you cut it up from my and Smith's DD words add an extra layer of interest to the poem, as it works in both worlds.

If it were up to me, I would suggest that you use the poem but credit it as cut ups from our DD words.
I also love the idea that the newspaper wants to run a story on it and that you may win an award for it.

So, as much as I can give it, you would have my blessing crediting it as a cutup of our DD words.

The only variable in that plan is that Marvel Comics owns the copyright to Daredevil and the words the Kevin and I wrote when we worked on it. I don't exactly know how that would figure in to what you are doing but I thought that I should remind you of that. I would think that they might like the press in the newspaper story, but I actually have no idea what their policies are in something like this.

If you really want to make sure, you could ask Joe Quesada.

Re: Mack?
TUE, 5/8/01, 12:39 a.m. - In Response To: Mack? (Victor Destefano)
What are you asking for the page with all noh agents(#7) and the one with the full page of scarab behind the mask(also #7)?

Both of those are on the highest end of the price range. Some of my favorites. I'm asking $350 for each of those. But most of the pages are much cheaper: averaging like $100-$200.

A big hello to the readers in GREECE!!!
TUE, 5/8/01, 5:24 p.m. - In Response To: Question for Dave (MacT)

Hi Mike,

It's great to hear about the fans in Greece. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can go to Greece someday.

I love Bilal, Manara, and Moebius too. So thank you for the flattering comparison.

As for your question, NohTV.com has some art to view, and I think WFCOMICS.com has some of the older art for sale.
I have plans to make my own personal site to present ALL my artwork, but it won't be up for a while.

In the meantime, you can always buy art directly through me if you want to. Just let me know of any pages from the book that you are interested in.

Thanks for reading my work.

Warmest regards,


BENDIS & MACK in Santa Cruz May 23!
TUE, 5/8/01, 5:29 p.m.

Wed May 23 we will be signing at Atlantis Fantasy world in Santa Cruz, California. Hope to see your there.

Re: Feminism?
WED, 5/9/01, 8:27 p.m. - In Response To: Feminism? (Ayumi!)
Hi, I was just curious to know David Mack's stance on feminism. "Kabuki" is obviously not a cliched story with typical male (or female, for that matter) heroes, so I thought it might be interesting to hear your point of view on the subject. [:)]
Hi Ayumi,

Thanks for reading my books and for your words.

I don't know if I have a satisfactory answer for you, because I really don't think in terms of "isms".

I don't think in terms of writing from either a male or female point of view. Just from a personal point of view. A human point of view.

The story is character motivated. Not "ism" motivated.

Re: Kabuki: Dreams
THU, 5/10/01, 9:47 p.m. - In Response To: Kabuki: Dreams (Chris Ryall)

Hey Chris,

Thanks for picking it up. THough it fits in with the story, Dreams reads as more of an illustrated poem poem experience.

I hope you can still get Circle of Blood, because it gives a working foundation for this and is a full blown story.

I think the newest printing of Circle of Blood ships next week.


Hey, Mack!

I posted a variation on this over at Bendis' board, too, and someone else there had a question to, so if you got a sec, you might hit that one, too...

But I did track down Kabuki: Dreams yesterday--my shop didn't have Circle of Blood, so for this being my first Kabuki book, I am still a little unclear on just what the story with the character is.

But, after your recent talk about your near-death experience, it made me read this book in a whole different way. Made it more personal, which is good. Overall, the book had such a lyrical, poetic quality about it. The words were just about as beautiful as the illustrations themself. Really nice stuff!


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