In a former life, I worked in New York as a detective. I once worked with the Powers division as a consultant. I saw some weird stuff. And then I got out.
-- Kabuki: The Alchemy #4
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Home Message Boards WFC: February 1-5, 2001

reports from Angouleme)
THU, 2/1/01, 4:27 a.m. - In Response To: Ordinary decent ... Man? (reports from Angouleme) (french tbolt)

Hi French T-Bolt,

Good to meet you at the show.

Well here I am back from Angouleme where one of the few good moments was my meeting with Mr Mack...(I will not complain about the bad moments ... too much to say and better things to do!)
First thanks to Mr Mack for having been patient with me
(yeah I've got a NICE ECHO!!!!!!)
Glad you like it! It was sort of fun.
and the others peoples who get wonderful presents from question : Do you always sketch without sitting on a table?(I was really impressed by seeing you drawing like this!)
This is sort of funny to me. At conventions I am generally standing up when signing and talking with people. So at European cons I also draw standing up the entire show.
A lot of people commented on this and asked me how or why I stand up when drawing. I hadn't really thought about it. I suppose It just seems reasonable for me to be standing and making eye contact when talking to the others that are standing, instead of bent over the table when sketching.
Also perhaps I started standing at conventions early on in the states so that I could use my table space to present art, instead of drawing on that table area.
But I'm glad people seem to get a kick out of it.
I'll just say that I really appreciate you not also as artist but as man because you were patient and pleasant as everybody could have talked to you and ask you anything..
Thanks. I enjoy hearing from my readers. I should also thank them for bein so hospitable. Everyone in France was very kind to me.
( what a difference with Mr MEDINA who had just signed my books ,without any dedicace and who had not do any sketch (maybe only at the moment I was near his stand...)to anyone or even say a word to us!)
To be fair, I spoke to Angel Medina and he wasn't feeling well. He said that he got sick as soon as he came to France.
So Perhaps that explains some of his quietness. Also he is shy. Not many people realize that a lot of the artists (like people in general) can be very shy by nature. Especially when at conventions.
...Also you remembered me and introduced me to a friend of you that were with you at the stand!Then you had add some little details to "my" Echo and IT'S GREAT!!!!
I'm glad you introduced yourself! I had a great time at the convention and a great feeling about France and the people that I met.
It's good to see that some artists are always simple men...

Just a little word about Richard Isanove :as you a good man and a great artist ( maybe he should stop coloring and do some art ???)!

He did do some great sketches and water color washes.
He told me that he always wanted to draw but that it was easier for him to get into the business as a colorist. He said he is going to try to draw more.
In conclusion a good moment for me and a great Echo to remember this!

For the other posters...I'll have scan Echo for the end of the week and if Mr MACK is agreeing I'll send it to any of you who will ask it!

Maybe I'm dreaming too much but as my name says it my favorite comic book is the Thunderbolts...I would be in heaven if you could do a pin up for the next Annual(I'm curious to see the team under your pencil)but IT IS NOT A REQUEST!!!( I'll do want you to think I'm asking anything...I had so much saturday...)no it's just an idea thrown on the board!

respectfully and hoping you had a good feeling with France and good memories in it!
french tbolt

Re: Soundtrack to Kabuki
THU, 2/1/01, 4:42 a.m. - In Response To: Soundtrack to Kabuki (Andi Preller)
A question to all Kabuki-readers and to Mack himself: What kind of music, which bands, records or songs would you suggest as a soundtrack to reading Kabuki?

Another question to Mack: Do you listen to music while painting or writing?

I do listen to music while doing artwork. Usually when i'm with other people working around me. When I look at a page I did years ago I can remember the music I was listening to at the time.

WHen I did Circle of Blood, I was listening to a lot of Nine inch nails throughout most of the issues. Also Beck, Mozart, Wagner, Front 242, Rollins, Sting, the Doors, NWA, Elvis,. I remember that in iSSue 5 of COB i was listening to Ben Harper, Velvet underground, Johny Cash, Led Zepelin, NIN, The Crow soundtrack, NBK soundtrack, Hendrix, Dylan, Bjork and Ani Defranco.

In Skin Deep #3 I was listening to the Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, NIN, Marylin Manson, Ani Defranco,...

Lately on DD, I've been listening to The Fugees, The Beetles, DMX, Wyclef, Cibo Mato, Radiohead, the new NIN, Tori, Mos Def,...

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