I kept it hidden in a place that they no longer look. It took incredible muscle control.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards WFC: February 21-25, 2001

Re: drawing conclusions
WED, 2/21/01, 5:44 p.m. - In Response To: drawing conclusions (Dustin Parker)

Hi Oliver,

I've jsut always had a passion for making things. As long as I can remember. With words, pictures, found objects, or whatever.

When you have a passion for something you do it ALL the time. SO naturally you get better at it and also try to learn specific tps and tools from books and classes.

But a lot of what Dustin said below is a good point.
People can be taught things. How to drive a car or how to draw realistically.

But I think that everyone can already draw. But some people feel that if it doesn't look like a photograph then it is not "Realistic' or good. And I should point out that I draw a lot for myself but those drawings are only sometimes in any neighborhood close to realism. WHat I would suggest is drwing the way that you enjoy or have passion for and let it grow from there. Start with your passion that makes you do it all the time and then add on more nuggets of knowledge and craft from anyplace that you can. Then you can choose from this toolbox.

Classes can help you polish your craft, or even give you basics of understanding. But by doing it all the time is when you actually LEARN it.

Re: Seattle Con Question (for Mack)
WED, 2/21/01, 6:01 p.m. - In Response To: Seattle Con Question (for Mack) (Cody)

I read that you will be attending the Seattle Con. I haven't actually seen you at a con before so I was wondering if you bring any original art or sketches with you or if you do them (sketches) on the spot, per request (and $). I live in Portland, OR and would be making the drive for the Con, so I wanted to know how prepared I should be. We could discuss beforehand if that makes it better. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to meeting you.


Hi Cody,

I look forward to seeing you at the con. I do indeed bring original art, a wide selection of prints, back issues, shirts, posters and just about everything else. As I'm usually pretty busy at cons speaking with my readers and signing the books, I don't pursue doing sketches or special requests. For those people that really really want an original drawing, I usually have a small sign that reads "Quickie Kabuki sketch for 10 or 20 dollars". THis is usually a very fast brush drawing. I used to do them for free but then I find that I'm stuck doing them all day and half of them are on e-bay the next day. So charging something helps to insure that I don't do too many and the people who pay for it genuinely want it.

But I will have quite a bit of originals, including the Scarab artwork. THese usually range in price from $100-$300 for Black and whites to singnificantly more for the painted ones. But I don't travel with many of the paintings unless someone picks them out before hand and requests.

Also, please let me know if there are any specific books or other items that you are looking for and I can make sure to bring them.

Warmest regards,


Re: David can you please answer
THU, 2/22/01, 1:37 p.m. - In Response To: David can you please answer (Adrian)
hi david
Hi Adrian.
i was wondering what's up with scarab7 appearing on the comiclist&diamondlist for shipping next week
can you please explain
I cannot. It is a March book. Was solicited for March and is shipping in March.
& is the mind of kai book still on the cards?
Yes. ANdy Lee is working on it.We will be at the Motor City Con together, and the Atlanta COmicon. Andy's band will also be performing at this Atlanta Con!
possibly when you finish your DD run
Lots planned for when I finish DD!
thanks for talking to me
your mega fan

Re: stats on posters?
FRI, 2/23/01, 8:59 a.m. - In Response To: stats on posters? (Richard Boom)

Hi Boom.

I guess I'll be the first to give some stats.
I'm the same age as you, 28. Not married yet, but been with the same girlfriend for the last 4 years. No kids yet. I'm saving that for my second childhood as an excuse to play with them all day. But I play basketball, skateboard and soccor with the neighborhood kids.

With my peers, I also like rock climbing (just came back from this in Atlanta) Yoga, martial arts.

Oh yeah, and long romantic walks on the beach.

I was just wondering about the ages from the posters here. I already know they are from all over the globe, but I was just curious inwhat age-category I am 'swimming'. Me is from '73 so I will be...mmmm...28 this year...wow I can impress myself sometimes with my calc-skills!! [=)] Oh yeah...also married for 8 months and first kid is arriving mid-june OK maybe I am boring people right know with this info, but I always find it interesting when I know some stats on others on the boards.
He is big.....
He is bad.....
he is the BigBadBOOOOOOM

And what comics do you collect besides Darkchylde?

Mine are
*Tarot Witch of the Black Rose
*Daredevil till Mack drops out

Re: movie??
FRI, 2/23/01, 9:02 a.m. - In Response To: movie?? (ph!l)
hey im new to this whole kabuki experience, was wondering if the movie thing is for real??
Well I've been getting paid to work on it for the last couple of years, so that's nice. But in my mind, it won't be real until I watch it on the screen myself.

Re: heheh check this out...
FRI, 2/23/01, 9:22 a.m. - In Response To: heheh check this out... (~Adam)

Good list Adam!

Yes friends (Justin, Adam and those interested),
9 is certainly a symbol in the Kabuki story for REBIRTH.
I usually choose my numbers carefully.
For instance room 101 (the doctors room) is a reference to a new education in a subject. A la Physics 101 or the like in college. Room 101 here is a room of re-education. It is also the room number mentioned in George Orwell's 1984 in which the protagonist is tortured in order to recieve his own "re-education".
In Kabuki's case, the subject of the education is herself.

I noticed that as fans of comic books, the directors of the Matrix put a lot of comic book references into the Matrix.
Right at the beginning, the police come to room 101 that Trinity was in. This was kind of cool, as I imagine it was a sort of tip to the many issues Kabuki's story was taking place in room 101.

OK, Kabuki and the number 9...

She spends 9 months in her mother's womb (obvious)

When she's attacked as a child she's clinically dead for
nine minutes...

She bites off her finger... 9 left

After she gets shot, doctors have to remove 9 feet of

9 months in Control Corps

9 issues of metamorphosis

I think there's more too!


French Kabuki
FRI, 2/23/01, 10:41 p.m. - In Response To: repost for Mr Mack... (french tbolt)


Marvel France published Kabuki Dreams, Skin Deep and the story from Reflections #1 in French in three different issues.
As far as production and quality, I was real happy with it.

They wanted to publish the full color issues first. I don't think they published Circle of Blood yet. Panini, the company that owns Marvel France also owns Marvel Italia, and they did publish Kabuki Circle of Blood in Italian first.

But I think Marvel France wants to do the rest of the Color issues first. THis is fine, but it seems to me that it would make more sense for it to be published in chronological order. But i guess they know the viability of their own market and Perhaps my Kabuki stories are complicated in that they change format.

So I honestly don't know when you would be able to find a complete collection of Kabuki trades in French.
Definitly not by the end of the year.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Here's my questions : I've seen there was a French translation of Circles of Blood published last year if I make no mistake by Panini France (under the imprint generation Comics)...Will the adaptation of your work will follow or no? I ask this because I entend to see you one another time in October at Paris (if I can...) and to bought all the Kabuki trades as I don't have any of them yet...but if the following stories are published by them I'll bought them in French so ?

And by the way have you seen the translation and if yes what are your thoughts on it?

respectfully an intending to be the owner of the complete Kabuki collection 'til the end of the year!

french tbolt

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