It wasn’t until she reviewed the tapes of the sessions, watching from the eye of the camera that she realized I was speaking to her. In one session, she noticed my eyes blinking in irregular patterns. Morse Code.
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Home Message Boards NPO: December 2000

Dec 1, 2000 10:48 AM


It will happen AFTER Scarab. So far in talking with Bendis, we had spoke of Master of Kung Fu. But it could change. And I have been speaking with Rick about our next project together after Scarab. We will probably do a project at Marvel. Still discussing the possibilities, format, and characters.

Dec 11, 2000 3:05 AM

Hi Friends,

I'm about to send Scarab #6 to the printer tomorrow. I'll post some responses as soon as I send it off. Oh, Hey Faraday, I printed your letter in this issue. #6 should hit stores the first week of January.

Talk soon


Dec 11, 2000 7:37 PM

Response to Zero in 672:

Yoshitoshi. I used to get a books of collections of his work from the library. I used to look at a lot of his KABUKI theater posters.

Rick still trains at that studio. He recently attended some competitions in Japan with his teacher.

Dec 11, 2000 7:39 PM

to Droideka in 673:

Though your happiness does mean a lot to me, I don't really have any plans for Franklin Richards. But you never know.

Dec 11, 2000 7:42 PM

To LD in 674:

Yeah, it was really strange for me to see my art in the film /on the screen. Made me happy.

As for the Tigerlily and Ice stories, I'll do'em but I don't want to throw out a time fram until it is all set.

Dec 11, 2000 7:46 PM

To LD in 675:

I'm glad you are a big fan of Andy Lee. I am too. Totally psyched to be working with him. I don't want to give too much away about the project just yet,because i'm constantly reworking things. But it will be a bold direction.

Andy Lee's work is going to make it look like nothing in comics. I guess the only other artists that do some art that might be comparable are Yoshitaka Amano or some of Muth's work.

Dec 11, 2000 7:52 PM

To Khaled (Faraday) in 676:

Thanks for the encouragement. The Kabuki Film stuff is coming along fine. Thanks for the congrats on the option renewal.

Yeah, I'd be happy to collaborate in some way with Shyamalan. I'm curious to find out if he picked my cover art personally.

ANd as I said before, I printed your letter in the new Scarab #6. Hits stores first week in Jan.

Has an ad for the Kabuki Mask in it. I'm really looking forward to the mask. It is very realistic and eerie.

Dec 11, 2000 7:58 PM

To Gandalf in 677:

As for Kabuki collections to start with:

I would suggest the beginning.

Here is the order of reading:

Kabuki-Circle of Blood (the origen and foundation for the other books)

Kabuki- Dreams (Collects my first painted works)

Kabuki -Masks of the Noh

Kabuki-Skin Deep ( I would also suggest this as one of the best Kabuki stories to read)

Kabuki- Metamorphosis (my most evolved work. collects the new 1-9) THis one, Circle of Blood, and Skin Deep are,I think, the most important Kabuki books to read. And you will still understand what is going on if you read these before the others.

Hope that is of help

Dec 13, 2000 3:02 AM

To Ld:

Sounds great. Andy is the man. Thanks for the confidence in our collaberation. It is going to be a collaberation like no other.

Dec 13, 2000 3:16 AM


Glad you are looking forward to the next Scarab. #6 will be out in only a couple weeks. And I think you will really like #7 and #8 which ends the current Scarab story. It's a hell of an ending.

As for what comics i'm reading now, I'm really enjoying all of my pal Bendis' recent stuff. He and Oeming are doing great on Powers. That's a fun book.

As for saying that all the Noh Agents are going to die, I don't think I said that. Sure they are going to die, from the same perspective that we all will in that they are not physically immortal. But I have a lot of story planned for their life which I am currently more interested in.

I did say that the story of Kabuki is sort of a biography of this characters life, from birth to death, and that I have written the next three Kabuki storylines, and that eventually she will die, and that I have outlined that story as well.

As for Holiday or Christmas stories, do you mean the funny things that my friends and family do when they get together? I'm really looking forward to getting together with my friends this Christmas. I remember last year's Christmas dinner and it was wonderful and bizarre. I'm tempted to talk about it here, but I don't want to offend anyone or give them the wrong Idea, so I think I will save it for a story in my books. Now that I think about it, I should make a Christmas Special type book based on this story.

THanks for the help

Dec 13, 2000 11:19 AM

He's in Hell's Kitchen fighting crime.

As for issue #14 I saw the finished art for it some time back (forget exactly when I posted about this) so I'm guessing it will be in stores in the next week or too.

ALso Bendis was just at Marvel in New York and said he saw the finished pages to #15.

As I've posted before, I've completely finished painting the art for #16 and #17, and finishing up #18 and will also be painting the art for #19.

Dec 13, 2000 9:04 PM


If I have them back at that time, I will.


Dec 14, 2000 3:33 AM

Hi Khaled,

I did have to edit your letter a little bit just for legnth reasons. It's still by far the longest letter in the bunch though.

As for links, you can always post those on the Kabuki Message board at or can reach it thru

Wow, buying trades for their birthdays is a great idea. I'm sending a bunch of my Metamorphosis collections out to friends and relatives for Christmas.

Dec 15, 2000 7:03 PM

Hi Vig,

DD #14 and #15 will have some Fisk related material in them. In fact #15 has a new piece of his origin in the bulk of the story. When I wrote this issue, it was by far my favorite issue. I hope it is artisticly translated that way. I have no plans for the other two characters you mentioned.

As for the release date of #14 check out the post above yours and the other recent posts.



Dec 16, 2000 12:29 AM

Hello Psych,

Glad you like the Circle of Blood and Skin Deep books. I think you'll like Metamorphosis too. Its my most evolved work as an artist and writer so far. And it is by far the best presentation too.

As for artbooks, have you seen the Reflections books yet? I am doing a Masks of the NOh artbook eventually, and a Reflections #4.

Dec 16, 2000 8:11 PM

Hi Khaled,

I saw it! Looks very cool. Do you do a lot of artwork?


Dec 17, 2000 4:30 AM

Hi Kaled,

Yes post 707 was me. I won't ever do that again. I just saw your web site that you linked to on the WFCOMICS Kabuki Message board. Very cool.

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