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[Original message: 2 kb]

Re: future for dd
November 08, 03 at 02:14:01

i just read in the letters section of powers that bendis will not be using kingpin, typhoid mary, nor bullseye for the remainder of his run.

very brave, awesome idea. i just hope that he can renew the rogues gallery with more than just drug dealers and mobsters. hopefully, he'll find a cool niche for echo.

speaking of which, if i read another issue of daredevil composed of nothing but echo's thoughts, i'm gonna swear off mack. did this guy forget that he's writing for comic books???

Yeah what an artsy bastard. Anyone else realize the current Marvel trend of not putting the hero in the book that has his name? Silver Surfer's barely in his new book.

Hello readers,
Thanks for reading my work. Perhaps this response will be helpful to you.
I was asked to write an Echo story . For an Echo mini series and an Echo collection. Which I did. After I wrote it, the publisher decided to put it in the DD monthly series to cover the time that Bendis and Maleeve would be on thier break getting ahead with thier new DD story. I'm not in charge of making Marvel's marketing or publishing decisions.

I've been very clear and up front about the nature and intent of this Echo story in all of my promotion and interviews about it (check out my interview on this site). If you approach the story with an open mind, and an interest in the character, there is a lot to get out of it.

But if you are approaching it in expectation of it being a superhero fight book, then you are going to miss the point and charm of the story. I do understand that I am working in a comic book, but I don't percieve that as a limitation.

Kindest regards,

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