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Home Message Boards WFC: October 26-31, 2000

THU, 10/26/00, 3:14 p.m.

Answering Gordon's first post, got me wondering.

I have a question for everyone on the board (a great chance for everyone to speak up and give us a roll call!).

The question is:

Of all the Kabuki stories (Circle of Blood, Dreams, Masks of the Noh, Skin Deep, Metatmorphosis, and the new Scarab),
Which one do you personally relate too most, get the most out of or just in general like the best and regard as your favorite?

And you don't have to explain WHY, but I hope you will.



THU, 10/26/00, 3:23 a.m.

I just answered a lot of questions one the message board. The following was one of my responses that I thought may be interesting to some.

Here it is:

Thanks for mentioning the Metamorphosis hardcover. I just recieved the Blueline of it from the printer today.

I'm pretty happy with all the pages that I devoted to the design and pacing of the book. I actually had to include an extra 8 more pages than I advertised it with. Now it is 288 pages.
Though there is a cool, intro by Bill Sienkiewicz and an insightful afterword by (Oscar wining filmmaker) John Sayles, most of the pages are for the design atmosphere, intro art, and so the pacing and cover gallery between chapters lets the book breathe and read at the right melody. This was more important to me than just filling it with a sketchbook. Also I'm very happy with the dustjacket art. And most importantly, it is just cool for me to have the whole nine issue story in one big hardcover format. The story reads so much better this way.

Also it occured to me that in all the previous books, that I had never put a bio or "about the author" kind of thing. So the hardcover includes a bio and author info that includes some background and info to frequently asked questions.

Re: Hey Hayden...Kabuki answers and new info
THU, 10/26/00, 1:12 a.m. - In Response To: Hey Dave! Kabuki question (Hayden)
Hey Dave,
Its been a while since I stopped on by the board - and
I'm a bit behind on the news-
Hey Hayden,
I'm assuming you are the same Hayden that I met on the street in Santa Cruz. Hope you are doing well. And thanks for stopping by at all the cons. I'm going to try to do the San Jose APE con in Feb and also try to visit Atlantis Fantasy World in Santa Cruz the week before APE. Do you still speak to Denise? If so, tell her hi.
I figure you are the best one to ask-sooooooo....With the Metamorphsis arc ending I was wondering if that was the final Kabuki story? Do you plan to continue examing the Kabuki character?
I have the next three Kabuki stories written.
I do plan to continue with more Kabuki stories. But I also plan to do a couple of other creator owned projects in between. The writing of all of this comes pretty quick and naturally, but the art takes a lot more time.
How goes the [Kabuki] movie - what stage is it in?
Going well. Working on a new revision now. I'm not able to speak much about it due to confidentiality clauses in the contract. I'm pretty much only allowed to speak of what capacity that I am working on it. So far, besides the writing work I've already done, the contract defines my working duties/credits with Fox as Visual Designer, Creative Consultant, and Co-producer. Each step so far has been very educational and very exciting.
What else is on your plate these days?
Well, I've completely finished painting the art for Daredevil #16 and #17. I'm working on #18 now and will also paint the art to #19.

I'm putting the next Scarab issue together for Kabuki Agents and am working on a Siamese story arc to follow in Agents after Scarab #8.

I just got the Blueline from the printer today for Metamorphosis, and am making corrections and tweeking the printing and page placement.

Working on getting the next Kabuki action figures in order.

There are lots of offers and possibilities to do more Marvel work, and I'm trying to choose carefully.

I'm painting three Swamp thing covers. Lots of real leaves and foilage collage on the painted art. Bisley, Fabrey, and Phil Hale are also each painting three before or after mine.

And setting in order and format my next creator owned project, which I think I want to do right after I paint the DD issues and before I start the next Kabuki story. Maybe i'll do it as a one shot or large book as opposed to a three or four issue series. Haven't decided yet.

And there are a ton of other things I have to do, but I'll get overwhelmed if I start thinking about them now, (like going over the contracts for more international translations...ave to close that deal with the Portuguese...).

Well, I better get back to doing those sketches for the signed and #ed Hard cover. Only 495 more to go.

Looking forward to all your new work as always-
i think you are one of the best-
Thanks pal. Readers like you make it all worth it.

Re: need mack help.
THU, 10/26/00, 3:08 p.m. - In Response To: need mack help. (gordon harries)
just to reiteraite some of what i've seid; my name's gordon harries and i'm new at the board--i'm a lover of crime fiction in all it's forms.

i'm also british.

and now my query ; i've been hearing about how good mack is for what seems like quite a while now. very daunted about picking up any kabuki as it seems to have been running for 14 years....don't want to wait the 14 years between current issues of daredevil. AND...i'm far more into trades than what's a good starting point? and what's avalible?

cheers, gordon.

Hello Gordon,

I just read and posted a response to your other post before reading this one. So again, welcome to the board!

Thanks for looking for my work and asking about it (my thanks to RON and Nick for the kind info).

They pretty much answered it. I think the trades are probably the easiest way to read the early work.
I hope you will give it a try. My favorites are probably the new 1-9 series (to be collectd in hardcover in two weeks called "METAMORPHOSIS") and "SKIN DEEP". But it may help to read "Circle of Blood", "Dreams", and "Masks of the Noh" trades first. The story and characters grow in these books just as you can see my struggle and evolution as a creator. I make a conscious effort to make each issue better than the last. I think you can see the growth and experimentaion on the pages and I think that is why I like the newer stuff best. It feels more "evolved". But Circle of Blood gives the complete origin and foundation for the character and the world in Kabuki. And there are many readers who like the story in this trade the best.

Let us know what you think of the books, and I'm sure people here can help you with any questions.

Warmest regards,

David Mack

action figures/APE CON
FRI, 10/27/00, 6:20 a.m. - In Response To: Re: Hey Hayden... (action figures?) (Ken Kneisel)
"Working on getting the next Kabuki action figures in order."

heh? That's the first I've heard of any new Kabuki action figures. Could you please tell us which one(s)? I'm sure whoever it is I'll be thrilled out of my mind and buy them all, but just curious. Will they be produced by Clayburn Moore again?


PS You'll be at APE in San Jose? Sweet! Then so will I. [;)]

Hi Ken!

Well eventually there will at least be figures of the eight Noh operatives. Siamese and Scarab to be next. I'm still taking care of contract/schedule stuff on this, but I will definitely update you right here on the board.

As for APE, I hope, but I haven't confirmed this yet. Again I will let you know for sure on this board.



Quesada/Mack cover
FRI, 10/27/00, 4:40 p.m. - In Response To: Ultra-super-exclusive-rare-limited-alternate cover (terry lohmeyer)
Just the other day i found a Quesada/Palmiotti/Mack cover at my comic book shop. Was this put out at the same time as the other two and i just missed it, or is it new? (This is now my favorite of the three..."blood, sweat and...lots more blood!!!")
That may be my favorite also. It was done with Quesada and Palmiotti in the same way that We did the DD covers.

Layouts by me. pencils over layouts by Quesada, inks by Jim, and them painted by me. Was fun and came out cool.

I've always had it available (and still do) in the checklist page.

Even if someone's retailer missed it, you can order it from the checklist anytime.

Re: figures/ And Kabuki Half
FRI, 10/27/00, 1:07 a.m. - In Response To: figures (yolanda)
i've looked everywhere for the figure that's covered in blood. does anyone know where i can get one from?
I have some left. You can order them from the new checklist that will be in the next Scarab issue. All the figures are listed on the new checklist and available as well as all the t-shirts, and the Wizard 1/2. The deal with Wiz was that I could not sell any for a year and the year is up, so if you missed them you can get them from the check list.

Hope this helps.

Also, Anh has the Wartorn Kabuki figure and the Kageko figure on ebay right now. You can get it there if you prefer.



FRI, 10/27/00, 4:52 p.m. - In Response To: KABUKI POLL!! (MACK!)

Just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of you responding to this. I'm loving to read what each of you have to say. It also gives a great sense of all the different kinds of people on the board.

Please post on the Kabuki Poll if you have not yet. I'd like to get a sense of all the readers here and where they are coming from.

So even for all the people who usually only read the message board and never post please speak up and drop your 2 cents. I know there are a LOT of silent people on this board.

Like to hear from you on this.


David Mack

Answering Gordon's first post, got me wondering.

I have a question for everyone on the board (a great chance for everyone to speak up and give us a roll call!).

The question is: Of all the Kabuki stories (Circle of Blood, Dreams, Masks of the Noh, Skin Deep, Metatmorphosis, and the new Scarab), Which one do you personally relate too most, get the most out of or just in general like the best and regard as your favorite?

And you don't have to explain WHY, but I hope you will.


Re: what I'd like to see...
FRI, 10/27/00, 4:35 p.m. - In Response To: what I'd like to see... (~Adam)

Thanks for the suggestions guys.
For Kabuki, the scar/mask/identity thing is a big part of the theme in the book, so I wanted to make that happen in the figure. Even though it was expensive and tricky, it fit the psychology of the character and I think it adds a great dimension to the figure.

But as you said, some of the others' faces are still a mystery so they most likely will not have removable masks.
Keep the suggestions coming.

I actually just got off the phone from a business conversation on the sculpting/articulation/presentation posibilities of the new figures.

could you please

This is actually a good point. The masks don't really need to be removable with the others, but it was necessary with Kabuki.

For the Scarab figure: Actually the design Yukio does for his "Keiko" figure in Scarab #2 looks pretty good! The twist in the waist, the weight mainly on one foot...only make it more so. She needs a really good pose...maybe mid-running, like a freeze frame. She would need to be pegged into a base of some sort in order to stand up, but damn that would look cool!

For the Siamese: I'd love to see them in a pose that's both graceful and threatening at the same time. Also the poses should reflect their personalities somewhat. We know one is fairly introverted, doesn't talk much...her pose could be more self-contained/darker/graceful, maybe crouching down slightly...while the other would be more expressive and threatening/spread out/standing taller. Their base should relate to them somehow...the best thing I can think of is have one side be some sort of beautiful stone wall, with vines and flowers running over it, and the other being something like rusted metal with wires and circuitry running through it.

and looking ahead....FOR BUTOH.. she should be captured in the middle of a ballet dance, with one fan covering her face and the other extended...hmm she'd have to peg into a base to stand up also...

and don't get me started on what I'd like to see with the ICE figure [:)]

But anyway, hope you like these ideas David. I'd love to see the preview sketches...


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