Beethovenís ninth symphony is his last and strongest symphony, the culmination of all his previous works. There is a finality to it and a freedom to that finality.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Home Message Boards WFC: February 6-10, 2001

Re: Mr. Mack, how do you and Bendis know eachother
WED, 2/7/01, 1:49 p.m. - In Response To: Mr. Mack, how do you and Bendis know eachother? (Michael)

Gotta say.. I love your Kabuki stories, I'll admit.. I bought the trade paper back of Circle of Blood because of the cover... and boy did I luck out... I also love the way you colored (watercolors?) the covers to DD. Well what I'm getting at is well I started following your work and Brian Michael Bendis' work religouslly around the same time... then I read an article or something saying you two were long time friends.. I was just wondering how you two know eachother. thanks for your time


Hey thanks for following my/our work.
Brian and I met at the Chicago con over eight years ago and have been each other's best friends in the industry ever since. We've sort of learned a lot from each other and critique each others ideas and work long before they get published. We have different enough perspectives that it is a big help having another unique POV on your initial plans.

Here's something funny that you may not know: When I was writing the first Kabuki story in 1993, I was not interested in drawing or doing the art. I just wanted to be the writer.
I actually asked Bendis to Draw Kabuki and he was going to. So I have these early Kabuki drawings that Bendis did.

Eventually I decided that I'd need to learn to draw it myself in order for the art to fit the organic and unconvential quality of my ridicualous script. So I had to figure out the art stuff on my own. But it sort of cracks me up to see these early Kabuki pages by Bendis. Especially since I'm now painting a DD story that he wrote.

Re: hmmm i can't think of a title
FRI, 2/9/01, 11:34 p.m. - In Response To: hmmm i can't think of a title (Natalie Rauch)
Mr. Mack,
i have been a devoted fan of kabuki since i was first introduced to her by surprise! a comic book store owner. She has been a major source of inspiration and art in my life ever since. Lately as i have gotten older and on to college i haven't had much of a chance to keep up on my beloved character since there is no comic shops i have found yet where my college is. so i have to go with reading my back issues until i get a break to go home and stock up on kabuki and scarab. Anyways i was wondering about a rumor i heard about a kabuki movie i apologise if any of this is old news to you but you got to give me a chance being a bit out the circa of things. i was wondering if it was made and if so where i could find it. i remember thinking as i was reading my first issue how perfect it would be as a movie and probably cult classic. if you could (i understand you are an extremely busy man.) answer this question i would be elated beyond belief. also just wanted to say that the man who introduced me to kabuki about 4 or so years back own spa city comics in saratoga where i still go to stock up for the year. Thank you so much for your time.
Thanks for reading my work. And please thank the comic store owner on my behalf for introducing it to you.

I've been working for FOX for the past couple years on the developement of the Kabuki film for a theatrical release. Besides writing the treatment, my credits for the film include: Visual Designer, Creative Consultant, and Co-Producer. I'm not at liberty to go into it any more than that because of confidentiality agreements. But I'm sure you can find several other discussions and news bits about it on this and other message boards.

Warmest regards,


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