Beethovenís ninth symphony is his last and strongest symphony, the culmination of all his previous works. There is a finality to it and a freedom to that finality.
-- Kabuki: Metamorphosis #9
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Wizard World Texas! I'm there! Just confirmed!
Oct. 8, 04:09 AM

Anyone know if Mr. Mack will be making an appearance at the Texas Wizard Con?? I just moved from a small town and may finally have the opportunity to meet him...I need to know... It would really suck if he's everywhere this year, even where my relatives are (Phillipines) but doesn't hit Texas.
Please stop by and say hello!
Everyone who is at this con, please come to my table and introduce yourself. And let me know who you are on the messageboard.

Check for more details.

I just recieved my invitation and confrmation as a guest to WIZARD WORD TEXAS in Dallas. Nov 5-7.

I will be there all three days. All day. Signing at the BECKETT BOOTH just like last year.
Becket is the publisher that has invited me to sign with them as their guest at the show. I painted all the covers to the 5 issue RUULE series from earlier this year. And they will all be available at the BECKETT BOOTH.

Jeff Amano, artist and EIC of Beckett will be there signing with me.

I will be happy to sign everything you bring, and any books you pick up at my table. With no limit.

I will have original artwork there KABUKI, Dardedevil, Echo, Scarab and Alias covers.
As well as prints, T-shirts, Hardcovers, and Kabuki paperbacks and back issues. And current issues

I will be signing all day, everyday, and happy to talk with you and discuss or answer any questions.

Check for more details.

Please sound off here and post if you are going!

See you there!


Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 19, 03:22 AM

Sorry if this is posted here already, I looked but didn't see mention of it.
And I figured Millar would like to know.

I heard the news on the Bendis board.

The show "Screensavers" is slated to air again tomorrow at 12pm EST on G4/TECH TV.

All four books are on their website right now with links to sites for each.
From the site:

From the site:

Our New Favorite Comics

Kevin and Alex went out to see whatís new in comics, grabbing some the top-selling new titles. They came up with four that they really liked:


The Powers



Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 19, 09:13 AM

First, I'd like to thank all the posters that responded with the kind regards.
I appreciate that kind of goodwill and the hospitality on this board.

Hi Ryan,
I hope you are doing well.

It's no problem if my work on Kabuki is not your cup of tea.
My work on Kabuki is certainly not going to appeal to everyone. Especially right off the bat.
It is a very non-mainstream and a very personal work, so I understand if some people aren't sure what to think of it upon first glance.

But that's no reason to let it bother you so much when other people mention that it is their favorite.
Just for your own peace of mind and quality of life, I hope you won't let that sort of thing make you angry. Other people having different preferences than you is really nothing to let bother you.

I was posting the link to the Tech TV site to let Millar and this board know that one of Millar's books was mentioned on the TV show and the site as well.

I didn't mean to upset you.

Kindest regards,
David Mack

P.S. Aside from the effect of it bothering you, I am glad to hear that so many people are expressing to you that Kabuki is their favorite book.

So thank you for that bit of good news.

The work is so personal to me that it is always good to hear when readers are able to make that kind of connection to it.

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 11:36 AM

Thanks, Mark!
I appreciate the kind words.
The indy classification is fine by me. I've always had complete and utter creative independence on Kabuki, so it certainly feels independent :)

Give my regards to Quitely!

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 11:39 AM
Thanks, Ross!
You obviously have very good taste :)

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 11:46 AM

Hi Lino,

Mark, Quitely, and myself (and lots of sci-fi actors from Star Wars, Star Trek etc :) ) signed in Sidney in April 2002. At the OZ Con, or OZ Fest?

Sidney was fantastic. We had a great time there. We swam at Manley Beach and did all kinds of nonsense.
And I taught a masterclass at the Sydney University of Technology and Millar and Quitely were kind enough to attend :)

We spent a week there, and also a week in New Zealand where we signed at the SupaNova Event in Auckland.

I'd like to go back some time. Hopefully you can attend when we do it again.

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 11:55 AM

Thanks for the kind feedback.

I do indeed plan to do a story on each of the other characters. The way I did with Scarab.
The plan is to continue to alternate the stories as I have ( I do a Kabuki story that I write and draw, and then altenate with a story of one of the Noh that I write with another artist, and then back to my story and art on Kabuki. And so on).

I've done some pretty in depth interviews about this kind of thing and other Kabuki plans.
You can probably find them on or Shannon's (also a member of this board) Kabuki site, or my site (which will have info and descriptions of each of the Kabuki collections for anyone wanting to learn about them), or the new site by another member of this board David Thornton called, which will have every single interview and news item archived. And he updates the news daily!

I hope that is helpful.
Thanks for reading my work.
Warmest regards,

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 11:58 AM
QUOTE(Alex Thompson @ Oct 19 2004, 04:43 PM)
QUOTE(Mark Millar @ Oct 19 2004, 09:34 AM)
Wow. This is great. Thanks, Dave.

PS kabuki is the best indie book of the last ten years (and yes I still class it as an indie book). Quitely and I read them all on the 22 hour flight home from Australia and it was the only thing that stopped us killing each other.

Kabuki still counts as an indie book?!?!?!?! How many THOUSANDS of copies are sold of Kabuki (and for good reason). But an "indie" book? Ummm... I don't think so. Not quite mainstream, but not quite indie either. Kabuki is a class in itself.

IMHO, anyways.

I'll accept that classification as well! :)

Wanted, We3, Powers, & Kabuki shown on Tech TV..., 4 comics reviewed and recommended
October 20, 12:07 PM

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the first two issues of the new Kabuki series at Icon.
The new series is designed to still be accessable to entirley new readers.
So It is good to hear that the new series is still fun for someone who has read none of the previous collections.

I try to make each collection have its own theme, and its own self-contained story (and its own contrast in art and story style) . But each of them do fit in continuity and build on each other as well.

For the new series at Icon, each of the issues will also contrast in terms of the pacing and storytelling style, and art style, from issue to issue.

You'll start to see what I mean when #3 comes out :)

If you are liking the current story, and want to read more Kabuki, I suggest either METAMORPHOSIS, which is the collections that comes right before the current Alchemy story, or KABUKI: Circle of Blood, which is the very first volume.

Kindest regards,

Kabuki artwork by Adam Hughes!
October 26, 09:38 PM
In today's daily news update, David Thornton has included the new Kabuki painting by Adam Hughes, as well as other news.

He updates the news every week day, so make sure to check the previous day's news if you missed something.

Today's update is here:

Kabuki artwork by Adam Hughes!
October 29, 11:41 AM
[quote=Ken Kneisel,Oct 28 2004, 11:01 AM]
What's that you say? One of my all-time favorite artists doing a variant cover for one of my all-time favorite comics? That's one good way to get my attention. Me likey a lot.

The Alchemy is awesome btw, David. The first two issues have completely blown away my already high expectations. As ever, I'm very much looking forward to more!

Thanks Ken!
And thanks for all the kind words so far from everyone here. I appreciate it.

Glad you like the first two issues so much. Wait until you see #3!
It is very different. I don't think there has ever been a comic book like it before.
I'm definitely trying to break new ground with each issue.
And you will see a variety of art styles in the upcoming issue.
Please let me know what you think of #3.

And I like to think the ALCHEMY story gets better as it goes. With an ending that will be different than anything you've seen before. It will compliment the other volumes in a very unique way.

I'm very happy with Adam Hughe's Kabuki #4 cover interpretation.
Glad people like it.

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