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Home Message Boards NPO: August 2000

Aug 11, 2000 2:17 PM
Hey friends,

David Mack here. I'm sorry it has been a bit since my last post. I've just finished a big Dardevil deadline with an issue in the painted story (in Dardevil 16-17). I've been focusing on it completely. After I take care of some things that I need to keep up on, I will try to answer all the recent posts tonight or over the weekend.

I also want to mention the great WIzard world convention in CHicago. I'll give you a run down in the next post.

Warmest regards,


Aug 14, 2000 12:27 AM

Hey freinds,

Heres my posting about the Chicago con.

This was my favorite Chicago show yet. Great con. Gareb and the Wizard crew were very nice to me. There were a lot of high points of the show.

First, I want to thank all of you from the message boards that showed up. I met a lot of silent lurkers on the board. You know who you are! I really enjoyed meeting all of you.

This show was sooo busy. My table was really packed the whoooole time with new and old readers. A lot of Daredevil readers were there to pick up Kabuki for the first time.

I was there with Anh at my two tables and Andy Lee had two next to me. It was a joy to be at the show with Andy again.

I did a Marvel Knights panel promoting the current DD story through #15 but mostly to promote and answer questions for the four issues of Daredevil that I am currently painting starting with DD #16 (scripted by my friend Brian BENDIS).

The "Marvel Knights dinner/Kevin Smith's birthday party" was a blast. They had a cake made to look like silent Bob complete with frosting cigerette butts.

Anh, Andy and I were there at the private dinner with all the Marvel Knights gang and other talented friends (Quesada, Nanci,Kevin Smith & Jason Mews, Jae Lee, Paul Jenkins, Richard Isanove, Jose Villabura, Joe Linsner & Eva, Tyler Mane (Sabertooth from the X-men movie), Tim Sale, Jeff Loeb, Vetigo's Alex Alonzo, Bill Jemis(the new President of Marvel), and more that I will think of later.

I signed at NEXTPLANETOVER where they gave away free Kabuki comics to introduce new readers. Signed at the Moore Creations booth with Clay Moore.

Something I noticed at this show was the huge amount of international fans. I saw fans in Chicago that I hve first met when signing in their native countries, (including France, Holland, Germany, Spain...). It was a pleasure to this time welcome them to the states.

It was also great to see so many of the other talented artists in artis alley. And a lot of readers showed me their work too, which was very good.

I'm sure I'll think of more things to post later. I just got in and need to get back to work.

I just want to thank all of you for making it such a great show and letting me know what you get out of the Kabuki books.


Aug 14, 2000 12:41 AM

Response to Blankboy from poat 450:

Thanks for hunting down all the Kabuki issues and reading my DD stuff. SInce you asked, the other books that I would recomend are the REFLECTIONS series. While these sometimes show some of my art process for Kabuki Daredevil stuff, they also have all kinds of artwork and stuff that I've done outside of my Kabuki work (like a lot of the pinups and covers taht I've done for other books) and some work outside of comis, like oil paintings, sculptures, and Album covers. So if you are trying to track dowm my pre-kabuki cover work etc., this lets you know what it is and presents most of it in the Reflections books themselves.

As for More Marvel Knight stuff, yes I intend to continue working with them in one capacity or another. First, I plan to paint my next Kabuki series after I'm done painting the new DD story (16-18 0rder from the current PREVIEWS).

Then I may do an ECHO series, or do more cover work or write something else with Rick Mays (artist from Scarab) doing the art.

Response to Vigilante as to "what is better Daredevil or Kabuki?"

Each is their own unique challenge for me. Dardevil is a collaborative process which I enjoy, but Kabuki is me totally doing everything myself which I also enjoy. I have a taste for diversity and I just enjoy each for waht it is in itself.

Aug 14, 2000 12:51 AM

Response to Faraday in post 452:

Thanks for mentioning the site in order for blankboy to track down my earlier stuff. Anh Tran also has some of this stuff on e-bay.

Hey Nick,

Thanks for joining in an mentioning my story in Crypt of Dawn #2. I do like that one and I plan to do more work of that nature in a future series.

TO VIGILANTE in post 458:

Other marvel characters in my new DD run?

Lets see, Peter parker is in it. I drew Thor flying in a background panel on one page. J. Jonah Jameson yells at Ben Urich a lot.

There is a cool part in which ben Urich recaps the story of DD from his own journalistic perspective. This sequence spotlights all of DD's cool character line up from issues past up to the present.

Aug 14, 2000 1:01 AM

TO lostlo in post 460:

I hope you are feeling better and more alive.

Did you see Dardevil #13 yet? I'm really happy with Isonove's coloring. Of course Quesada did a great job as usual also. I'm very happy with each issue so far.

I should also really publicly thank Quesada for giving independant writers/artists like myself and Bendis a chance to work on the Daredevil series.

It's been a whirlwind response ever since.

To Nick, Vigilante, Mark, and Faraday: Thanks for volunteering the DD information, and I'm glad this board has proved a forum for you to interact with one another.

Aug 14, 2000 1:14 AM

Response to Myomyomyomyo in 471:

Thanks for the kind words about my work, and for listing me in such a talented league of writers.

I'm glad you like the DD stuff. As for the storytelling style in DD, take a look at my REFLETIONS books. Specifically, REFLECTIONS #3 shows my layout work for Daredevil.

If you like the DD story, let me know what you think of my recent painted story in KABUKI.

To Nick and Faraday:

Thanks for ansering and expanding on some of the points Myomyomyomyo mentioned. Again, I appreciate the mention of as a place to check out some of the behind the scenes aspects of my work in Kabuki and DD.

Glad you guys are able to help each other with info and opinions.

Hey Faraday, Scarab # 5 is offered in the next Previews. THe Scarab series goes to #8 and it is a wild downward spiral of chaos from here. It think you'll dig it. True, each issue may range in tone: #4 was more quick action, while the others slowly built relationships of the characters. But I like the shift in gears form issue to issue. #5 is also pretty action packed, while #6 is a more labyrinthian journey through psychology and the underworld.

Again, thanks for the kind words.

Aug 14, 2000 1:33 AM

To Faraday in post 479:

Actually, I already the cover to SKIN DEEP #3. It curently resides with an art collector in the Caiman Islands.

To Nick:

Hey, I remember that art that you sent now! Thanks for that. I hadn't mentally connected that to you previously. I really appreciate that letter.

Speaking of the KABUKI metamorphosis Hardcover, that is what I am working on right now. It is a lot of work. I'm trying really hard to do my best designing and adding stuff to this because it is probably my most important work.

In case others don't know yet, It is a 280 page Hardcover of my recent painted Kabuki series. It has an intro by Bill Sienkewiecz and an afterword by John Sayles (yes the writer/director/filmmaker). There is a lot of other stuff too. I'm actually woried that I may be adding too much, and I might limit myself to what I include. I still want to keep the focus on the actual story and the feeling it gives you. There was another really in depth analysis of the story written by Takashi Hattori (like he did in Circle of Blood. But I'm not sure if it too much after the great stuff John and Bill pointed out. And I am considering that it may take away from the imaginations and personal meanings that the readers bring to the story themselves.

I always do this. I think I have it all nailed down and then I constantly reconsider every choice and change the design around again.

Oh well, I'll have it worked out ofter a week or two.

Response to Sith mutha:

Looking forward to the mail order that you sent! Will get it right out to you!

Aug 14, 2000 1:51 AM

Response to Nick and faraday:

Yeah, the trade for my DD stories is something that I always had in mind. I'm sure they will work out very cool. I'll mention my suggestions to Joe when we get to that point.

With the New Kabuki Hardcover, I'm sparing no expense. I have a ton of cool stuff to put in, i'm just in the middle of finding the best way to do it.

I've never put a personal bio in any of my books before. This will be the first time one of my trades has a detailed bio account of my art/work schooling/career highlights.

Response to Vigilante:

Because I was introduced to DD in the Miller run, those characters/villians are probably my favorites. The first DD issue I read was the one with the Punisher in it. I was nine years old and at first the grimness of the book and the Punisher disturbed me. But I grew to love every Miller Punisher story. I also loved the Miller Bullseye, Kingpin and Elektra. Also loved Nuke in Miller's return.

Nick & Faraday:

Thanks again for the vote of confidence in my work and characters. I promise you that if I do end up doing this ECHO series it will be something very uniqe and special.

Aug 14, 2000 6:20 PM

Hey Faraday:

Speaking of that limited edition Kabuki portfolio from Germany, it was also offered in previews. There are still some left, so your retailer can reorder it. It cas 50 full color plates and comes in a delux hardcover/box embossed with the Kabuki kanji. It includes the entire art from every page of DREAMS and a lot of extra covers. ANd all of these are printed on the best paper stock and at a very large size.

Thanks for advice/opinions on the hardcover.

Aug 14, 2000 11:56 PM

Hey Nick:

So that was you that ordered the art page thru WFC? Cool. I think Justin recently sent the final order thru to me. I'll check with Anh and get on top of it.

Did you know that Sayles recently produced the upcoming "Girl Fight" by Karyn Kusama? WOn best of show at SUndance. I understand it is a young woman's quest to be a hardcore boxing champion.

Makes me think of my ECHO character. I'll see it asap (I think in September.

Response to tragicpsigirl:

Thanks for reading my work! I'm glad you dig my comics and want to show them to others.

If you relate to Scarab and Echo, I think you would like the Kabuki stories and would relate to her. Try Skin Deep and the recent 1-9 issues. Let me know what you think.


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