I study her lips and notice that I hear her voice even when her mouth is closed. Furthermore, her mouth does not match her words.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #4
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Home Message Boards WFC: March 16-20, 2001

Re: DD #15 "misprinting"?
FRI, 3/16/01, 1:49 a.m. - In Response To: DD #15 "misprinting"? (Mr.Johnson)

Hi Christian,

Most of the DD #15 issues that I have are fine, but I did see one that is the way you described. One printed signature is not stapled in the book and the unstapled page is cnsequently WAY out of order.

Is it just my book, or is one double page (the one with Echo standing in the broken window and on the back of the page when she confronts Fisk) not fixed in the book, but just lying in it losely?

Where does the first scene belong to?

But anyway, a really great ending to a great run!!! The only thing is: I would have liked to see more from Fisks youth. I think he changes a bit too quickly.

Looking forward to the Bendis/Mack run! (on a monthly basis) [;)]

And this Dave Ross thit a very good job, wich I doubted in the first place...very good indeed (who was this Quesada guy again... [;)] )

Read ya

Re: Mack and Bendis in French Comic Box Magazine
SAT, 3/17/01, 8:08 p.m. - In Response To: Re: Mack and Bendis in French Comic Box Magazine (jmm)
Richard and you are sooooooo nice on the photo !! lol ;o)
Hi Jean-Marie!

That is a funny pic isn't it!

Richard also mentioned that one on the phone. (Richard Isonove DD colorist in case anyone was wondering)
I also thought it was funny that the collumn on that same page calls me the Tom Cruise of comics. And I like the pic of me drawing standing up. Of course my fave is the one with Anh, me, Richard and the entire Comic Box crew!

Say hello for me.

I'm doing an interview with Xavier for the upcoming issue.
The JAPAN issue.

Adventures in France.
MON, 3/19/01, 8:44 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Mack was robbed in Françe? (french tbolt)

It's a good story actually. The quick gist of it is:

On the final day of the show, the luggage of mine, ANh and the other people of Comic Box was loaded into their vehicle.

I was just finishing the final sketches of the show, when Fabrice of Comic Box had just went back to the car to load more stuff, and found that the car window had been broken and EVERONE's backback's and bags were stolen.

It was a real bummer for everyone, because we had such a good time up until then. So then we explained to the Police and drove back to Paris.

All of our clothes and belongings were taken. We only had the clothes on our backs. But the thing that bothered me was that I had a big folder full of original scripts and notebooks of future stories that was taken. Many that I had just finished on the plane ride over.

I was pretty focused on checking back with the Police in case some one found this. I was intent on getting it back. THough that prospect seemed sort of far fetched.

However somone called the offices of Comic Box the next day. They had found out belongings in the garbage.
THey sent it back to Comic Box and Comic Box sent it back to my home in the U.S.

I got almost everything back!! including all my scripts!!! Anh and Lise were not as lucky as most of their clothes were not found. We were very gratefull to the guy who found out stuff and called. Comic Box was real great about the entire thing.

The last day the car were Mack let his affair was taken away with his (hum citing CB) trousers and sadly the scenarii he wrote on flight for France...but almost all the things robbed were found by a guy who called CB and Mack take it back (especially of course his trousers LOL)

respectfully and citing CB
french tbolt

Kabuki Portfolio
MON, 3/19/01, 5:33 p.m. - In Response To: Need help identifying a Kabuki Portfolio (Jeff)

What you have is the limited edition German produced Kabuki Portfolio. Published by my German publisher INFINITY.
It is from a limited run of 990. It should have a certificate that states this in German and ENglish with my original signature on it.

The exact number of prints in either 48 or 50.
It is the entire issue of KABUKI - DREAMS (translated in German) and also included a number of many of the Kabuki covers also as prints.

The printing and production values are perfect.
It is one of my favorite Kabuki Items.

The original retail price for this was $120. But as it is very hard to find at only 990 printed, i don't know what the current market price is.

I picked up a Kabuki item at a convention this weekend I hadn't seen before and I was hoping David or someone else could tell me more about it.

It is a Kabuki portfolio which appears to have been produced overseas. ( It is 26" by 17" in size with the prints inside being slightly smaller ). Some of the prints inside have text on them that I believe are in German. It came in a really cool giant red box with three Japanese Symbols imprinted on the top of it in black ink. Inside there are atleast 20 to 30 prints. I haven't counted all of them exactly yet.

The prints are of Kabuki covers and pages from various series/issues. The box that contains the pictures had been damaged but the prints inside were all fine. Unfortunately the dealer couldn't tell me anything about the portfolio. In fact he acted like he didn't really know it was a portfolio of Kabuki art. It was like he didn't know what he was selling.

Besides knowing a little more about this item, does anyone know how much it originally retailed for?

Thanks for any help.


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