Well, I'm probably not as special as you think. I like putting words together...like a puzzle.
-- Kabuki: Scarab #1
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Home Message Boards Joe Quesada: April 2004

Why do Marvel have to be diverse?
April 15 2004,17:40

Hello friends,
Thanks for the kind words about Kabuki and Powers.
if you want to check out some of the Kabuki collections davidmack.net has some info on each of them.

For the person that says I'm just gimmicky college or collage, I'm not sure what either of those mean either.
Is it that you are bothered that I may at times choose to use mixed media?  Or that you think my work resembles a student's college work?

Respectfully, if you think I only do one kind of art, I'm guessing you may have a very limited experience of my work.

If you take a look at my body of work, I believe that you will find that for each project I work on,  I start with the story, and I then choose to employ the best execution for that particular story.  I use a different art style, different media, different story telling pace, and storytelling style for each of the many projects I have worked on.  I choose or invent the one that I feel best communicates the story and provides the right individual atmosphere.

I have six collected Kabuki volumes so far and each of them has a different approach in writing and in art style and art media.

Please check out KABUKI: Circle of Blood or KABUKI: Metamorphosis and I'm sure that you will find a wide and varied approach in each of them that is driven by the story and by no need to rely on any style or fixed method, and that it defies any attempt at such a limited categorization.

If you make the effort to check out the extent of my work with some of these books, please let me know what you think.

Kindest regards,
David Mack

Why do Marvel have to be diverse?
April 15 2004,22:52

Hi Vocal, Sponge, Matt, and everyone,

Thanks for the kind words and regards.
I remember you from the NYC con.  Thanks for picking up the books.
And Sponge, I hope to visit the Seattle show again first time I get the change.  I'll be signing with Bendis at a Portland con Oct 10 if that is close enough to your area.
Vocal, glad to hear that your going to check out the new series.
I really appreciate that.
The new Kabuki series is a brand new story, so new readers can start with it right there...

But, I hope you WILL check out the earlier Kabuki stories.  They will give you a deeper understanding to the layers of the new story.
My favorite collection is KABUKI: Metamorphosis.  I think it represents my best work as a writer and artist in the comics medium.
Also, KABUKI: Circle of Blood is a good one to start with.
If you pick them up, please post here and let me know what you think of them.
Same goes for Beyerstien, who I hope will give my Kabuki collections a shot.  I think you will find a lot of diversity in the art and writing style from collection to collection.

Each volume fits into continuity and builds of the others, but they are also individual stories that have their own self contained story.  Each one is a different era in the character's life, so I use a different pace, and atmosphere for each one.

Thanks for the warm welcome and kind feedback.
Hope to see you at more conventions.  Just stop by and introduce yourselves.
I'll be at the Atlanta Comicon, Pittsburgh Comicon, Motor City, Probably Heroes Con, Wizard World Chicago, San Diego, Toronto Expo, Dragon Con, Portland, and Mid Ohio Con.
Hope to see you at one of these.  Stop by my board at worldfamouscomics.com or davidmack.net for any more details.

Kindest regards,
David Mack

Why do Marvel have to be diverse?
April 15 2004,23:45

I'm pretty sure I will be there with Mike Oeming and Andy Lee.
It is a really good con.  Hope to see you there!

Icon & Kabuki
April 16 2004,08:23

I'm curious, who here is planning on picking up the new Kabuki series in July?

If you have not read it before, I hope you will pick up some of the trades.

I recommend KABUKI: Metamorphosis and KABUKI: Circle of Blood.

You can start with the new series, but thes trades will give a deeper sense of meaning and history to some of the subtle layers in the story.

check out davidmack.net for info on each volume.


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